Monday, April 15, 2013

Honoring Tim Walsh

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Honoring Tim Walsh

For almost a decade Tim Walsh has had the audacity and courage to speak his mind when it comes to advocating for the State of New York to rid it's self of the archaic laws on the books when it comes to the statute of limitations in which a survivor of a sex crime has to file a civil suit against their offender(s).  Tim has spent thousands of hours researching and disseminating information for his daily e-mails that is received by activists globally, along with working with various advocacy groups in hopes of learning from them in hopes of making New York a safer place to raise children.

Because of Tim's tenacity to shine a light on many dark and ugly secrets, there has been a small group of people who have been spreading ugly rumors about his personhood.  Though these attempts at destroying his reputation may be painful, they have not stopped Tim or the important work he's been doing.  Instead he draws strength from them, because of this we should all see Tim Walsh as a hero and should be honored and respected as one.  Next time you see Tim.  Please stand up and give him a round of applause.  


Marie said...

This honor is a long time coming. I speak as a member of the now dormant VOTF vigil committee who learned so much from Tim. We were there to support him, but it was he who supported and inspired us. Keep up your work Tim.
Many blessings. Marie

Marie said...

During the years when the VOTF Vigil committee was active and committed to standing outside the Rockville Centre Cathedral the one person who was
consistently there was Tim. We were there in support of survivors, but what really happened over the years is that we were educated and supported by Tim's courage and commitment to the cause. Sure he was not like us in many ways, but how could he be, he had been through an horrendous ordeal. We grew to accept and understand his ways and attitude.

He was no longer there for himself, he was there for all of his fellow survivors who couldn't be a voice, some who couldn't even acknowledge their abuse and some who had already given up to suicide, drugs, or a lifetime of psychological problems.

I speak for myself and my deceased husband Dom when I say that Tim is admired, respected for his service and tenacity to protecting children. May he continue to be blessed in his work and may we someday see the fruits of
this labor.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to think you enough for the work you've been doing and for the strength and courage it takes to keep going back.

I went to Albany a few times to show my support of the SOL bill, yet quit going after I was told by Marci Hamilton that they didn't need me. It took me over six hours to get there and another six hours to get back home. I couldn't stop crying all the way back home to the city. Thank you for doing what I could not.