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Case of List of Abuses at Ner Israel

Case of List of Abuses at Ner Israel
Ner Israel Rabbinical College and High School - Toronto, Canada

Back in 1969 Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Toronto was ran by Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg, who is the father of alleged sex offender, Rabbi Matis Weinberg.  Rumors have been circulating for years that both teenage boys and young adult men were being sexually abused on both the campuses in Toronto, Canada and Baltimore, MD.

Please note that there is NO statute of limitations on sex crimes in Canada.  If you were abused there, please contact your local police department or rape crisis center to make a report.

If you or anyone you know were sexually victimized by Isaac Neuberger and are looking for resources, please feel free to contact The Awareness Center and or your local rape crisis center.


Disclaimer: Inclusion in this website does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement. Individuals must decide for themselves if the resources meet their own personal needs.  

  1. Student Expelled for 'causing unrest' (05/31/1969) 


Student Rabbi expelled for 'causing unrest'
Toronto Star (Canada), Sat., May 31, 1969 p.6
An American student has been expelled from Ner Israel Yeshiva College on Finch Ave. for allegedly causing unrest among students at the associated Ner Israel high School on the same campus.
Faculty president Rabbi J. S. Weinberg said Joseph Markin, 22, a visiting student was "out permanently" for "deliberately provoking younger students into feeling that injustices had been done before discussing the matter with me."
Markin studying to become a rabbi, said he was accused of instigating a protest demonstration last Wednesday. He said he knew about the protest but did not suggest it or take part.
Rabbi Weinberg denied that there had been a demonstration, but said some people had tried to cause trouble. A mimeographed list of "abuses" by Rabbi Weinberg, including staff changes, was circulated at the high school and the college.
The rabbi said a high school student had been "interrogated against his will." He said he was taking disciplinary action against those responsible.
(NAME REMOVED), 16, a high school student, said he was assaulted by two college students seeking names of those behind the protest.
(NAME REMOVED) said he and 14 other students were suspended for a day on Wednesday morning to prevent them from holding the protest. Rabbi Weinberg said 15 students were suspended for oversleeping and missing morning prayers.


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