Tuesday, December 22, 1992

Heinous Crime

by H. Ginsberg
The Jerusalem Post - December 22, 1992, Tuesday  SECTION: Opinion

Sir, - I read with horror and rage a small news report on December 7, "Rapist gets 28 months." Judge Aharon Tomashoff handed down a sentence of five years to the rapist of a five-year-old.  The criminal was a relative of the girl for whom he was a babysitter. As usual, the name of the criminal was not printed.  Why is the name of the rapist is never noted in such articles?

To emphasize the travesty of justice, the sympathetic judge took into consideration that the perpetrator of this heinous crime had no prior record and so suspended 32 months of the sentence. So the criminal sits in jail for two years while the child will suffer for the rest of her life.

H. GINSBERG, Kibbutz Misgav Am.