Friday, February 16, 1990

Case of the Unnamed Jewish Quarter Child Molester

Case of the Unnamed Jewish Quarter child molester 

Jerusalem, Israel

Suspicions  in the quarter that the 16-year-old arrested by the police in 1988 had "taken the rap" for his older brothers, who are still on the loose. The youth was eventually institutionalized. This case involves a 5 year old male victim.

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  1. This Time, Police Get Residents' Cooperation - Jewish Quarter Child Molestation Incident Similar to 1988 Case (02/16/1990)

By Ron Kampeas
The Jerusalem Post - February 16, 1990

A recent sexual attack on a five-year-old boy in the Jewish Quarter bears similarities to a spate of incidents in 1988, with the difference that residents seem to be more inclined to cooperate with the police this time.

According to a resident of the quarter who requested anonymity, both cases involved knife-wielding men wearing kippot, and in both, members of the same family were said to be implicated by witnesses.

In the summer of 1988, however, police had difficulty obtaining evidence regarding the 16-year-old youth they had arrested. At the time, officials attributed the problem to the silence of a typically "close-knit" Orthodox community. The case was brought to public attention last week with the circulation of an English/Hebrew flyer published by the Jewish Quarter Residents' Committee.

The flyer quoted the Jewish Quarter's spiritual leader, Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl, as saying that "Halacha (Jewish law) demands that for the public good, information is forwarded, for the public good without limitation by the laws free of restraints of lashon hara (malicious gossip)."

It also asked parents to notify Dr. David Wilensky, a resident of the quarter, in case of further incidents and urged "increase watchful supervision over the children" following a recent sexual attack on a young boy.

This week the police spokesman said the case had been reported by the victim's family, and was under investigation. He said he could not confirm any description of the attacker.
Wilensky would not comment on the recent incident, insisting that publication would cause panic. He said, however, that the flyer had had the desired effect. The anonymous resident said there were suspicions in the quarter that the 16-year-old arrested by the police in 1988 had "taken the rap" for his older brothers, who are still on the loose. The youth was eventually institutionalized.

She said she understood that in the most recent case, the man had approached two children playing together in the early evening the Thursday before last. He drew a knife, and one of the two children ran away.

The parents of the child molested only discovered what had happened after the child suffered nightmares, she said.



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