Monday, July 13, 1992

Case of Yosef Jibli

Case of Yosef Jibli
Jewish Agency's Head of Administration - Jerusalem, Israel

Charged in a Jerusalem Magistrates Court with "exploiting his authority" to sodomize a 17-year-old female high school pupil.

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  1. Jewish Agency Official Charged with Sodomy  (07/13/1992)

Jewish Agency Official Charged with Sodomy
By Itim
The Jerusalem Post - July 13, 1992

The Jewish Agency's head of administration, Yosef Jibli, 57, was charged yesterday in Jerusalem Magistrates Court with "exploiting his authority" to sodomize a 17-year-old female high school pupil.

According to the charge sheet filed by senior assistant district attorney Drora Nahmani-Roth, the girl was employed at the Agency's Jerusalem headquarters in 1991, working after school to help support her family.

The indictment states that last October she was summoned to Jibli's office, where he offered to take her after work to a woman who would examine her proficiency in word processing. They did so, and the woman said she would try to find her a position.

On October 14, the indictment states, Jibli offered to take the girl back to the woman so she could coach her on her typing. He accompanied her to the lesson and waited several hours before saying he would take her home, after dropping off another passenger along the way.

But after dropping off the passenger, the charge sheet states, "Jibli drove {the girl} to an unpopulated place near the Gilo neighborhood, parked the car, and committed indecent acts upon her. The dazed girl told him to stop, but he refused. When she continued to ask him to stop, he ceased his acts and took her home."

At the Jewish Agency three days later, states the indictment, Jibli told the girl to meet him after work and she, out of fear of losing her job if she refused, did so.

Jibli drove her several blocks away from the Agency, near Liberty Bell Park, "where he parked, lowered the front seats of the car, and again committed an indecent act upon her, as well as sodomy." Afterward, he told her to take a bus home.



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