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Here's our vote for Vicki Polin, advocate for sex abuse victims, as Hero of the Year

by Jerry Demarco

If anyone exemplifies selflessness and courage, it’s Vicki Polin, founder of The Awareness Center, dedicated to ending sex crimes in Jewish communities worldwide. She’s been spit on, threatened and degraded as she protects those seeking justice through the legal system, while detractors on the religious end insist on handling matters “in house.”

CLIFFVIEW PILOT urges you to vote for Polin in the second-annual "Jewish Community Heroes" campaign before the Oct. 8 deadline.

And here’s the cool part: Just like in the heyday of Hudson County politics -- and, before then, Chicago -- you can vote early and often, same as you would for Major League Baseball’s All Star Game. The rules allow you to cast a ballot once every 12 hours. Last year, a half-million votes in all were cast.

Just go to Jewish Community Heroes: The nominees

You can even follow the Leaderboard to see how she’s doing.

Vicki wants to be chosen, but not for personal reasons. The Jewish Federations of North America's Hero of the Year gets a $25,000 grant to be used as an investment in a community or non-profit venture. Four other finalists will receive smaller amounts for similar purposes.

“This is funding The Awareness Center desperately needs to continue our fight for the rights of Jewish survivors of sexual abuse/assault on an international scale,” Vicki said.

What better promotion for a contest that celebrates those who put others before themselves?

The winner and runners-up will be selected by online nomination for 20 semifinalists. A panel of judges will select the honorees from that list.

Vicki is comfortably in the top 20, in ninth place. She’s 3,800 votes from the fifth spot, which would merit strong attention from the judges.

Even though the Awareness Center has distributed its own promotional materials, I can tell you, in the year or so that I’ve known her, that Vicki has worked hard to shine a light on a problem that many in the Jewish community do not want aired publicly -- particularly given the pedophile scandal in the Catholic Church.

Warning of sexual predators, offering support to the abused, Vicki has been a voice for sex crime victims throughout the various Jewish sects ever since she launched The Awareness Center nearly a dozen years ago.

“Vicki teaches survivors of sex crimes not to feel shame or blame for the crimes committed against them,” the promotional material accurately states. “Blame belongs to those committing the crimes and those who cover them up.

“She helps survivors find mental health, medical and legal professionals with the training and experience to work with survivors. Vicki's also testifies in legislative hearings in hopes of creating laws to better protect children.”

In many other instances, I’d advise people: Don’t buy the hype.

In Vicki’s case, this gentile would pay retail.

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Case of Rabbi Harlan David Kilstein

Case of Rabbi Harlan David Kilstein, Ed.D
(AKA: Harlan Kilstein, Tsvi Kilstein, Reb Tsvi)


Online Marketing - Boca Raton, FL
Hypnosis Online - Davie, FL
Headmaster, Hillel Community Day School of Boca Raton - Boca Raton, FL
  Dean, Margolin Hebrew Academy - Memphis, TN
Jewish Defense League (JDL) - New York
(1976 - 1990) Student, Yeshiva University - Washington Heights, NY
Harvard University, Graduate School of Education - Boston, MA
Levittown, New York 

Accused of cyberbullying, cyber stalking, clergy sexual abuse, professional sexual misconduct and other forms of  harassment.  Harlan "Tzvi" Kilstein, is long time family friend of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler and was an active member of the Tendler Smear Team to defend an alleged sexual predator. Over the years Kilstein has also been accused of cyber hacking.

On January 25, 1983, Tsvi Kilstein was arrested along with two other individuals on kidnapping charges of a young woman who was involved with the Unification Church At the time Harlan Kilstein was a member of the Jewish Defense League, was arrested in New York and was released on his own recognizance.

Rebtsvi is Rabbi Tsvi (Harlan) David Kilstein who at one time was day school principal in Boca Raton, Florida. Kilstein claims smicha (rabbinic ordination) from Rabbi Yosef Dov Halevi Soloveitchik and that he did shimish in halacha l’maase with Rav Moshe Dovid Tendler.

Tsvi Kilstein is also a close friend of Rabbi Ari Kahn, who has been a long time associate of Rabbi Marc Gafni.

If you or anyone you know have been victimized by Harlan Kilstein, please contact The Awareness Center immediately.  Also be sure to report any crimes to your local police department.

Table of Contents

Background information on Tsvi Kilstein 

  1. Harlan Kilstein Arrested (01/25/1983) 

  1. Jewish Academy Plans 'Shofar' Instructions  (09/17/1997) 
  2. School Gets New Leaders Headmaster, Principal Join Administration at Hillel in Boca (09/26/1997)  

  1. Message to Reb Tsvi  (10/03/2005)
  2. Dialog between Kilstein and other bloggers (12/27/2005)

  1. Comment from Chavah regarding harassment  (01/22/2006)
  2. WARNING: Rabbi Tsvi (Harlan) David Kilstein, 48, was hard at work smearing the survivors of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler and Victim Advocates (02/23/2006)
  3. Abusive Rabbi Threatens Advocates (02/23/2006)
  4. The joys of having a fan club  (02/28/2006)
  5. Update: Rabbi Harlan Kilstein (AKA: Tsvi Kilstein)  (03/09/2006)
  6. The mishandling of case of sexual abuse cases in Baltimore (03/18/2006)

  1. Harlan Kilstein: Victimizing the Victim (06/02/2009)  
  2. Not-Doctor Kilstein :: Horrible Person
  3. Sex, Lies, and Google Video (06/29/2009)

Also see

Background information on Tsvi Kilstein

By Jewish Whistleblower
Jewish Survivors of Sexual Abuse Speak Out - February 23, 2006 

As per the New York Jewish Week:
RebTsvi - Alleged Cyberstalker
Rabbi Tzvi Kilstein, a former day school principal in Boca Raton, Fla., who has worked in the area of cults and mind control for more than 25 years, asserts that Rabbi Lanner, whom he observed on numerous occasions, employed dangerous levels of emotional control over his charges.

“He demanded complete and total allegiance, and every decision in these kids’ lives had to go through him,” Rabbi Kilstein said.

What’s more, the rabbi said that Rabbi Lanner trained a number of NCSY advisers over the years who emulate his style.

Rabbi Kilstein calls these men, many of whom are rabbis involved in youth work, “baby Lanners,” and says they emphasize control of the individual, emotion over intellect, and often use guilt and manipulation to push teens toward increased observance.

“Even if you get rid of a Baruch Lanner, his influence will be a problem for years to come,” Rabbi Kilstein said, adding that parents need to have a larger say in programming and that NCSY leaders need to step back and examine some of the group’s practices, such as sleep deprivation from all-night retreat programs and long, emotion-charged Havdalah services at Shabbatons. At these sessions, marking the end of Shabbat, the Havdalah candle is passed along in a darkened room and youngsters are encouraged to speak from the heart, often in a confessional style, about their efforts to take on more ritual obligations, often despite parental objections.

“They need to examine the methods used, and bear in mind that results do not always justify the means,” Rabbi Kilstein warned.

Rabbi Tsvi Kilstein
Kilstein simply demonstrates the thug he is. Threatening someone he claims is disturbed (she isn’t) and then going after his “enemies” families.

Kilstein of course is the one who months ago gave Yori Yanover information on (Name Removed)’s cousin so he could post it as part of their harassment campaign.

Why help get someone out of the putrid Jews for Jesus when you can try to smear your enemy using that information. That is how Team Tendler and Team Worch work.

If you think this is vile, I suggest contacting the Ombudsman at NCSY and expess your concern at the suitability of Kilstein to be involved in ANY of its programs based on his posts here. Kilstein has been involved with NCSY in the past

It’s clear from this thread and from the thread 406, see: ... that Kilstein should NOT be working with anyone that is vulnerable.

Forward them these links to his posts as well.

NCSY Ombudsman Telephone Hotline

NCSY and the Orthodox Union strive to create an environment in which NCSYers, NCSY volunteers, and NCSY professionals can grow and learn in a comfortable environment free from unwelcome attention and any other form of physical, psychological, or emotional abuse. If you have been made to feel uncomfortable or treated inappropriately, please contact our designated social worker concerning your grievance at the NCSY Ombudsman Telephone Hotline, 212-613-8361.

cc a copy to:
1) Rabbi Steven Burg - National Director
212-613-8380 -
2) David Frankel Associate National Director  212-613-8381 -
3) Rabbi Jack Abramowitz -
National Director of Programs

4) Ouriel Hazan National Director of Summer Programs
212-613-8289 -
5) OU Executive Vice President - Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb 212-613-8264
6) OU Executive Director, Operations and Management - Eliezer Edelman 212-613-8117 -
7) OU Executive Director, Programming - Rabbi Moshe D. Krupka 212-613-8225

Harlan Kilstein Arrested
FACTNet Vs Old CAN - Criminal Deprogrammings Part V - October 16, 1997

January 25, 1983 - Kelly was arrested in New Jersey on a warrant from New York City police who charged that he kidnapped Sandy Zimmerman, a 23 year old Unification Church member, from a Manhattan Street. Also arrested were Elizabeth Kelly, Brad Turck, and Betty Zimmerman (the victim’s mother). A fifth suspect, Harlan Kilstein of Levittown, New York, a member of the Jewish Defense League, was arrested in New York and was released on his own recognizance.


Jewish Academy Plans 'Shofar' Instructions
Sun Sentinel - September 17, 1997

Fourth-graders at Donna Klein Jewish Academy will participate in a program on Friday in honor of the upcoming High Holy Days. 

The program, called "Shofar Factory" will teach the students about the shofar horn, how it is made, and a lesson on how to blow the shofar. 

Two presentations will be in the Knesset room, on the second floor of the academy, 9701 Donna Klein Blvd., Boca Raton. The first presentation will be from 12:40-1:20 p.m. and the second from 1:25-2 p.m. 

The shofar, a ram's horn used as a symbol of the High Holy Days, was used long ago by rabbis and cantors as a call to worship. 

Hillel Day School welcomes new headmaster, principal Hillel Day School of Boca Raton recently hired two new administrators, Rabbi Tsvi Kilstein  and Karen Murphy. 

Rabbi Kilstein, who will serve as headmaster, comes from Memphis, Tenn., where he was dean of the Margolin Hebrew Academy for four years. He received his doctorate in Jewish education supervision and administration from the Azrieli Graduate Institute of Yeshiva University. 

Murphy, the new principal of general studies, has spent the past 14 years as a teacher and principal in Broward county. She has won several awards including "Teacher of the Year," "Outstanding Service to Children" and "Outstanding Dedication for Service to the Elderly."She received her master's degree in education from Oral Roberts University where she graduated with honors. 

The school, at 6261 SW 18th St., Boca Raton, is a modern Orthodox institution serving students from pre-kindergarten through seventh grade. 

Class Notes appears on Wednesdays in Community Close-Up. Information on everything from awards to scholarships to upcoming events may be sent to the Class Notes c/o Sun-Sentinel at 3333 S. Congress Ave. Delray Beach, FL 33445.

School Gets New Leaders Headmaster, Principal Join Administration at Hillel in Boca
By Robin Peterson
Sun Sentinel - September 26, 1997

Hillel Community Day School of Boca Raton is being run by two new administrators.
Rabbi Tsvi Kilstein was hired as headmaster. Karen Murphy was hired as principal of general studies. 

Kilstein comes from Memphis, Tenn., where he was dean of the Margolin Hebrew Academy for four years. 

He received his doctorate in Jewish education supervision and administration from the Azrieli Graduate Institute of Yeshiva University in New York. 

Murphy has spent the past 14 years as a teacher and principal in Broward County. 

Originally from New Jersey, Murphy received her bachelor of science degree in elementary and special education. She earned her master's degree in education from Oral Roberts University, where she graduated with honors. 

She also has won several awards, including "Teacher of the Year," "Outstanding Service to Children" and "Outstanding Dedication for Service to the Elderly." 

The school is an Orthodox Jewish institution and an independent program on the grounds of B'nai Torah Congregation, at 6261 SW 18th St., west of Military Trail, Boca Raton. The school serves preschoolers through seventh-graders. Call 561-392-3788.


Message to Reb Tsvi  
Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence Speak Out - October 3, 2005

Reb Tsvi who ever you are -- STOP posting to this blog.

It's obvious you are only posting to this blog to harass survivors of sexual violence. You should be ashamed of yourself. You owe everyone who reads this blog an apology.

Everyone, if this guy posts again, please ignore him. I will delete all of his posts under this name or any other names he uses.

This is blog is for Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence. It's a place for SURVIVORS to discuss issues and to heal.


Dialog between Kilstein and other bloggers
 Failed Messiah Blog - December 27, 2005

Harlan (AKA: Tsvi Kilstein), perhaps you would like to explain to us why you are no longer in education field? 

I’m also curious why you left the “deprogramming” business?
Posted by: JewishSurvivors | December 27, 2005 at 10:04 PM
I left the deprogramming field because I discovered faster and less strenous ways to get people out of cults.
I am still called in for the most difficult cases anywhere in the world.
The techniques of classic deprogramming are no longer necessary with my techniques.
Instead of spending a week with an ex-cult memeber, I can assist them in making choices in just a few hours.
That's why my phone still rings. I can get them out when no one else can.

Harlan (Tsvi) Kilstein, can you tell us about when you were arrested by the FBI?
What were the charges?
Can you also tell us about how you met your buddy Tovia Singer?
Posted by: Jewish Survivors | December 27, 2005 at 10:16 PM
Too bad we don't know about any allegations of sexual misconduct against Rabbi Harlan (Tsvi) Kilstein. If there were any I'm sure he would get a gold star on The Awareness Center's list of alleged and convicted sex offenders.

I think this dude is pretty dangerous to unsuspecting individuals.

Sorry but you already know the answer to both of these.  I never was arrested by the FBI.
Tovia and I were neighbors in Teaneck.  Secret's out.
Lord help the survivor who stumbles into the clutches of Vicki's blubber.

>I never was arrested by the FBI.  It was the NY city police in 1983, not the FBI.


Let’s get back to the real issue. The case of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler, and the allegations made against him. B’H’ it finally made it to the press. B’H’ finally the case will be heard in a court of law.
I know you want to distract from the real issue, because it's difficult for you to face the facts. Your buddy, Rabbi Mordecai Tendler has been accused of professional sexual misconduct.

So why were you arrested by the NY City Polcie department?

And since you're such a smarty pants, why not continue and mention the case was dropped by the DA's office and expunged because there was no evidence. Was kind of hard to convict a rabbi who was helping an Auschwitz survivor rescue her daughter from a sex therapy cult as a volunteer. When the DA heard my story, the case was DOA. Yep, mighty proud of that story. Nice of you to mention it.

>case was dropped by the DA's office Now was that so hard?
So I guess you've done worse then start a website and post a few names to protect people from sexual predators. Have some guts and answer our other simple questions: Do you have a medical background to claim these women have “mental issues”?
Do you know these women? Have you spoken with anyone outside the Tendler camp about this case? And if they have mental issues (they don’t of course), shouldn’t you be getting them help, not smearing them? Are you comfortable with your attacks against the RCA and the rabbonim there? Do you have no respect for the rabbonim there? What do you think of Rav Blau and Rav Schwartz? Were you involved or do you have any knowledge of Tendler’s 6-figure settlement with one victim?
And while we are at it, since everyone else’s history (in your mind) seems to be in issue:
1) answered
2) During the period you were an active member in the JDL in New York, what do you know of JDL activities related to arson and in particular to arsons where firefighters and innocent by-standers were injured and even killed?
Posted by: jewishwhistleblower | December 27, 2005 at 10:45 PM
Earlier you said that you "left the deprogramming field because you found a faster faster and less strenous ways to get people out of cults."
I was curious what your education and training is to be providing this sort of service?
You also said:
"I am still called in for the most difficult cases anywhere in the world.
The techniques of classic deprogramming are no longer necessary with my techniques.
Instead of spending a week with an ex-cult member, I can assist them in making choices in just a few hours.
That's why my phone still rings. I can get them out when no one else can."

Who calls you?
Posted by: | December 27, 2005 at 11:01 PM

I don't reveal my methods at all.
I get calls from Rabbis all around the world.
I get calls from Parents all around the world.
They don't call as often as they used to but I don't do it full time.
I don't advertise.
People who need me, find me.
Why don't they call as often anymore? What rabbis used to refer to you?
>Let's make up some allegations.
That's your bag, not mine.
I've asked you simple questions and you make out like I've attacked you.
I had information as to your police arrest record. I asked you about it. I did not exaggerate and I was correct.
You committed a crime, but you had a justification. Fine.
You claim that Vicki is mentally ill, that is not a crime and if true (its not) then you should be trying to help her not torture her.
You continue to use mind games and trigger words in an apparent ploy to torture someone you claim is mentally ill. Why? You are a deprogrammer so you are clearly aware of the techniques you are using and what damage you can do using those techniques.
If when you knew Vicki, you determined she was mentally ill (and what medical training do you have in that area), what medical assistance did you get her? None.
You claim Vicki is sick and disturbed, but the way you post to her (in the mistaken belief I am Vicki) you just demonstrates how vile and abusive you are.
I do not believe anything you say.
Whatever help Vicki approached you for in terms of her relative in Jews for Jesus, it is clear you provided no help and to try to use it now against Vicki as a smear, just shows you for what you are: a small thug.
Smearing people you claim are mentally ill, what a hero you are.
You stated that you are cult expert. You also mentioned you know Vicki. How did you meet her? Did someone refer her to you? In what context did they refer her to you?
Posted by: | December 27, 2005 at 11:19 PM
Harlan Kilstein - NLP Copywriting
I didn't commit a crime period.  It wasn't that there was a justified crime.  There was no crime. Zero. Zilch. Nada.  You've invented some arson allegation.  Your fat alter ego wants to invent an abuse allegation.  That's your modus operendi isn't it?  You don't want to believe Vicki told me she was in a ritual abuse cult, took part in child sacrifices, and was penetrated by ritual objects in her synagogue, you're choice.  Ask her to publicly deny it.  All she does is blame her therapist.  She's never taken responsibility for it.  Poor Vicki.
Vicki has spent her life failing to distinguish between the innocent and the guilty.
Tonight I re-read the letters from Rabbi Berman to Vicki at the Awareness Center.  Rabbi Berman called her at her game.  Invent an allegation, like you are doing here tonight.  Post it on a blog.  Cite the blog as a source.  Yep. You've played this game before.

If this is true:
"You don't want to believe Vicki told me she was in a ritual abuse cult, took part in child sacrifices, and was penetrated by ritual objects in her synagogue, you're choice."
And if it's true that you claim to be an expert working with individuals involved in cults, in what context would Vicki disclose this sort of information?
Also you stated she initially contacted you seeking help for a relative.
Wouldn't it be logical that she was seeking you out for help? Wouldn't that have been in some sort of professional counseling?

If someone seeks out someone who claims to be an expert working with cult survivors, and also claims to be a rabbi, wouldn't it be natural to presume that what is said would be considered to be confidential?
Posted by: | December 27, 2005 at 11:32 PM

Strike three, you're out.
Game. Set. And Match.

>>didn't commit a crime period.
>It wasn't that there was a justified crime.
>There was no crime. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

What law allows you to kidnap someone against their will to help them? Please quote it to me.
Of course it was a crime, you simply have a justification.
>You've invented some arson allegation.  No I've asked you a simple question.
>Your fat alter ego wants to invent
>an abuse allegation.

What are you talking about?
>That's your modus operendi isn't it?
Nope. I quoted accurately regarding your police arrest record. I did not exaggerate and I gave you every opportunity to respond.
>You don't want to believe Vicki told me
>she was in a ritual abuse cult, took part
>in child sacrifices, and was penetrated by
>ritual objects in her synagogue, you're choice.

I read your "affidavit", it was inaccurate, it exaggerated and it was factualy wrong at times. As I noted on my blogs, numerous children from the Rogers Jewish community center have identical allegations of abuse.
>Ask her to publicly deny it.  See above.
>All she does is blame her therapist.
Have you talked to her therapist or looked at her medical records. Of course not, it would make it much harder to smear when you have full and accurate information. When you "determined" Vicki was mentally ill did you get her help? Of course not. You're a hero. You waited years and gave the information to Yori Yanover to post.
>She's never taken responsibility for it.
See above.
>Poor Vicki.
>Vicki has spent her life failing to
>distinguish between the innocent and
>the guilty.
And you've determined that how?
>Tonight I re-read the letters from Rabbi
>Berman to Vicki at the Awareness Center.

Berman supports Rabbi Dratch's Jsafe and of course Rabbi Dratch filed the initial complaint against Tendler with the RCA. He also is a supporter or Rabb Marc/Mordechai Gafni/Winiarz/Winyarz. Is Gafni a friend of yours too?
>Rabbi Berman called her at her game.
Berman claimed I was Vicki without any evidence. If you or he did some basic checking it would be clear you are wrong.
>Invent an allegation, like you are doing
>here tonight.

I haven't invented one thing.
>Post it on a blog.
>Cite the blog as a source.

As usual wrong.
>Yep. You've played this game before.
No game.


Dr. Haran Kilstein (AKA: Tsvi Kilstein) said:
"Vicki Polin told me that she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show using the name Rachel.
In that appearance and in private conversations to me she made the following claims:"

Dr. Rabbi Kilstein, If it is true that Vicki shared personal information about herself with you in a private converstation, aren't you violating confidentiality by sharing the information in a public forum? On various web pages it states you have a Phd. Can I ask in what?
Posted by: | December 28, 2005 at 12:14 PM

1) Mr. Rabbi Tsvi (Harlan) David Kilstein, I've read your rants for the last day now, you should be the last one determining who's normal.
2) As to Vicki, you exaggerate, take events out of context and make factual misrepresentations. All of which is still irrelevant to the fact your Rebbe Mordechai Tendler is a sexual predator.
3) Before you smear survivors of sexual abuse for having had MPD maybe you should do some research. Here's a 60-minutes documentary.

All I can say is shame on you Mr. Rabbi Tsvi (Harlan) David Kilstein, shame on you.
And yes today Ms. Polin is more normal and more professional than you'll ever be.


And yes today Ms. Polin is more normal and more professional than you'll ever be.
Who's ROTFLMAO now?
Kilstein Telemarketer WITH PHD.
Here he claims on his own telemarketing website that he in fact has a PhD in education. A clear lie. But I guess outright lies are all part of his stock in trade. We see his friend and protege also makes false claims about his credential as “former New York executive director of Jews for Judaism”.
I guess it’s hard keeping all the lies straight Mr. Rabbi Tsvi (Harlan) David Kilstein.

"I've been on many teleseminars over the last few years and nothing compares to this. Harlan, you overwhelmed us with information we can start using NOW! I learned many secrets that the courses and books just don't tell you. Thanks Harlan. Great job!"

Vicky Heron

Comment from Chavah Regarding Harassment
Unorthodox Jew - January 22, 2006
 Chavah5760 said...
Re - Hacking activity.  I have had very similiar problems and they can be traced directly to one of "Rabbi" Mordechai Tendler's Supporters.  His online identity is "reb Tsvi" and his real name is "rabbi" Harlan David (Tsvi) Kilstein.  He has posted to your blog, advertising his webiste - He is seeking the identity of the Jewish Whistleblower. 

He is a crazy, abusive, bitter man.  He is really angry at me because I have a blog that supports victim/survivors of rabbinical sexual misconduct.  He HE IS A CRAZY, ABUSIVE, BITTER MAN. He's a rabbi and suppors an abuser - do he math.  I also refused to hive him any info on the jewish Whistleblower.  This "rabbi" has threatened me online and has aparently attempted to hack into my computer.  He is reported to have bragged on some blog that he has placed spyware in my computer and now "see's everytihng I do.  Anyone has any info about any illegal activites about this mand has been involved in - send them to my e-mail as I am working with the police to prosecute this scumbag.

WARNING: Rabbi Tsvi (Harlan) David Kilstein, 48, was hard at work smearing the survivors of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler and Victim Advocates 
Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence Speak Out - February 23, 2006 

PLEASE NOTE: There are NO allegations of sexual misconduct against Tsvi Kilstein Yet there are serious allegations of professional misconduct, unethical behavior, and misrepresentation himself as a mental health professional.

At one time Harlan was the principal of a yeshiva in Flordia. He also has past connections with the JDL.

If you or anyone you know feel that you have been victimized by this man, please send me an email, which will be kept confidential.

Statement from a friend of an invidual who went to Rabbi Tsvi Kilstein for assistance (The individual requested their identity be kept confidential):
According to ethics of all mental health professionals, when an individual contacts someone for professional help, for themselves or someone they care about, the conversation are bound by the laws of confidentiality.

When someone impersonates a mental health professional, they can be brought up on criminal charges. I believe that Tsvi Kilstein has been very fortunate that this has not occurred yet.

I’ve known (Name Removed) for many years. I even know how she met Rabbis Tovia and Tsvi Kilstein.
There were a few of us who volunteered on AOL as counter-missionaries trying to protect Jews with little education from being manipulated by those who were really Hebrew Christians.
We often referred individuals to both Jews For Judaism and Outreach Judaism (Tovia Singer’s organization).
(Name Removed) was one of the people we feared was being proselytized to. She had a relative mixed up with one of the groups. As time went on she became educated on the problems, and wanted to help her relative get out of the group. I myself made a huge mistake of encouraging her to contact Tovia Singer. Some time after (Name Removed) contacted Tovia, he referred her to Tsvi Kilstein.
Both presented themselves to (Name Removed) as experienced working with individuals involved in cults. Both Singer and Kilstein were aware that (Name Removed) never had any sort of normal Jewish education.
Their response was to arrange for (Name Removed) to have a full scholarship to a prestigious women’s yeshiva in Jerusalem. Is this something you would do to someone you have deemed insane? 
Considering both Kilstein and Singer both told (Name Removed) they had degrees in the mental health field, I really have to question their motives of the recent attacks against her.
There were several of us encouraging (Name Removed) to call Tovia Singer for some time (I believe this was back in 1997 or 1998). We made the mistake of thinking Tovia would be the best person to help her and help her cousin. 
Singer told several of us that he had a social work degree, and shared that he was better qualified to deal with cases, since the other organization’s director, had no degree.
I wish we would have verified Tovia Singer’s degree prior to referring anyone to him. Looking back he made us all into fools. We blindly trusted him because he was a “rabbi.”
I remember (Name Removed) telling me that Singer referred her to another rabbi in Florida. She was very apprehensive in communicating with someone else. Again, I feel responsible for not checking him out, and blindly encouraging her to contact him. This “rabbi” was Tsvi Kilstein.
I clearly remember every time (Name Removed) spoke to me regarding her relative or herself, she would state “what I’m going to say is confidential.” I am not a mental health professional, only someone dedicated to keeping Jews Jewish. I understood that what was said -- must be kept private, and would never violate this sacred trust.

I will not go into the details of the issues she struggled with, nor the issues her relative struggled with. I believe when someone shares personal details of themselves with another it is vitally important to honor their request.
It appears quite clear that Tsvi Kilstein, who states he’s an ordained rabbi, and also claimed to be a mental health professional who was dedicated to helping those involved with cults break free; has no problem in breaking confidentiality between someone who came to him for help (for a relative and or themselves).
Tsvi Kilstein goes much beyond violating the sacred trust between a self described “cult expert,” (who claimed to be a mental health professional) to someone reaching out for help.

Over the years (Name Removed) has shared a great deal of her life with me. It’s interesting to hear the difference in what Kilstein is saying, and what (Name Removed) has shared with me.
I wonder how many other individuals have gone to Harlan Kilstein (AKA: Tsvi Kilstein) or Tovia Singer for help, and had confidential conversations embellished over the Internet.

There were several different individuals we assisted (in the Jewish Chat rooms on AOL) over the years who got involved with various Hebrew Christian cults.
There was a fear for some of the individuals we helped that kept coming up. When it came to meeting a counter-missionaries in person; several of them stated they heard that there were times that counter-missionaries would use physical force as a method to “deprogram” them. There was also the fear for a few of the women that they would be raped.
At the time, I thought that these were fears instilled by those trying to keep them from leaving the various groups. The more I learn about Tsvi Kilstein, Tovia Singer and Yori Yanover, and the cast of characters these men associate themselves with, I have to sit back and wonder if there was some truth to these rumors.
The more I’ve been learning about sexual abuse and those who commit these sorts of crimes, I begin to realize how much sense it makes for an offender to pick a career doing Jewish outreach to those who get involved in cults.
When someone is leaving a group where free thought is looked down upon, it makes the individuals an easy target for a criminal mind.
Most individuals don’t know that you can’t automatically trust someone who is a member of the clergy (rabbis, priests, ministers, pastors, etc.). When someone is in need of help they can be manipulated so easily by someone who carries a title, stating they are an ordained clergy member. It’s really scary. It’s as if they go from one cult leader to another.
This is true for those who have gotten involved with any religious group, including survivors of rabbi Aron Tendler, rabbi Mordecai Tendler, rabbi Marc Gafni, Rabbi Hershy Worch, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, Rabbi David Lipman, etc.

Quote from RebTsvi on various blogs (Please Note: names have been removed):
____ contacted me about her cousin ______. Our initial discussions were only about ______.

If someone comes to a “professional” for help, does that grant the “professional” permission to post conversations on the Internet (conversations that are true or untrue)?


Abusive Rabbi Threatens Advocates
By Chavah
Rabbinical Sexual Misconduct Survivor  - February 23, 2006

Once again, "rabbi" Harlan David (Tsvi) Kilstein (aka RebTsvi) is threatening advocates online and attempting to intimidate women. This time he's not after me (but he will be when he reads this post), he is threatening Vicki Polin of The Awareness Center and Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence. I am asking my readers to please contact me if anyone knows of any illegal activity this man has been involved in. If "rabbi" Kilstein has ever threatened you, tried to intimidate you, ever made you feel uncomfortable in any way - please come forward and tell your story. This is a very scary, sick man and he needs to be dealt with immediately. He is a vindictive bully, intimidation and threats are his weapons of choice. I believe that this man is dangerous and will not stop with verbal threats. Please help us to stop this abusive "rabbi". 


CALL TO ACTION: Our Orthodox Rabbinic Leaders MUST Speak Out Publicly Against Rabbi Tsvi Kilstein!

"Rabbi" Harlen (Tsvi) Kilstein has been harassing women on line for years.  For those of you who don't remember, he also had ties to the case of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler.  Kilstein was one of his primary defenders of Tendler on the internet -- in his attempts to cause havoc in the lives of both the survivors and those who advocated for them. 

Tsvi Kilstein also has ties to Rabbi Tovia Singer (Monsey, NY), who runs the organization - Outreach Judaism. Who also has had allegations made against him over the years of clergy sexual abuse/harassment. 

Even though Kilstein is not a member of the RCA (Rabbinical Counsel of America), the OU (Orthodox Union), nor Agudath Israel of America; The Awareness Center is asking these organizations to make a public statement denouncing Kilstein's behavior in hopes of preventing one more person from being mislead by this "rabbinic" leader. 

We also all must be aware that Kilstein is no longer just harassing Jewish women, he has now been targeting the gentile population.  The non-Jewish world does not necessarily know how an orthodox rabbi is supposed to behave, so in order to protect the dignity of the orthodox world, our rabbinic leaders MUST take a public stand on this issue.

Here's a link that will bring you to information linking Tsvi Kilstein to the Case of Mordecai Tendler:  CLICK HERE

WARNING: This is graphic. I was just told about this site created by a man who is an ordained, orthodox rabbi.  The creator of this site is Rabbi Tsvi Kilstein (AKA: Harlan Kilstein, RebTsvi). 

The Awareness Center has been informed that Kilstein's trainings are extremely sexual in nature.


The joys of having a fan club  
Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence Speaks Out - February 28, 2006

I guess I should feel honored that I have my own personal harasser/stalker.

My harasser must be think I'm doing a good job at advocating for Jewish Survivors of Sexual abuse and Sexual Assault. If I wasn't he would be ignoring me and my blog.

Today my e-mail account was hacked into. I never store anything there. I wanted to let everyone know I have a new e-mail address.

My guess is that the assailent must be the individual who has nothing better to do but stalker/hacker The Awareness Center's board of directors (including Vicki Polin), and the survivor who runs the blog: Rabbinic Sexual Misconduct Survivor.

My guess it's the one and only famous rabbi who lives in Boca Raton.


Update: Rabbi Harlan Kilstein (AKA: Tsvi Kilstein) 
Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence Speaks Out - March 9, 2006

Over the last year or two, Rabbi Harlan Kilstein (AKA: Tsvi Kilstein) has been attempting to threaten various rape victim advocates on the Internet on blogs.

Tsvi Kilstein is one of the "supporters" of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler. It is believed he was also the creator of "Blau Facts". A web page, which has recently been taken down. Blau Facts was create as an attempt at intimidating and extorting various individuals who assist survivors of rabbinic sexual misconduct (clergy abuse), and other forms of sexual violence.

Kilstein resides in Boca Raton, FL. Perhaps the Boca community would like to communicate with this individual.

Harlan this song was meant for you. Dixie represents all of the people over the years you attempted to harm.

Below is just another sample of his "thug like behavior."
rebtsvi Says:
Hi ______, this is a good place to talk about the lies you’ve been spreading.
How about how you emailed people you found on Google telling them I was a bad boy and how yahoo shut down your email account for terms of service.
And how about when you asked for proof on your Oprah “I’m a Victim” blog and I sent you the letter from Yahoo, you ran away with your tail between your legs.
Since you can’t seem to shut your mouth, I guess I’ll have to have your gmail account shut down as well.
You just don’t know when to shut up.
Oh, and here’s the best one!
I’m working on a very special project, just for you. When you see it, I’m sure you’ll be pleased.
So ______, keep this up if you like. So far, your reptation has taken a beating.
All the people who saw your emails asked if you were mentally disturbed.
I just sent them the page on USA-Jewish about Oprah.
  1. Rebtsvi Says: You can’t get enough of me ________.
    If I didn’t exist, you’d have to invent me.
    I have a song for you and your psycho barbecue friends:
    Click here for the song: ...
    that’s www.eatbabies dot com
    Wait till you see what’s coming next.
Another example of Harlan Kilstein's attempt at silencing Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence is when he paid to place the following ad. His goal was to silence a dedicated Rape Victim Advocate:

Who Is Jewish Whistle Blower?

Jewish Whistle Blower (JWB) is well known for his/her anonymous character assassination in the online world of Jewish blogging.

Hiding Behind Their Anonymity, He/She Manufactures Lies, Invents Stories That Never Happened, And Takes Pleasure In Publicly Embarrassing Innocent People.
It's Time To Take JWB To A Din Torah!
If you have any information as the identity of JWB, please enter the information below.

Harlan Kilstein: Victimizing the Victim
Salty Droid - June 2, 2009 


Not-Doctor Kilstein :: Horrible Person
Salty Droid - June 19, 2009

Ann0nymous said: 
It has come to our attention that Vicky Polin had nothing to do with Dr. Harlan David Kilstein/Rebtsvi. He visciouly attacked someone he knew nothing about, and also tried his best to bring her into a vulnerable state of mind, in order to push her to self-destruct via word triggers that he knew would cause additional psychological damage to Vicky Polin.

We are also cognizant that Dr. Harlan David Kilstein has been attacking others who have exposed his sick vitriol. A cry for help has been brought to our attention from one of our own…. Anonymous has decided that Dr. Harlan David Kilstein shall be systematically d3$r0y3d. 

We acknowledge you as a serious opponent, and we are prepared for a long, long campaign. You will not prevail forever against the angry masses of the body politic. Your methods, hypocrisy, and the cruelty of your actions have sounded its death knell.
You cannot hide; we are everywhere. 

We cannot die; we are forever. We're getting bigger every day–and solely by the force of our ideas, malicious and hostile as they often are. If you want another name for your opponent, then call us Legion, for we are many. 

Kiss your friends and family goodbye….for your world is about to change.
Knowledge is free.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us, Dr. Harlan David Kilstein


Sex, Lies, and Google Video
The Salty Droid - June 23, 2009