Monday, April 29, 2013

Honoring Jim Hopper

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Honoring Jim Hopper, PhD

Jim Hopper is a highly respected clinical psychologist, researcher and forensic consultant who has dedicated his life to helping survivors of child abuse for the last twenty years.  

Jim has intensively studied the psychological and biological aspects of trauma and addiction and their treatment. He provides training on the neurobiology of sexual assault and traumatic memories for victim advocates, investigators and prosecutors in the military and civilian agencies in states around the U.S.

Dr. Hopper was a founding board member of "1 in 6", a non-profit organization dedicated to helping men who've had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences as boys live happier, healthier lives, and since 2010 has been a board member of the organization "Stop It Now!  

In the mid 1990s Jim developed an amazing web page which includes all sorts of information in hopes of educating the public about child abuse, and he wrote most of the content on, a comprehensive website that also showcases Jim's sensitive use of language when reaching out to men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences.

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