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Sex Offender Registry: Cases Involving Incest and Marital Rape

Sex Offender's Registry of Alleged and Convicted Offenders

Cases Involving Incest and Marital Rape


Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people; neither shalt thou stand idly by the blood of thy neighbor" (Leviticus 19:16).


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Case of Incest and Marital Rape - NOTE: 47% of all cases of sex crimes involving children involve a family member
  1. Case of Joyce Abrams (North Bellmore, NY) (Convicted of running a nationwide pornography ring with her husband Eugene Abrams, out of their home. One of the victms was her own daughter).
  2. Case of Eugene Abrams (AKA: Eugene George Harris) (Long Island, NY; Miami, FL)  (Convicted on 77 counts of child of rape, incest, sodomy and obscenity involving five young girls, including his own daughter.  He spent 10 years in Attica State Prison. He was also convicted of running a nationwide child pornography ring on Long Island, He relocated to Flordia and was charged and convicted of sexually assaulting a 4 1/2-year-old girl).
  3. Case of Woody Allen (Bridgewater, CT) (Allegations were made of incest.  The case never went to trial and Allen was never indicted, yet he did loose custody of his children)
  4. Case of Dahn Ben Amotz (Tel Aviv and Jaffa, Israel)  (Allegedly lured 12 to 13-year-old girls to his apartment using drugsAccording to reports he also claimed to be sexually abused by his mother)
  5. Case of Herbert Aptheker  (Accused of sexually abusing his daughter)
  6. Case of Arie Adler and Marisa Rimland (New York, NY) (Arie Adler was accused of molesting his daughter. Marisa Rimland murdered her daughter, and then committed suicide).
  7. Case of Ariel Berlin  (Retired Travel Agent.  Arrested along with an a father who is an Ex-convict, who offered up his 5-year-old daughter for sex).
  8. Case of Yosef Donin (Crown Heights, NY; Brooklyn, NY) (Convicted on charges of  2nd degree course of sexual conduct against a child.  This case involves incest)
  9. Case of Sholom Eichler (Allegedly molested a younger cousin for years)
  10. Case of Rabbi Moshe Eisemann (AKA: Moshe Eiseman) - Rosh Yeshiva (Vineland, NJ) (Allegedly molested his granddaughter).
  11. Case of Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau (Baltimore, MD)  (Accused of molesting his daughter along with physical abuse of male students at the Torah Institute)
  12. Case of Werner Erhard (AKA: John Paul Rosenberg) Founder EST (now called Landmark Forum) (Accused of incest, which were later recanted.  Also accused of cult like practices)
  13. Case of the Unnamed Father and friends who drugged, raped his daughter (Samford Hill, England)  (alleged incest and possible form of ritual abuse occurring in the Chasidic community in Stamford Hill, Great Britain.  According to reports a 16-year-old  girl was drugged, bound and blindfolded and then gang-raped by her father and his friends. 
  14. Case of Rabbi Jacob Frank (AKA: Yaakov Frank) and the Frankist Movement   (Convicted of cult like type practices and various forms of sexual offenses including clergy sexual abuse and incest)
  15. Case of Arnold Friedman "Capturing the Friedmans" (Great Neck, NY) (Convicted sex offenders).  Also see:  Case of Ross Goldstein and Jesse Friedman
  16. Case of Jesse Friedman "Capturing the Friedmans" (Great Neck, NY) (Convicted sex offenders).  Also see:  Case of Ross Goldstein and Arnold Friedman
  17. Case of Aron Goldberger (Baltimore, MD, Israel) (self-described religious scholar convicted of molesting his children)
  18. Case of Albert Junatanov (Los Angeles, CA)  (Accused of physically abuse and sexually assaulting his children).
  19. Case of Rabbanit Bruria Keren (AKA: Burka Wearing Mother) (Beit Shemish, Israel) (Arrested on charges of child sexual abuse and physical abuse of her twelve children. She has also been accused of cult like practices)
  20. Case of Asher Kranczer (Brooklyn, NY;  Tel Aviv, Israel(Accused of incest, abusing several relatives.)
  21. Case of Rabbi Gershon Kranczer (Brooklyn, NY; Tel Aviv, Israel) (Accused of incest, abusing several relatives.)
  22. Case of Yechezkel Kranczer (Brooklyn, NY) (Accused of incest, abusing several relatives.)
  23. Case of the Unnamed 15-year-old Kranczer son (Accused of incest, abusing several relatives.)
  24. Case of Levy Lalik (Tel Aviv, Israel)  (Arrested for allegedly sexually abusing and murdering his two-month-old daughter)
  25. Case of Cantor Steven Joel Levin (AKA: Steven Levin, Steve Levin, Steven J. Levin) (AKA: Steven Levin, Steve Levin, Steven J. Levin.  Allegations were made against Cantor Steven Joel Levin of child molestation. There was also a seperate allegation of professional sexual misconduct by another party.)
  26. Case of Leo Lewie (Beverly Hills, CA)  (Convicted of murdering his wife and his stepdaughter. Prior to the murders, there were allegations of two counts of child molestation and two counts of statutory rape).
  27. Case of Marla Marks (Dorset, England) (Mother Accused of Incest)
  28. Case of Sheldon Mitchell (Sacramento, CA; Oakdale, CA) (Youth Worker, Camp counselor and director accused of incest and molesting children back in the 1960s and 70s.)
  29. Case of Cantor Howard Nevison (New York, NY)  (Nevison pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of indecent assault, terroristic threats, simple assault, corruption of minors and endangering the welfare of children. Two felony counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse will be dismissed when Nevison is sentenced. A sentencing hearing has not been scheduled.)
  30. Case of Stuart Nevison (AKA: Stewart Nevison) (New York, NY)  (Convicted of molesting his cousin.  He is the brother of Cantor Howard Nevison)
  31. Case of Lawrence Nevison (New York, NY) (Convicted of molesting his nephew.  He is the brother of Cantor Howard Nevison)
  32. Case of Yosef Nunu (Herzliya, Israel) (convicted of murdering his wife and raping several minors)
  33. Case of Ephraim Ohana (AKA: Efraim Ohana) (Baltimore, MD) (There is a Call for Action on this case. A letter from the Vaad HaRabbonim of Greater Baltimore has been issued regarding Efraim Ohana which states that he should be refused entry into all synagogues and homes in the Baltimore community.)
  34. Case of Goel Ratzon (Tel Aviv, Israel) (Arrested on charges of incest, sexual assault and cult like practices)
  35. Case of Sam Rosenbloom (Baltimore, MD)  (Operates an On-Line Succah business at http://www.succah.com.  Accused of domestic violence and refusing to give his wife a Get (Jewish divorce).
  36. Case of Rabbi Yakov Yitzchak Roth (Jerusalem, Israel; Tel Aviv, Israel, Borough Park, NY)  (Convicted sex offender.  Served a 16-year sentence on a 1997 conviction in the District Court of Tel Aviv for raping, sodomizing and sexually assaulting a child relative.)
  37. Case of Margie Shabat and Danny Shabat (Chicago, IL)  (Allegations made of child sexual abuse of a teen student that boarded in their home)
  38. Case of Michal Schwartz Shenbaum (Jerusalem, Israel)  (AKA: Unnamed Abusive Mother From JerusalemArrested on charges of child abuse.  Allegations were made of cult like practices)
  39. Case of Doron Silverman (West Carrollton, OH; Dayton, OH) (When Doron was 13, he was convicted of molesting a 5-year-old neighbor. He was convicted on charges relating to incest)
  40. Case of Irwin Silverman - Chief Counsel to U.S. secretary of interior 1933-53  (Accused of molesting his daughter Sue William Silverman).
  41. Case of Rabbi Israel Weingarten (Monsey, NY; England; Israel; Belgium) (convicted on charges of incest)
  42. Case of the Lower East Side Ex-Convict Unnamed Father (New York, NY)  (Arrested after admitting that he had sex with his 5-year-old daughter and later offered her up to another man (Ariel Berlin), who was a sexual partner of his).
  43. Case of the Unnamed Chasidic Father committing Incest (Eilat, Israel(Convicted of sexually assaulting his eleven children.  Serving a 10-year term). 
  44. Case of Unnamed Father committing Incest in Karmiel, Israel  (Allegations that a father had raped his daughter for the last eight years). 
  45. Case of Unnamed Father committing Incest at Kibbutz Evron - Nahariya, Israel  (Allegations that a father had sexual relations with his 12-year-old daughter). 
  46. Case of the Unnamed Fifty-Five-Year-Old Father (Tel Aviv, Israel) (Charged with molesting a nine-year-old girl several times) 
  47. Case of Unnamed Fifty-One-Year-Old Father Committing Incest (Central Israel)  (Charged a 51-year-old man from the center of the country with raping and sodomizing his nine-year-old daughter. The man had been pardoned five years previously after being convicted of sodomizing and abusing another man.)
  48. Case of the Unnamed Cop (Tel Aviv Israel) (Convicted of sexually assaulting his younger brother)
  49. Case of the Unnamed Man who Molested His Wife's Younger Siblings (Netanya, Israel) (Arrested after being accused of molesting wife's four siblings, three girls aged 5, 8 and 12 and a 3-year-old boy).
  50. Case of the Unnamed Siblings Incest (Zevulun, Israel)  (Arrested after allegedly forcing his seven-year-old sister to have sexual relations with him several times).
  51. Case of the Unnamed Father committing Incest who is Fifty-one-years-old (Central Israel)  (Charged a 51-year-old man from Central Israel, with raping and sodomizing his nine-year-old daughter. The man had been pardoned five years previously after being convicted of sodomizing and abusing another man). 
  52. Case of the Unnamed Soviet Father Committing Incest (Rishon Letzion, Israel)  (Accused of sexually and physically assaulting his 17 year old daughter).  
  53. Case of the Unnamed Father who Sold his Mentally-Handicapped Daughter (Central Israel)  (Convicted & sentenced to 14 years' for selling his 11- year-old mentally-handicapped daughter to a friend to rape in exchange for NIS 50 ($12.00).  
  54. Case of the Unnamed Father committing Incest at Kibbutz Evron (Nahariya, Israel)  (Allegations that a father had sexual relations with his 12-year-old daughter).  
  55. Case of Unnamed Father committing incest with his two daughters (Zevulun, Israel)  (Arrested on suspicion of having sexual relations with his four-and five-year-old daughters).  
  56. Case of the Unnamed Father committing Incest from Delaware (New Castle, DE)  (Father accused of alleged child molestation)
  57. Case of Unnamed Father/Grandfather Vs. State of Israel (Jerusalem, Israel)  (Convicted - 68 year old Israeli religious man pled guilty to repeated molestation of his granddaughter, was sentenced to 19 years in jail.  
  58. Case of the Unnamed Man Wanted by the FBI Found in Israel (Los Angeles, CA; Eilat Israel)  (The 47-year-old grandfather, who is a US citizen was withheld by the police at the FBI's request, is suspected of serious sex crimes against several relatives, including his granddaughter)
  59. Case of the Unnamed Father/Grandfather of Ashkelon, Israel (Ashkelon, Israel) (Accused of molesting his daughter and granddaughter)  
  60. Case of the Unnamed Grandfather (Tel Aviv)  (Charged with raping and sodomizing two of his grandchildren).
  61. Case of an Unnamed Israeli Public Figure  (Accused of committing indecent acts, including sodomy, on his stepson).


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