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Case of OHEL Children's Home & Family Services

Case of OHEL Children's Home & Family Services
OHEL: List of Alleged and  Convicted Offenders - and other related stories

The following are links to articles and cases that have ties to Ohel Family Serives, which includes case of alleged and convicted sex offenders and case in which many feel that thre was an obstruction of justice on the part of Ohel Children's Home and Family Services.

If you can think of any other alleged or convicted sex offenders connected to Ohel Family Services, please forward them to VickiPolin

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Table of Contents:


Alleged and Convicted Sex Offenders:  Professionals connected to Ohel
  1. Simcha Adler
  2. Andrew Goodman 
  3. Dr. Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz
  4. Yona Weinberg, MSW, LCSW

Alleged and Convicted Sex Offenders:  Past Clients
  1. Case of Stefan Colmer
  2. Case of Rabbi David Y. Greenfeld
  3. Case of Rabbi Baruch Mordechai Lebovits
  4. Case of Emanuel Yegutkin
  5. Case of the Unnamed Rabbi: Principal who impregnated a girl with learning disabilities


  1. Michele Miltz tells her horror story of how a sudden attack on the job at Ohel Family Services (02/21/1997)   

  1.  Victims Learn Kid Sex Offender Served No Time  (09/12/1999)  

  1. Can Sex Offenders Ever Be Cured? Commonly Asked Questions About Sexual Abuse (Part Two) (08/07/2002)
  2. Haredi Group Balks At Clergy Law (08/12/2002)
  3. After long denial, Orthodox world begins to grapple with sexual abuse
  1. Child Molestation - David Mandel and Ohel Children's Home and Family Services  (10/09/2008) 


  1. Vicki Polin responds to Phil Jacobs article - Yisroel Shapiro Isn't Shackled, His Survivors Are (03/23/2008) 
  2.  Is David Mandel a Mandated Reporter? (09/21/2008) 

  1. "Saying it Like it is" - Bullying, Intimidation, Extortion Attempts (04/26/2009) 
  2. Should we be shocked that David Mandel Would Oppose the SOL bill in New York? (04/26/2009)  
  3. Regarding David Mandel Opposing the SOL bill in New York (04/28/2009)  
  4. David Mandel on the SOL Bill: Once again putting offenders and orthodox agencies before the needs of survivors of sex crimes (04/30/2009)  
  5. Rabbi Dovid Cohen; Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services - On The Hot Seat  (06/12/2009)   
  6. CALL TO ACTION: New York Mayor violates law to fund Ohel and Agudath Israel of America (08/04/2009) 
  7. WARNING: Ohel's Support Group for Frum Survivors (10/13/2009)  
  8. Orthodox Jews Relying More on Legal Prosecution of Sex Abuse (10/14/2009)  
  9. David Mandel - An Expert On Abuse? I don't thinks so (11/04/2009)  
  10. Rabbi Dovid Cohen; Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services - On The Hot Seat  (06/12/2009)


  1. Religious Women Protest Against Henna White and Ohel Family Services 
  2. NYPD refuses to investigate allegations of assault against rallying women
  3. Conflict of interest? Asher White representing offenders of Henna's DV clients
  4. Ohel: What do you say to the children who were abused that you neglected to report to CPS? (02/26/2011)
  5. CALL TO ACTION: Elliot Pasik is still involved with the Jewish Board of Advocates for Children? (07/25/2011)


    1. Mandated Reporting in NJ: Dr. Pelcovitz, what are you thinking?  (05/06/2012) 
    2. Case of Rabbi / Dr. Asher Lipner  (08/22/2012)
    3. Do you believed you were abused at Ohel or feel they mishandled your case? 
    4. Regarding "Voices of Dignity", SOVRI Helpline and Kal Holczler
    5. Ohel Gets New State Funding For Sex Abuse Awareness
    6. HUGE PROBLEM: OHEL Training YU - Rabbis in Training Receive Lessons in Real-Life Traumas 


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