Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cases Involving Extradition of Alleged Sex Offender from Israel to the United States

Cases Involving Extradition

The Awareness Center is closed. We operated for fifteen years (April 30, 1999 - April 30, 2014). The information on this site is being provide for educational and historical purposes only.
The following list includes cases involving alleged and convicted sex offenders that have either been extradited from other countries to United States or from the United States to other countries.  The list also includes cases in which the process has been denied.  

If you know of other cases, please forward the information to The Awareness Center.

Table of Contents
  1. Case of Stephen Colmer 
  2. Case of Rabbi Elior Chen
  3. Case of Cantor Stuart Friedman 
  4. Case of Kenneth A. Frank, MD
  5. Case of Rabbi Marc Gafni (AKA: Mordechai Gafni, Mordechai Winiartz)
  6. Case of Richard Steven Goldberg
  7. Case of Rabbi David Y. Greenfeld
  8. Case of Dr. Rabbi Alan Horowitz, MD (AKA: Alan Jay Horowitz, Shneur Horowitz)
  9. Case of David Kramer 
  10. Case of Asher Kranczer 
  11. Case of Rabbi Gershon Kranczer
  12. Case of Vitaly Levshin
  13. Case of Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz
  14. Case of Perry March
  15. Case of Cantor Howard Nevision
  16. Case of Roman Polanski
  17. Case of Rabbi Shimshon Walzer
  18. Case of Michael Leon Zeve (Detroit, MI; Irvine, CA; Tel Aviv, Israel)



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