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Sex Offender Registry: Cases Involving Cult Like Practices / Mind Control

Sex Offender's Registry of Alleged and Convicted Offenders

Cases Involving Cult Like Practices / Mind Control


Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people; neither shalt thou stand idly by the blood of thy neighbor" (Leviticus 19:16).


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  • Cases Involving Cult Like Practices / Mind Control 
    1. Case of Rabbi Yoram Abergel (Netivot, Israel)  (AKA: Rabbi Yoram Aberjil.  Accused of cult like practices and sexual harassment of young women and threatening the lives of the survivors and those who support them.)
    2. Case of Tony Alamo  (Helena, MT; Los Angeles, CA; Texarkana, TX) (AKA: Bernie Hoffman.  Convicted 10 counts of interstate transportation of minors in connection with the human trafficking industry.  Accused of cult like practices).
    3. Case of the Sadistic Cult Leader Associated With The Quasi-Breslov Hassidim (Convicted sex offender who headed a religious cult that physically, mentally, and sexually abused a group of women and their children was sentenced to 26 years behind bars by the Jerusalem District Court.)
    4. Case of Adam Brudzevski (Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada) (disclosed to the Montreal Gazzette, that he married his wife when she was 15 years old.  He was 25 at the time.  TThe age of consent in Canada is 16.  Brudzevski was involved with the Lev Tahor Community at the time of his marriage.) 
    5. Case of Rabbi Elior Chen (Jerusalem, Israel) (Accused of cultic type practices)
    6. Case of Rabbi Mendel Epstein (Lakewood, NJ; Brooklyn, NY) (Arrested during an internet sting along with 7 other men.  The charges include kidnapping, extortion, various forms of torture including sexually assaulted men with a stun gun on their genitals.)
    7. Case of Werner Erhard (AKA: John Paul Rosenberg) Founder EST (now called Landmark Forum) (Accused of incest, which were later recanted.  Also accused of cult like practices)
    8. Case of the Unnamed Father and friends who drugged, raped his daughter (Samford Hill, England)  (alleged incest and possible form of ritual abuse occurring in the Chasidic community in Stamford Hill, Great Britain.  According to reports a 16-year-old  girl was drugged, bound and blindfolded and then gang-raped by her father and his friends. 
    9. Case of Arnold Friedman "Capturing the Friedmans" (Great Neck, NY) (Convicted sex offenders).  Also see:  Case of Ross Goldstein and Jesse Friedman
    10. Case of Joseph Fisher (Jerusalem, Israel)
    11. Case of Rabbi Jacob Frank (AKA: Yaakov Frank) and the Frankist Movement   (Convicted of cult like type practices and various forms of sexual offenses including clergy sexual abuse and incest)
    12. Case of Shimon Gabai (Jerusalem, Israel)
    13. Case of Rabbi Marc Gafni  (New York, FL, Israel Fairfield, CA) (AKA: Mordechai Gafni, Marc Gafni, Mordechai Winiarz, Marc Winiarz)  (There is a Call for Action on this case.  Accused sexually abusing teenage girls, attempted sexual assault of a young adult, and also accused of cult like practices).
    14. Case of Rabbi Nachman Helbrans (Monsey, NY; Quebec, Canada; Toronto, Canada) (Accused of cult like practices. The Lev Tahor Community is accused of marrying underaged female children to adult men.)
    15. Case of Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans (Monsey, NY; Quebec, Canada; Toronto, Canada) (Convicted sex offender. Accused of cult like practices. The Lev Tahor Community is accused of marrying underaged female children to adult men.)
    16. Case of Rabbanit Bruria Keren (AKA: Burka Wearing Mother) (Beit Shemish, Israel) (Arrested on charges of child sexual abuse and physical abuse of her twelve children. She has also been accused of cult like practices)  
    17. Case of Rabbi Harlan Kilstein (AKA: Tsvi Kilstein) 
    18. Case of Michael Lytton (Ilford, England, Essex, England)  (Convicted of sexually assaulting a woman after posing as a clinical psychologist and utilizing mind control techinques).
    19. Case of Avraham Mascalchi (Jerusalem, Israel)
    20. Case of Rabbi Yaakov Menken (Baltimore, MD)  (There is a Call for Action on this case. Serious allegations have been made against Rabbi Yaakov Menken which include sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual assault. Menken's alleged modus operandi (M.O.) is of becoming a father figure to vulnerable young women and eventually allegedly sexually assaulting them.  Accused of cult like practices and mind control)
    21. Case of Foye Minton, Jr. (Foye C. Minton plead guilty to second degree assault on December 19, 2013. He received twenty years probation).
    22. Case of Goel Ratzon (Tel Aviv, Israel) (Arrested on charges of incest, sexual assault and cult like practices)
    23. Case of Michal Schwartz Shenbaum (Jerusalem, Israel) (AKA: Unnamed Abusive Mother From JerusalemArrested on charges of child abuse.  Allegations were made of cult like practices)
    24. Case of Rabbi Sholom Shuchat (Crown Heights, NY) (Arrested by the FBI in during a sting operation involving 8 individuals who were torturing men including using a stun-gun as a method of sexually assaulting men who refused to give their wives a "Get" Jewish divorce).
    25. Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel (New York, NY; Jerusalem, Israel)  ("Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel is one of the most notorious pedophiles he has known, leaving hundreds of boys he has victimized. At one point Rabbi Shach made a rabbinic decree stating that Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel could NEVER teach again." "Ben Zion has left survivors in both the United States and Israel." "His modus operandi was extremely violent and barbaric." )
    26. Case of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler (AKA: Mordechai Tendler) (Monsey, NY) (Accused of innappropriate sexual behavior with women in he counseled, along with cult like practices).
    27. Case of Rabbi Isadore Trachtman (Chicago, IL and Jerusalem, Israel) (Accused of cultic type practices and sexual offenses)
    28. Case of Ro'i Tzoref  (Jerusalem, Israel)
    29. Case of Rabbi Matis Weinberg (Baltimore, MD, Santa Clara, CA and Har Nof, Israel)  (There is a Call for Action on this case.  Accused of cultic type practices and sexual offenses).
    30. Case of Rabbi Hershel J. Worch (Manchester, England, Mbale, Uganda; Melbourne, Australia; Pawtucket, RI; Chicago, IL; Istanbul, Turkey)  (There is a Call for Action on this case. Formerly known as the Case of the Unnamed Rabbi in West Rogers Park).  Accused of cult like practice which include BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism).  The alleged offender originially mmets his victims on line. Allegations include using a mixture of kabbalah, hypno-eroticism and other manipulative techniques to enagage his potential victims prior to sexually assaulting them.  
    31. Case of Sabbatai Zevi  (Accused of cultic type practices and sexual offenses.)

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