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Mandated Reporting and Halacha (Jewish Law)

Mandated Reporting and Halacha (Jewish Law)
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Table of Contents

  1. The right to heal from child sexual abuse (11/28/2012)
  2. HISTORY: 50 years ago today "The Battered-Child Syndrome recognized by medical professionals (07/04/2012) 
  3. On Mandated Reporting (04/30/2012)  
  4. Mandated Reporting and Jewish Law (05/01/2012)  
  5. Dr. Michael J. Salamon on mandated reporting (05/13/2012)
  6. Mandated Reporting - Rabbi Benzion Y. Wosner (12/24/2005) 
  7. List of US States where Clergy ARE Mandated Reporters  (09/04/2005)
  8. Clergy as Mandated Reporters (02/25/2003) 

Problematic Individuals and organizations not making hot-line reports 
  1. Rabbi David Zwiebel on Mandated Reporting (06/25/2012)
  2. Regarding the Sovri Helpline and mandated reporting (06/20 2012)
  3. Mandated Reporting in NJ: Dr. Pelcovitz, what are you thinking?  (05/06/2012)
  4. The problem with Charlie: Brooklyn DA enabling Jewish sex offenders (04/26/2012) 
  5. CALL TO ACTION: Elliot Pasik is still involved with the Jewish Board of Advocates for Children? (07/25/2011)
  6. Top Doc Scared Off Panel On Rabbinic Sex Molestors (09/10/2008)
  7. Regarding Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch's Guidelines in Call The Police (06/16/2008) 
  8. Letter to the Editor - Hands Off: Don't investigate yourself (07/20/2006)
  9. Notification Bill Faces Challenges:  Clergy Already Report Abuse, Opponents Say (02/01/2004)
  10. Mandated Reporting - Rabbi Yosef Blau (2003)
  11. Mandated Reporting - Rabbi Mark Dratch (04/15/2003)
  12. Informing on Fellow Jews who Commit Crimes: Mesira in Modern Times (10/19/2001)
Opposition of changing the statute of limitation's on sex crimes
  1. Regarding David Mandel Opposing the SOL bill in New York (04/28/2009)
  2. Should we be shocked that David Mandel would oppose the SOL bill in NY (04/26/2009) 
  3. Rabbinic Molesters Issue Moving Agudah (03/06/2003)
  4. Child Molestation - David Mandel and Ohel Children's Home and Family Services
  5. Legislators reject bill requiring priests to break seal of Confession (03/06/2003)

Other related information 
  1. Ethics of news media in covering cases of sexual crimes (07/18/2005)  
  2. Political Issues and Resources Relating to Childhood Sexual Abuse  
  3. I Don't Believe You (03/03/2003)

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