The former principal of Elite High School, a private Jewish school in Brooklyn, was convicted of molesting three brothers periodically over the course of ten years. 

33-year-old Emanuel Yegutkin was a close family friend of the three boys and often visited their home in Flatbush. 

On Tuesday, Yegutkin was found guilty of 75 counts including sexual abuse against a child in the first degree, which carries a 25-year prison sentence. 

From 1996-2005, Yegutkin was found guilty of abusing two of the brothers at the age of seven by fondling them and engaging in oral sex. 

In 2008, he showed pornographic images to the third brother. 

The disgraced yeshiva principal was arrested soon after in 2009.

Yegutkin was said to be a frequent guest at the family's shabbat dinners, where one of the brothers testified Yegutkin touched his private parts under the dinner table. 

"He would touch me under the table. I wasn't taught about sexuality so I wasn't sure if it was right or wrong," the boy said.