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Child Pornography, Prostitution and Human Trafficking within Jewish Communities

Child Pornography, Prostitution and Human Trafficking within Jewish Communities

Approximately 95 percent of teenage prostitutes have been sexually abused
1 in 100 U.S. children are victims of sex trade industry
The most commonly cited reason for engaging in prostitution by survivors of childhood sexual abuse, was that they were trying to regain some control over their lives and their bodies; exchanging sex for money was seen as one way to control men's access to them. --


Prostitution Fact Sheet

Most prostitutes have been victimized, at some point in their lives, by sexual violence. More than 90% suffered childhood sexual abuse, often incest. Many others have been sexually assaulted in the course of working in prostitution. About 75% were violently raped as adults in situations not involving their work.
At least two-thirds of prostitutes began working in prostitution before the age of 16. Young women and men often enter prostitution as a way of escaping an abusive home situation. They see prostitution as their only means of survival. 
Unfortunately at this point and time there has never been any reseach to find out what percentage of Jewish Survivors of sexual abuse also have histories of prostitution.  The odds are that the statistics are no different then in other populations.  If you know of any research or resources that would be helpful to Jewish Survivors of Childhood Abuse who have histories of Prostitution, or Adult survivors who got involved in Prostitution, please send the information to The Awareness Center. 

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  1. Jewish Resources
    1. Articles

      Film:  Incest and Prostitution - "I won't be 'NUTS' for you" (see below)
      1. Sex Crimes: Survivors of Pogroms and the Holocaust
      2. Pretty posers prop up Naked Tango  (04/29/1992) 
      3. We must address Israeli prostitution as our problem (02/28/1998) 
      4. Anna O's Other Story: Freud's Famous Patient's Crusade Against White Slavery  (08/31/1998) 
      5. Selling Sex in Israel  (2001) 
      6. Israeli, int'l police crack down on child pornography (01/28/2001) 
      7. A-G calls for crackdown on trafficking in women  (08/01/2001) 
      8. Fighting the flesh trade (12/02/2001) 
      9. Blue-and-white slave trade  (06/21/2002) 
      10. ARGENTINA: Jewish Whilte Slavery (07/02/2002) 
      11. Young Girls At Risk  (04/28/2003) 
      12. Victoria's, and Israel's, Ugly Secret  (01/31/2004) 
      13. Panel hears grim details on child prostitution in Israel  (02/10/2004) 
      14. Parents send kids to work as prostitutes  (02/10/2004) 
      15. Police have list of 70 trafficking suspects, hearing told (02/18/2004) 
      16. Mothers pimping their daughters for food (02/29/2004) 
      17. Ex-sex slaves get help to testify (03/04/2004) 
      18. Prostitute's lawsuit  (03/09/2004) 
      19. Study: Brothels earn $450m. a year  (03/17/2004) 
      20. Three Knesset commissions of inquiry to shut down (03/17/2004) 
      21. Police may seize property of suspected trafficker in women (03/18/2004) 
      22. All for love (09/09/2005) 
      23. Law seeks to get tough on cyber sex with minors  (01/09/2007) 
      24. The best little whorehouse in Haifa  (02/07/2007) 
      25. Israel improves in addressing human trafficking problem (06/13/2007) 
      26. Haifa area brothels shut down (08/01/2007)
      27. Understanding the Zwi Migdal Society  (10/01/2009)
      28. A House Of Prostitution That An Ex-Haredi Opened In Shmuel Hanavi Has Turned Into A Hit For The Sector's Marginal Youth.  (11/10/2012)
      29. Honoring Feige Aufscher
      30. Honoring Sophia Chamys
      31. Honoring Andrea Dworkin
      32. Honoring Rebecca Freedman
      33. Honoring Rachel Liberman

  2. Sexual Trafficking - Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism  (07/12/2000)
  3. Secular Resources

    Documentary: Pedophile Hunter


Film:  Incest and Prostitution  
"I won't be 'NUTS' for you" (see below)


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