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Basic Judaism For Jewish Survivors of Sex Crimes

Basic Judaism For Jewish Survivors of Sex Crimes
(Incest, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault
Clergy Sexual Abuse, Professional Sexual Misconduct)

"There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle."
-- Albert Einstein


Disclaimer: Inclusion in this website does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement. Individuals must decide for themselves if the resources meet their own personal needs. 
If you are an survivor of sexual violence (as an child or an adult) and know of a resource not listed here that you found helpful, please forward it to: VickiPolin at


Table of Contents:
  1. Resources
    1. Judaism 101
    2. Being Jewish
    3. Find a Synagogue Worldwide
    4. J Site - Jewish Education and Entertainment
    5. Kosher Resturant Database
    6. Maven - More than 7,500 Jewish/Israel Links!
    7. The Worldwide Orthodox Minyan Database
    8. I am a Jew - Important song for everyone to hear 

  2. Basic Judaism
    • Articles
    • Egroups
    • Basic Judaism Resources on the Web
    • Organizations

  3. Other Resources
    • Aliyah Information
    • Jewish Genealogy
    • Jewish Multi Cultural Resources
    • Music For Your Soul (Neshema)
    • Yiddish Web Sites


The Big Bang and the Big Question: A Universe Without God? Until the early twentieth century, astronomers entertained three possible models of the universe:  
1. The universe could be static.  
2. The universe could be oscillating. 
3. Finally, the universe could be open.

Are Non-Orthodox Jews Still Jews? The first four articles in this section are written in the form of questions people sent me, with each question followed by my answer.

'Kosher seating': The faith, history, and philosophy behind partition in prayer  Mechitzah: Partition. Separation of sexes during prayer by partition. What is the reasoning behind this (pardon the pun) sometimes divisive aspect of kashrus -- "kosher seating"?  On one level there is no reasoning. A faith commitment is a faith commitment. A tautology: without reasoning, without need of reasoning. A faith commitment to the divinity of the Torah.

Classes Online (Sensitive to Victimization Issues)

Rabbi Ze'ev Smason lives in St. Louis Missouri, and serves as the rabbi of CongregationNusach Hari B'Nai Zion . Raised in Los Angeles and a graduate of UCLA, Rabbi Smason lived and studied in Israel for 8 years, where he received his smicha. With extensive experience in "Kiruv Rechokim" (Jewish Outreach), Rabbi Smason enjoys speaking on topics of interest to Jews of all educational and observant backgrounds.


Aliyah Information  
  1. Nefesh B' Nefesh The mission of Nefesh B'Nefesh is to revitalize North American Aliyah and to expand it for generations to come by removing the financial, professional, and logistical obstacles that are preventing many "would-be" Olim from fulfilling their dream. In the process, we hope to send an unmistakable signal of North American-Israeli Jewish Solidarity and joint determination to strengthen the State of Israel

  Jewish Genealogy
  1. JewishGen: The Official Home of Jewish Genealogy  Information on researching your roots.

Jewish MultiCultural Resources
  1. Yachad b'Shalom First Magazine Dedicated to Jewish Multicultural Families/Organizations/Groups & Individuals of all cultural backgrounds.

Music For Your Soul (Neshema)
Day of Rest by Rahel Jaskow  There are hundreds of songs devoted to the Sabbath, or more specifically the times of day within it - songs for the evening, the morning, and the following afternoon as the sun sets and we prepare to return to the weekday world. It is always wondeful to sing with people, to learn new songs and to return to the more familiar ones, or"old friends" as I call them. That's how I learned all the songs on this recording, and I thank everyone who taught them to me. Here is a small sampling of some "old friends".  
Peter Himmelman  Peter has several CD's out there. But on his CD called "From Strength to Strength" There are two MUST hear songs. They are: "This too shall Pass" and "Impermenent Things"
Meditationsof the Heart  1 The Breslav Tradition.  Hassidic Aspirations For Voice and Piano. Meditations of the Heart, P.O Box 32285, Jerusalem, 91322, Israel
ShlockRock  Every Shlock Rock song teaches something about being Jewish. It's a fun way to introduce and strengthen Jewish concepts to people of all ages - a way to make you feel good about being Jewish. 


Yiddish Web Sites
A Glossary of Yiddish Expressions Glossary of Yiddish Expressions


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