Sunday, March 03, 2013

Looking For Participants For A Daydreaming Study


Researchers from Fordham University, New York (Jayne Bigelsen, Jonathan
 Lehrfeld) and the University of Haifa, Israel (Eli Somer) have joined forces to launch a new study on MD (extensive, compulsive daydreaming that can cause distress or impair functioning).

This will be the largest study on MD to date. Our goals include
 creating a screening tool to identify MD and more fully understanding
 how it differs from more typical daydreaming. We will also be
comparing and contrasting it to other mental health issues.  The ultimate goals are to raise awareness by mental health providers of MD and generate future study, which can hopefully lead to eventual treatment.

But we need your help. We would like to recruit both maladaptive daydreamers and people who do not have MD. You are invited to complete the following survey ( We expect that it will take between 20 and 50 minutes.

Thank you!

Eli Somer, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor of Psychology
University of Haifa, Israel

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