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Case of the Teenage Rapist of a Deaf Mute Woman

Case of the Unnamed Teenage Rapist of a Deaf Mute Woman
Tel Aviv, Israel

A 16-year-old teenager was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a deaf-mute woman and brutally raping her.


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  1. Indictment: Teen raped deaf-mute woman (03/03/2013)


Indictment: Teen raped deaf-mute woman

Teen reportedly entered Tel Aviv home of deaf-mute woman, raped her, as she continually tried to stop him. When she attempted to sms for help, he took her phone and continued
By Naama Cohen-Friedman
YNET News - March 3, 2013

Using violence and cruelty, a teen forced his way into the Tel Aviv home of a deaf-mute woman in the middle of the night and brutally raped her, an indictment filed Monday against a16-year-old suspect, read.

According to the indictment, the victim tried to send a text message asking for help, but the suspect took the phone from her and continued molesting her for over an hour.

According to the indictment the victim was standing outside her front door, smoking a cigarette, when the teen, who was under the influence of alcohol, saw her and tried to start a conversation. The woman turned to go back into her house, refusing his request to come inside for a drink of water.

In response, the boy pushed his foot through the doorway and brutally forced his way into the house. The indictment stated that the boy pushed the woman to the bedroom, where he violently raped and sodomized her.

The victim tried to run from the house and offered the defendant the opportunity to take a shower, but he forced her to go to the bathroom with him.

The indictment states that when the woman tried to send a text message, the teen grabbed the phone from her, and when she tried to run away, he molested and beat her. The boy left the house after an hour, taking her phone with him and selling it for NIS 900.

The prosecution has charged the defendant with rape, attempted rape, aggravated sodomy and aggravated robbery. The prosecution requested that the youth be remanded through the end of criminal proceedings, due to the fact that there is evidence and he has admitted the events that took place.

The indictment described how the youth used force to carry out repeated sexual acts and stopped the woman’s efforts to end them, to get help, or to run away. The complainant experienced terror for over an hour.


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