Sunday, May 20, 2012

Common attitude within the Chasidic world regarding sexual abuse.

The following was posted on a Yiddish forum. 

Unfortunately, this is a very common attitude within the Chasidic world regarding sexual abuse. 

Written by "Sachdes" (translation by an individual who wishes to be anonymous):

"We must understand one thing: the very terms 'abuse' and 'abuser' have entered our camp from the goyim. The problem with that is that all the [harmful] effects of abuse that the goyim have invented were born entirely so that people can file lawsuits and make money off the system. I have personal knowledge on the matter, from those who have been dealing with adolescent boys and these sorts of cases for many years: it is all made up. ('Lo dovim ve'lo yaar.') All those who were abused are able to drink their coffee and eat their wonderful breakfasts; they are in good spirits. On the contrary, they enjoy their days and live happy lives. They have no problems -- as a result of the act [of abuse] -- sleeping at night; they have no nightmares, and all these lies can only be sold to those who don't know these 'chevra'."

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