Friday, May 04, 2012

Audio of Psychologist -- David Pelcovitz Admitting He Was Told Not To Discuss The Requirement To Call Police

Audio of Dr. David Pelcovitz (a licensed psychologist) admitting to a concerned parent that he was asked NOT to discuss calling the police in a case where a child was molested. The LCSC event was headed by Rabbi Moshe Velvel Weisberg, who was monitoring the event closely. It is illegal to cover up a case of molestation. You are required by law to report the incident to police, just as you would a murder. Although it is fully understandable that a parent may choose not to report to the police, they should understand that it is within their rights, and even admirable to do so, in order to prevent a molester from hurting more children. But as Dr. Pelcovitz admits, "Lakewood is an interesting neighborhood."

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