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Upcoming Radio Show - Crime Victims Who Survived and Triumphed

Upcoming Radio Show
Crime Victims Who Survived and Triumphed (Part 1)

Interview with:

  • Art Hanson, Nation of Neighbors (
  • Vicki Polin, The Awareness Center, International Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse and Assault (
  • Polly Franks, the Franks Foundation (
  • Lavoyed Hudgins, Public Service Employees Association (


*Air Date: December 24, 2009 @8pm eastern*
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Crime Victims who've overcome and thrived
and are now helping others do the same.

NEW YORK-December 21, 2009:  It's hard to think about crime and violence during this month of peace and renewal; but hang in there with me because I'm going to introduce you to four courageous people who want to tell you their stories.  These are people who've been victims of terrible crimes, like home invasion, sexual assault, the abuse of a child or the murder of a parent, but went on to heal and are now helping others do the same.

So get comfortable in your chair, grab something warm to drink, and stick with me for a while.

First up, you'll hear from Art Hanson, who, after having his home burglarized, started a neighborhood watch program and develop ed online tools to help communities fight crime -- which he gives away for free.

Next, meet Vicki Polin, a child abuse and sexual assault survivor. As a result, she became a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor specializing in sexual trauma and has been helping others for more than 25 years.  She founded The Awareness Center of the International Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse; Assault, which helps Jewish survivors of sexual violence and those who support them.

Then I've got Polly Franks, the mother of two daughters who were molested by a neighbor.  She became a private investigator for the sole purpose of bringing him to justice -- and he's now serving life. And, she did it all while wheelchair bound.  She founded the Franks Foundation to help victims of childhood sexual abuse.

And last, you'll hear from Lavoyed Hudgins who became a caring police officer after witnessing the murder of this father during a botched robbery.  Instead of being bitter, he's tried to help kids in trouble before they became killers.

Let my guests inspire you like they've inspired me on this special, special night.

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