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CALL TO ACTION: Demanding The Immediate Removal of David Mandel as CEO of Ohel

CALL TO ACTION: Demanding The Immediate Removal of David Mandel as CEO of Ohel

Over the last several years, The Awareness Center has received numerous complaints regarding David Mandel's inappropriate handling of cases of sex crimes in the frum community in Brooklyn and around the globe.  

Besides the fact that Mandel continues to act as an "expert" in cases of child sexual abuse, without having any clinical or forensic training in the mental health field.  He also has been reported to provide misinformation when he presents at workshops and conferences around the globe.   

Back in 2008, The Awareness Center was able to capture Mandel on film at a workshop in Baltimore, MD.  During this workshop Mr. Mandel told the audience not to report sex crimes to law enforcement, instead to bring the allegations to their local rabbonum.  You can watch his presentation here:

Considering Ohel receives both state and federal funding -- David Mandel's statements are in violation of the law which requires him and his staff to be mandated reporters.  Meaning if David Mandel or any of his staff SUSPECTS a child is at risk of harm, they are required to make hot-line reports to the state agency immediately, without asking for rabbinic approval first.  Because David Mandel is violation of not only New York law, but the laws of every state he has been presenting at, The Awareness Center is calling for his immediate resignation and removal from his position as CEO of Ohel.

Below are the two highest paid employees of Ohel's staff according to the 2008 - 990 form:
David Mandel, CEO (salary: $308,750.00, plus $22, 572.00 to employee benefit plan and deferred compensation plans)
Howard Lorch, CFO (salary: $202,258.00, plus $29,678 to employee benefit plan and deferred compensation plans) 

The Awareness Center is asking that the following  Board of Directors of Ohel Children's Home and Family Services( as listed on their 990 form dated June 30, 2008) be contacted regarding David Mandel's violation of New York and Maryland's law.  The Awareness Center is needing your assistance locating the contact information on all of the board members, since the address given on the 990 form is: c/o Ohel Childrens Home, 4510 16th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11204

Board of Directors (as of June 30, 2008)

    1. Sendy Berger
    2. Moshe Bertram
    3. Dr. Marcel Biberfeld
    4. Sid Borenstein
    5. Mark Bunim, Esq
    6. Shloime Dachs
    7. Joel Eisenreich
    8. Gary Elchorn
    9. Rabbi Yona Feinstein
    10. Dr. Frank Goldberg
    11. Rabbi Joseph Fischman
    12. Avi Fishoff
    13. Rabbi Yitzchok Fleischer
    14. Dr. Jerald S. Friedman
    15. Saul N. Friedman
    16. Sonny Ganger
    17. Rabbi Philip Goldberg
    18. Moshe Hellman
    19. Ronny Hersh
    20. Marc Herskowitz
    21. Moshe Hertz
    22. David Jacobson
    23. Danial Jacobson
    24. Ari Jungereis
    25. Chaim Kaminetzky
    26. Jay Kestenbuam
    27. Dr. Philip Kipust
    28. Irving Langer
    29. Hershel I. Langer
    30. Louis Libin
    31. Miriam Lubling
    32. Arthor Max
    33. Chaim Mermelstein
    34. David Mermelstein
    35. Sol Mermelstein
    36. Chaya Neuberger
    37. Dr. Tzvi Neuberger
    38. Marc Newman, Esq
    39. David Nussbaum
    40. Naftali Perlowitz
    41. Barry Picker
    42. Avi Pifko, Esq.
    43. Rabbi Jacob Rabinowitz
    44. Pinny Rand
    45. Rabbi Harry Rieder
    46. Nicole Rosenberg
    47. Baila Sandhaus
    48. Harry Schlachter
    49. Barry Schreiber
    50. AJ Schreiber
    51. Fred Schulman
    52. Duvi Simon
    53. Barry Stern
    54. Ely Tendler
    55. Louis Tratner, Esq
    56. Max Wasser
    57. Shaul Wasser
    58. Moshe H. Wieder
    59. Mel Zachter
    60. Morris Zakeim

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