Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Regarding The Case of Rabbi Leib Tropper

“Sex offenders do not wear an "Ugly Mask". They Wear A Shield of Trust.”

The Awareness Center has been in touch with friends of Rabbi Leib Tropper.  Most of whom are in both a state of shock and denial.  Just as in most other cases, they can not believe that someone they have known and trusted would be accused of such a horrendous crime.  
Alleged and convicted sex offenders often have good friends and come from wonderful, respected families.  We can not forget that those who perpetrate sex crimes use these people as part of their defense.  Offenders are often described as being loving, kind and charming.  It's exactly these traits that make it possible for them to lure in their potential victims. 
It is important to remember those who perpetrate sex crimes are sons or daughters, parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents and or cousins of people who love and care for them.  We all must do what we can to comfort the family members of the offender.  When the allegations become public it can feel as if there has been a death in the family and those closest go into a period of mourning.   What is more important is that each of us reach out and do everything we can to help heal those who have been sexually victimized -- especially those who step forward and make police reports in hopes of stopping an alleged offender from creating another victim.
According to statistics adult women are more likely to be victims of clergy sexual abuse than children. This is just one of many cases in which a member of the clergy uses their authority to lure in unsuspecting victims. If you or anyone else was sexually victimized and are looking for help, please feel free to contact The Awareness Center, we can help you find help and healing. You are not alone, you are not to blame and you deserve to have your day in court, if that is what you wish to pursue.
It saddens me to say that this case is very similar to that of Ephraim BryksMarc GafniMordecai TendlerHershy Worch and a slew of other rabbis who lured in unsuspecting adult women for their own personal gain.

The Case of Rabbi Leib Tropper - Outreach Rabbi Resigns Amid Cloud of Scandal - New York Jewish Week

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Anonymous said...

Hey - surely good people everywhere must appreciate your work, but why do you assume the Rabbi is guilty?

Isn't it: Innocent until proven guilty?

Isn't that the just way?

A Nobody