Saturday, September 15, 2012

Becoming A Sexual Abuse/Assault Advocate

Many people want call themselves a sexual abuse/assault advocate.  To be one the requirements is for individuals to complete extensive training to become certified to work with survivors in the Emergency Department setting. 

Requirements vary state to state and program to program. Many programs require a 40 hour in-depth training that teaches basic crisis counseling, the role of the criminal justice system and medical treatment of the survivor, as well as incorporating role playing, hospital visits, lectures and guest speakers including survivor panels, district attorneys, special victims unit detectives, sexual assault examiners and advocates.

Most programs require a commitment of at least one-year of on call service monthly as well as re-certification on an ongoing basis. 

Advocate programs exists often in conjunction with local hospitals or crisis centers. To find a program near you contact your local official Rape Crisis Center.

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