Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cyberbullying by Yoely Neuwirth

As policy The Awareness Center makes all attempts at cyberbullying, harassment and stalking against our staff and volunteers public.  The following message was posted on Facebook by Yoely Neuwirth.  
According to the information provided by Yoely Neuwirth, he considers himself to be an orthodox Jew, who lives in New York City, NY.  He was born on March 28, 1990 and speaks Yiddish, English and Hebrew.
Yoely Neuwirth - Cyberbulling
Mrs Vicki polin my name is Yoely Neuwirth born and raised in Williamsburg and currently live there, the reason I'm pointing that out is cuz being the fact that I am chasidish I feel that I would know about what is goin on there...... But in fact u wouldn't have the slightest clue cuz u never grew up in Williamsburg, so who the fuck r u to be bashing a community that u never took any participation in?? I'm sick and tired of having to read articles that some self hating jew Chicago women thats prob divorced and didnt succeed in anything in life "but" to be busy with molestation and carlbach being a sex offender etc etc, so lemme make it clear to u.... Nobody gives a rats ass of the diarrhea thats flowing out ur mouth ur just annoying every1 that u added on this unsuccessful group, so plz stop promoting hatred against Jews cuz obviously ur not helping the society in any extend ur just making non Jews hate us more then they already do... Thx

 According to a reliable source, I am told this is Yoely Neuwirth playing the drums, dressed in the traditional chasidic clothing.

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