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Case of Irving Bronstein - Acquitted on Statutory Rape Charges

Case of Irving Bronstein
Acquitted of Charges

Assistant Prosecutor, Village of Skokie - Skokie, IL
President of the Niles Township Bar Association - Skokie, IL

Bronstein was accused of statutory rape with a 14-year-old high school student. He was arrested on October 26, 1960.  At the time of the alleged assault Bronstein was a 34-year-old prosecuting attorney for the Village of Skokie.  According to reports, Bronstein was married and had two children. 

The child-victim stated that she had sexual contact with Irving Bronstein twice.  The first time was on September 12, 1959, when he came to visit her while she was babysitting.  The second was in his law office, which was located downtown Chicago. 
The case was originally going to be heard by Judge Albert Baumhardt, yet he disqualified himself due to a conflict of interest.  On November 17, 1960, Bronstein was acquitted of the statutory rape charges, when Judge Sidney Godell made the determination that after the evidence had been presented to him that he could find no basis to take Bronstein to the grand jury.

According to reports the alleged rape victim originally met Irving Bronstein at the Skokie courthouse in July, 1959, while she was making several visits to observe court procedures.  After the first meeting Bronstein offered to give the girl a ride home.  Over the course of their alleged friendship, it appeared from her testimony that Irving Bronstein might have been utilized the grooming process with the girl in hopes of developing a sexual relationship with a minor.   

Irving Bronstein denied every meeting the girl, stating he was not in the village hall in July of 1959.  At the trial, Irving Rothholtz, who another assistant prosecutor, that sessions were held on Saturday's and not Wednesdays as the girl stated.  

On October 25, 1960, the girl was also sexually assaulted by four other alleged offenders, who were all alleged friends of Irving Bronstein.  They offenders included: Robert Linder, who was a Skokie Police officer; Michael Eiden, RIchard Heinz and Kenneth Trobeck.  

On August 10, 1968, Irving Bronstein was elected to be the president of the Niles Township Bar Association


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  1. Girl Accuses Six in Skokie: Prosecutor Charged with Sex Offense (10/26/1960)
  2. Take Skokie Prosecutor Off His Job (10/27/1960)
  3. Set Trial Date of Skokie Aid In Rape Case (11/03/1960) 
  4. Frees Skokie Prosecutor in Rape Case (11/171960)
  5. Acquitted Aid To Skokie Goes Back To Work (11/18/1960)
  6. Report Jurors Act To Indict 5 In Sex Case (11/22/1960)
  7. Report Jurors Clear Lawyer in Skokie Rape: Officials Testify at Own Request (11/29/1960)
  1.  Clear Skokie Policeman of Sex Offenses (01/07/1961)

  1.  Niles Bar Picks Bronstein as President (08/10/1967)


Girl Accuses Six In Skokie: Prosecutor Charged with Sex Offenses
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Set Trial Date of Skokie Aid in Rape Case
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Frees Skokie Prosecutor in Rape Case: Rules Against Claim of 15 Year Old Girl
Chicago Daily Tribune - November 17, 1960


Acquitted Aid To Skokie Goes Back To Work
Chicago Daily Tribune - November 18, 1960


Report Jurors Act To Indict 5 In Sex Case - Skokie Cop Is Among Those Accused
Chicago Daily Tribune - November 22, 1960


Report Jurors Clear Lawyer In Skokie Rape: Official Testifies At Own Risk
Chicago Daily News - November 29, 1960


Clear Skokie Policeman of Sex Offenses
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Niles Bar Picks Bronstein As President
Chicago Daily News - August 10, 1967


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