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Case of the Unnamed Offender in Modi'in Illit, Israel

Case of the Unnamed Offender in Modi'in Illit, Israel

Modi'in Illit, Israel

There have been a number of attacks against young females in Modi'in Illit.  Police believe that a driver of students is a suspect.

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  1. Parental Concern Following Attacks Against Females in Modi’in Illit (01/06/2014)


    Parental Concern Following Attacks Against Females in Modi’in Illit 
    Yeshiva World - January 6, 2014

    A number of attacks against young females in Modi’in Illit have led to growing concern among parents. Kikar Shabbos reports that a school in the chareidi community has implemented a policy that a female may only leave school grounds during school hours accompanied by an adult. According to a Walla News report, police do hope to make an arrest soon.

    A school as sent a letter home to parents informing them that incidents have occurred, providing guidelines and instructions as what precautions should be taken. Some of the parents were unaware of the attacks and they contacted Hadas Shteif, a Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) correspondent. This led to police involvement, Kikar reports. When Shteif tried to learn more about the attacks from police, she learned they were clueless for no one filed a report.

    Police reported on Sunday 5 Shevat that a driver of students is a suspect, for they have gathered testimony that he spoke with the young ladies inappropriately. Some accuse school officials of warning parents not to involve the media or police, but school officials deny the accusation when questioned.

    The school explains the letter to parents was the result of learning of incidents taking place during the day and outside the school, not related to the school in any way. This led to the decision not to permit students to leave during school hours without parental escort.


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