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Case of Jerry Basel

Case of Jerry Basel

Police Officer - Zebulon, Israel

Jerry Basel who was a police officer accused of sexually assaulted a female during an interrogation.  Basel was also accused of sexual harassment and breach of trust. 

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Table of Contents:

  1. Indictment: Police officer sexually assaulted rape victim (01/01/2014)

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Indictment: Police officer sexually assaulted rape victim

By Rachel Avraham
Jerusalem Online - January 1, 2014

Jerry Basel, a police officer at the Zebulon police station, is accused of forcefully kissing, sexually harassing, and touching the sexual organs of a female suspect that was being interrogated. During the interrogation, he closed the door, touched her against her will, and asked her to have sex with him, even though he knew she was a rape victim.

The prosecution filed an indictment today in the Haifa Magistrate Court against Jerry Basel, a police officer at the Zebulon Police Station located across from the Begin Beach, who is accused of committing sexual assault, sexual harassment and breach of trust. 

 According to the indictment, Basel and another police officer investigated a female suspect for credit card fraud.  After the second police officer that was with Basel left the room, he closed the door and began to sexually harass the suspect.  A short while later, he approached her and kissed her on the mouth against her will.

 Basel is accused of kissing her forcefully despite the fact that she told him that she was a rape victim in the past and even though a relative waited outside the interrogation room when the sexual assault took place.   The suspect began to cry and attempted to get the police officer to cease his actions.  He stopped only because the noise was heard outside the room and then, he immediately stopped the investigation.

 The police officer asked to have sex in the interrogation room
 After the suspects’ relative was interrogated, Basel told the female suspect to reenter the room and he closed the door again.  According to the indictment against him, after Basel told the female suspect that she would be released, he started again to kiss her on the lips against her will, touched

 The suspect flinched from the sexual assault and asked him to cease his actions immediately, as he clarified to her that they could have sex very quickly.  Only after she told him that she has a relative outside the room that is likely to hear these noises and who proceeded to enter the interrogation room did Basel stop the sexual assault. 

 It evidently doesn’t end there.  In the days after the sexual assault, according to the indictment, Basel called the suspect many times, where he stated that he misses her and begged her to come see him.   She refused to see him, but bumped into him randomly on the streets a few days later, where he continued to sexually harass her.   He then hugged her and kissed her on the cheek against her will.



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