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The Case of the Unnamed Charedi Child Rapist in Modi'in Illit

The Case of the Unnamed Charedi Child Rapist in Modi'in Illit
 Modi'in Illit, Israel

A five year old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by an unnamed haredi man.  This is a case in which it appears various forms of harassment and witness tampering is occuring. 

Hadas Shtaif, an Israeli journalist had her life  threatened for reporting on this case.  We ALL MUST speak out against ALL Forms of witness tampering and obstruction of justice in the chasidic world, including threatening the lives of journalists, activists, survivors and their family members!

The Awareness Center is hopeful that those who are attempting to obstruct justice will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Thousands Take Part in Modi’in Illit Yahadut Hatorah Kinos (01/15/2013)
    *  YouTube Video: Thousands Take Part in Modi'in Illit Yahadut Hatorah Kinos
  2. Suspected of Modi'in Illit "silence" rape a girl (02/02/2013)
  3. Alleged rape of 5-year-old in Modiin Illit silenced (02/05/2013)
  4. In child rape case, police battle to break a community's silence (02/06/2013)
  5. Identity of 5-year-old rape victim hidden by vow (02/06/2013)
  6. Kindergarten supervisor: I made up Modi'in Illit rape  (02/06/2013)
  7. Woman withdraws complaint about girl's rape (02/06/2013)
  8. From gossip to concealment (02/07/2013)
  9. Key witness in Modiin Illit rape case: 'I made it up' (02/07/2013)
  10. Police continue investigation of Modi'in Illit rape (02/07/2013)
  11. Threats to the life of Myrtle Taipei: "I will reveal other stories" (02/07/2013)
  12. Death Threats on Reporter over Sexual Harassment Story (02/08/2013)
  13. Exposes alleged rape case, Hadas Taipei: "They call me a Nazi. Received threats" (02/08/2013)
  14. Police close child rape probe in Modi’in Illit (02/28/2013)

Thousands Take Part in Modi’in Illit Yahadut Hatorah Kinos
The Yeshiva World - January 15, 2013

NOTE: The following article is being provided to help explain the mindset of those living in the town of Modi'in Illit and how and why the child survivor and family members may be under a great deal of pressure from community members to say the alleged rape never occurred.  It's the continued pressure in the hasidic world to pretend that things like this never happen. Some experts in the field of mind control and cults would say this type of behavior is very similar to how some cults operate. –– Vicki Polin
In the presence of prominent rabbonim and admorim Shlita thousands took part in the Monday 3 Shevat 5773 election Kinos of Yahadut Hatorah in the Naot HaSimcha Hall in Modi’in Illit. The message was a stern warn, warning of “the enemies of Israel” who are trying to bring harsh decrees on the bnei Torah community. 

HaGaon HaRav Yitzchok Schreiber Shlita addressed the khal, stating the goal of the kinos is to awaken the tzibur to get out and vote “towards saving the Torah community which is facing destruction chas v’sholom”.

Once again, HaGaon HaRav Aaron Leib Shteinman Shlita explained the chiyuv (obligation) of every eligible voter to cast a ballot for Yahadut Hatorah on Election Day as the situation facing the frum community is critical.

HaGaon HaRav Baruch Mordechai Ezrachi Shlita was also present to address the khal along with other prominent rabbonim and roshei yeshiva, speaking of the עת צרה ליעקב.

The daily HaMevaser adds they referred to the current period as שעת גזירת שמד, compelling everyone to act.

Thousands Take Part in Modi'in Illit Yahadut Hatorah Kinos 
YN News - January 15, 2014


Suspected of Modi'in Illit "silence" rape a girl
YNET NEWS - February 2, 2013
By Kobe Daring and Itamar Fleischmann
(See original Hebrew below - Translated to English using Google Translate)

Anonymous complaint led to the investigation of the case open by West Bank police, but the police have met with almost collective cooperation "intensive investigation, but the walls of silence." One resident: "I just respected the request of the parents'
Girl of about five Modi'in Illit was raped by a man, SJ District Police suspect. Incident occurred, apparently, last week, but the investigation began only after reports about the child received medical treatment before being released. Medical organization members face - Orthodox refused to cooperate with the investigation, as well as other citizens who, it is believed, instructions to keep quiet about it. daughter and the suspect could not be located so far.The case was published this morning (Monday) on "What's the rush" Army Radio. Towards the end of the week, rumors began to spread in the incident, and residents said that on Friday morning filed an anonymous complaint to the police. Morning became more profound investigation, the investigation of figures key community and the municipality. single evidence led expose the affair and the complaint was, apparently, a driver told one of the activists in the municipality that was to talk about the mothers assistants genes.According to one resident, the parents sought to silence the story. "Everyone here is shocked, and rabbis even talked about it over the weekend - a very rare thing. One of them banged the table and called to keep the children and report any such thing. Nobody wants to protect the perpetrators, but parents know that the haredi public this spot for life than the child. was not able to get married and it would ruin her whole future. I believe they took care of her and also took her to a psychologist, but would not complain, so anyone who knows about the case just honored their request. "According to the police, "the investigation is very hard, but we just faced with walls of silence from everyone. We employ all the resources Shlarshutan to find all those involved in the case, hoping to do it soon."


חשד: מודיעין עילית "משתיקה" אונס ילדה

תלונה אנונימית הובילה לפתיחת חקירת המקרה על ידי משטרת מחוז ש"י, אך השוטרים נתקלו בחוסר שיתוף פעולה כמעט קולקטיבי: "החקירה מאומצת, אבל יש חומות של שתיקה". אחד התושבים: "פשוט כיבדו את בקשת ההורים"

קובי נחשוני ואיתמר פליישמן
פורסם:     04.02.13, 13:42
ילדה כבת חמש נאנסה במודיעין עילית על ידי גבר, כך חושדת משטרת מחוז ש"י. המקרה אירע, ככל הנראה, בשבוע שעבר, אך חקירת האירוע החלה רק בעקבות דיווחים על אודות טיפול רפואי שקיבלה הילדה לפני ששוחררה. אנשי הארגון הרפואי הפנים-חרדי סירבו לשתף פעולה עם החקירה, וכך גם אזרחים אחרים שקיבלו, על פי החשד, הוראות לשמור על שתיקה בנושא. הילדה והחשוד במעשה לא אותרו עד כה.

על המקרה פורסם הבוקר (יום ב') בתוכנית "מה בוער" בגלי צה"ל. לקראת סוף השבוע, החלה השמועה על האירוע להתפשט בעיר, ותושבים סיפרו כי בבוקר יום שישי הוגשה תלונה אנונימית למשטרה. הבוקר הפכה החקירה למעמיקה יותר, עם חקירת דמויות מרכזיות בקהילה ובעירייה. אחת העדויות שהובילה לחשיפת הפרשה ולתלונה הגיעה, ככל הנראה, מנהג הסעות שסיפר לאחד העסקנים בעירייה כי היה עד לשיחה בעניין בין אימהות לסייעות הגנים.

לדברי אחד התושבים, ההורים ביקשו להשתיק את הסיפור. "כולם פה מזועזעים, ויש רבנים שאפילו דיברו על זה בסוף השבוע - דבר חריג מאוד. אחד מהם דפק על השולחן וקרא לשמור על הילדים ולדווח על כל דבר כזה. אף אחד לא רוצה להגן על פושעים כאלה, אבל ההורים יודעים שבציבור החרדי זה כתם לכל החיים דווקא על הילדה. היא לא תוכל להתחתן וזה יהרוס לה את כל העתיד. אני מאמין שהם טיפלו בה ולקחו אותה גם לפסיכולוג, אבל לא הסכימו להתלונן, ולכן כל מי שידע על המקרה פשוט כיבד את הבקשה שלהם".

לדברי המשטרה, "החקירה מאומצת מאוד, אבל אנחנו ממש נתקלים בחומות של שתיקה מצד כולם. אנחנו מפעילים את כל המשאבים שלרשותנו כדי לאתר את כל המעורבים במקרה, בתקווה שנוכל לעשות את זה בקרוב".


Alleged rape of 5-year-old in Modiin Illit silenced  
By Jeremy Sharon
Jerusalem Post - February 5, 2013

It appears that communal leaders have attempted to cover up the alleged rape of a girl in the haredi city.

Police are investigating the alleged rape two weeks ago of a five-year-old girl in the haredi settlement of Modi’in Illit.

It is believed that the girl was on her way to kindergarten when a haredi youth grabbed her and took her to an unknown location close by, possibly a storage room or an empty community building, where he raped and abused her. He then released the girl, who arrived at her kindergarten bruised and injured.

The kindergarten teachers contacted the girl’s parents to tell them to pick her up.

She was subsequently taken to the hospital.

It appears that community leaders have been attempting to cover up the incident and are pressuring people not to cooperate with the investigation. Neither the parents nor anyone else involved reported it, and residents are reluctant to speak to the police or media.

Army Radio, which first reported the allegations, said police were finally contacted last Friday via an anonymous text message.

Investigators went to the hospital where the child was said to have been treated.

They have been unable to see the girl due to objections by the family.

Police officers from the Judea and Samaria District also went to the kindergarten in question, but no one there was prepared to cooperate.

A Modi’in Illit resident whose child attends the same kindergarten said on Channel 2 that management was involved in the cover-up, specifically accusing the director of the kindergarten association.

In child rape case, police battle to break a community's silence
 By Efrat Forsher 
Israel Haymon - January 6, 2013
If walls could talk: Modiin Illit on Tuesday. | Photo credit: Yossi Zeliger
Police determine 5-year-old girl from haredi town of Modiin Illit was in fact raped on way to pre-school, but nobody in the community is prepared to divulge victim's name or family members' identities • Police fear parents will refuse investigation.

Police have identified the preschool teacher who first treated a five-year-old Modiin Illit girl that was apparently raped a little over two weeks ago in a crime that was kept secret by the staunchly ultra-Orthodox community.

The victim and her family have yet to be identified, but police are certain that the incident in fact took place, despite insinuations by some in the community that the entire incident is fictitious.

Police investigators questioned the preschool teacher under caution, after she refused to cooperate with the investigation, and claimed she took an oath of silence to certain rabbis in the city.

"I called her parents, told them to get to the kindergarten and recommended that they take her to the hospital for medical treatment," the teacher told investigators.

Judea and Samaria Police District Commander Brigadier-General Kobi Cohen transferred the case on Tuesday to youth squad investigators in the district's central unit after deciding that the evidence pointed to an actual rape case.

Rumors of the event, which happened on Sunday two weeks ago, spread throughout the haredi settlement of Modiin Illit and eventually found its way to police. According to police information, the 5-year-old girl was sexually assaulted on her way to kindergarten. When her assailant finished with her, he released the girl and she apparently found her way to her kindergarten marred with bruises and lacerations. Police were informed that the girl required stitches for her wounds and was taken for medical treatment at a hospital in central Israel.

Police began to investigate but have hitherto failed to identify the victim or her family. Investigators claimed that many of Modiin Illit's denizens, including educators and welfare employees, are keeping their lips sealed about the ostensible rape. Rabbis in the haredi settlement, located just beyond the Green Line northeast of the city of Modiin, apparently dissuaded the town's inhabitants from leaking information to police out of concern that the crime could damage the community and family's reputation.

Investigators are hoping to persuade the teacher who first treated the girl following the assault to abandon her oath of silence and identify the victim and her family members.

Still, police fear that if they identify the family, then the victim's parents may refuse to allow an investigation of their child and the attacker will remain at large.


Identity of 5-year-old rape victim hidden by vow
By Aaron Kalman
The Times of Israel - February 6, 2013 

A  5-year-old girl was reportedly raped in the ultra-Orthodox city of Modiin Illit, but the kindergarten supervisor who found and cared for the child refused to cooperate with the police, having taken a religious vow not to expose her identity.

Police sources said it wasn’t the first time members of the tightly knit community preferred to not air their dirty laundry in public, but instead deal with it using their own methods, Army Radio reported on Wednesday.

Seven people, all officials in the city’s welfare and education departments, were questioned under oath by the police for possible leads in the case. Investigators also talked to rabbis in the community.

Word of the incident reached the Israel Police after it circulated as a rumor within the ultra-Orthodox community, although no official complaint was filed. Reports differed as to whether the alleged rape had taken place in an abandoned synagogue or the perpetrator’s apartment.

The supervisor was considered the key witness to a breakthrough in the case. She found the girl after the incident, took her home, recommended that her parents take her to a private medical clinic for a checkup and called the local welfare officials to deal with the family.

“We have a problem getting people to testify,” an unnamed police source told Yedioth Ahronoth. The hospital couldn’t provide any information without parental consent because the girl was under 18, but the police didn’t know who the parents were and thus couldn’t find out the identity of the girl.

“We’re dealing with it in our way,” a resident of Modiin was quoted as saying. It was unnecessary for the police “to investigate little girls about non-modest issues,” he said. Even if such stories don’t make the headlines in the press, the matter would be dealt with, he said, “quietly, without a field trial on television.”


Kindergarten supervisor: I made up Modi'in Illit rape 
Jerusalem Post - February 6, 2013

The kindergarten supervisor in Modi’in Illit, who filed a complaint with the police on the alleged rape of a 5-year-old girl by a haredi man, told Channel 2 on Wednesday that she made up the story.

"I blew it out of proportion and made up a story that, in essence, specifically in that place, did not happen," she told Channel 2 while sitting in the dark with her voice distorted to maintain her anonymity.

She went on to say that she did not feel the city treated cases of rape properly and that filing this complaint was her way of "crying out for the children" who can't. "I didn't think it would reach this level [of attention]. I wanted to shock the system," she added.

When asked why she did not tell the truth to police investigators, she explained that she was "very confused. I didn't know what to say. I feared for my life."

The supervisor told Channel 2 that she is a rape victim as well, and that when she was attacked at 16-years-old, she did not receive the proper treatment.


Woman withdraws complaint about girl's rape
By Itamar Fleishman
YNET News - February 6, 2013 

Police continue to investigate reports of five-year-old rape in Modiin Illit even though woman who filed original complaint has withdrawn it.

Several days after the police opened an investigation into an alleged rape of a five-year-old girl in Modiin Illit, the woman who filed the complaint has withdrawn it.

Nevertheless, the police have not suspended the investigation despite admitting that there are doubts as to whether a rape had indeed taken place.

On Monday, the police confirmed it was investigating suspicions that a girl at the age of five was raped by a man in the haredi settlement of Modiin Illit. The probe was launched following reports of medical treatment the girl had undergone.

The local haredi medical facility refused to cooperate with the investigation as did other residents who were reportedly instructed to keep mum. Neither the child nor the suspect have been located as of yet.

Rumor of the incident started spreading in the town last weekend, and according to residents, an anonymous complaint was filed with the police Friday.

Police questioned several residents who were warned they would be charged with obstruction of justice if they fail to cooperate.

According to the few details investigators have managed to gather, it is suspected that sometime in the past two weeks a man approached a five-year-old girl he saw on the street, took her to a warehouse at a nearby synagogue where he abused her for two hours.

Police said: "The investigation is rigorous, but we're running into walls of silence from everyone. We're utilizing all the resources we have in order to trace all those involved. I hope we can do so soon."


From gossip to concealment  

By Yehuda Shlezinger
Israel Hayom - February 7, 2013

The Modiin Illit affair, which did or did not happen, stands at the intersection of two common phenomena among the haredi public. The first is the phenomenon of "mikveh nayes," or "news from the ritual bath." This is a term for cheap gossip, the spread of fact and rumor from ear to ear till it gets blown out of all proportion.

These are shards of information that in the best case have some foundation in fact and in the worst case are distortions and nonsense.

This most recent affair started with mikveh nayes in its contemporary form, a bunch of text messages that reached the WhatsApp application, where a single message blew up into a huge affair that became the talk of the town and even headlined a news broadcast.

A second, more disturbing phenomenon is the attitude in the haredi community toward sensitive topics like pedophilia, rape and sexual harassment. In recent years, the haredi public has experienced a transformation around these issues. Hotlines and organizations have been set up to deal with such cases, there is greater willingness to involve the police, and one well-known haredi web site has made it its highly visible special mission to uproot this terrible affliction. 

But there are still marginal and extreme groups that prefer to deal with such issues behind closed doors. These groups have practiced concealment for many years, and they are the ones who create the impression in the general public that it is common for haredim to cover up such matters. 

Kobi Rosenstein, a well-known figure in the haredi world and in Modiin Illit, has been wandering around for a week feeling restless and shaken. "This is the worst blood libel against haredim in decades. Our name is being dragged through the mud for no reason," he shouts at anyone who will stop to listen. "We are being smeared, and it is our own fault." 

Rosenstein is right. The haredi public has suffered immeasurable damage in the last week. While the media, police and other groups have to do some soul searching as to how a fabrication could turn into such an overblown affair, the haredi public also has to think about these two negative phenomena turned into what they are calling a "blood libel circa 2013.


Key witness in Modiin Illit rape case: 'I made it up'
By Efrat Forsher and Hadas Shtaif 
Israel Haymon - February 7, 2013

The preschool superintendent tells police she had made up the story that a 5-year-old had been raped • In an interview with Channel 2 news she said she wanted to shake up the system so that it paid greater attention to incidents of child rape.


Police continue investigation of Modi'in Illit rape
By Ben Hartman and Melanie Lidman
Jerusalem Post - February 7, 2013 

Despite the main complainant's claims she made up rape of 5-year-old girl, police say investigation remains ongoing.

An investigation into a child rape allegation in the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) town of Modi’in Illit is still under way despite the main complainant having withdrawn her allegations in a television interview on Wednesday.

The kindergarten supervisor who made the complaint to police last week told Channel 2 that she had made up the story, saying, “I blew it out of proportion and made up a story that, in essence, specifically in that place, did not happen.”

 With her voice and face obscured, the woman said that she had made the false complaint because the city did not treat rape complaints properly, and that her act was her way of “shocking the system” so the city would begin to look into such cases.


An official with the Judea and Samaria Police told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday that the interview had had no effect on the investigation, which was still open.

Police were still interviewing community leaders, local residents and religious officials, the official said, but so far had not been able to find the suspect or the five-year-old girl who was allegedly raped in the incident.

The official added that the supervisor was still the key to the entire case, because she was the one who had purportedly treated the girl after the incident and made the initial complaint. She was called in for questioning on Thursday after the Channel 2 interview, but did not appear, sending her attorney to tell police she was not feeling well.

According to the official, police are familiar with the sensitivity of such cases for the haredi community and have taken such issues into consideration.

Once the case went public on Tuesday, media reports presented it as a sort of cover-up, in that the complaint was made to police only about two weeks after the girl first reported it to the educator. Judea and Samaria Police said they had only begun their initial investigation after a reporter asked them about the case.

Also on Thursday, Jerusalem District Police announced the Wednesday arrest of a man accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl from the country’s Center who had been staying in Jerusalem.
Police said the man had been undergoing therapy for the issue, paid for by the haredi community to discourage victims’ families from complaining to police.


Threats to the life of Myrtle Taipei: "I will reveal other stories"By Ilan Kfrov
Mako - February 7, 2013
(Translated to English using Google - Original Hebrew below)

Hadas Taipei, police reporter Army Radio on Tuesday unveiled the suspicion that the five-year-old girl was the victim of rape orthodox Modiin Illit settlement. Following exposure Taipei itself has become a target threats and curses. "I'm just a victim of their guilt," she says "I'm not afraid. New information comes to me all the time and if it is verified publish it "
Not afraid. Hadas Shtaif

Storm of Modi'in Illit rape case refuses to fall out of the headlines. Now it turns out angry reactions in the haredi sector published case became a personal attack against a police reporter of radio stations, Hadas Taipei, revealing it for the first time. Since Tuesday's Facebook page has become a target for dozens Taipei abusive comments and accusations. "I am the victim of their guilt," says Tape an interview with mako culture.Recall, first released in Taipei on Army Radio that the police investigation was opened on suspicion of rape a girl of five Orthodox community. Investigation was launched after an anonymous investigators reached the Judea and Samaria district, despite the fact that a formal complaint had never been filed on and police have not yet succeeded to the child, transferred for treatment at a private hospital in Bnei Brak. claims of senior rabbis tape and tried to silence the local community in any way the affair, until she initiated the police and handed her her version of City Parks Commissioner, who agreed to speak with her."The sad thing is that the story came to me from the mouth of the foremost authority on the city," explains Taipei, "Commissioner of Parks is a person who lives in this phenomenon and know the people involved and the children. Was it reported to the Ministry of Social Affairs, with all its members directors gardens beside her, on the case. is it explained what she saw and wanted to take care of. now firm denies receiving the referral. inquiry opened at all because it's anonymous tip Orthodox letter, so what do they want from me? Overall I turned my source of information after the case has been tested. "
Haredi argue that unfounded accusations

Newspapers and major websites community member a personal attack launched against Taipei. Site "in the anxious" argued journalist visited the work of the tape and determined that the allegations were groundless. Taipei itself does not feel threatened: "I'm not afraid. Done the job by the book and I'm proud. Story is already three days on the public agenda, and the orthodox community themselves do not deny that these cases. They just want to take care of it themselves, quietly" .Following the publication of the case and the echoes created by the ultra-Orthodox community, claims Taipei that is flooded with numerous new applications and information related to other sexual abuse cases. "Every story that comes to me, and get a lot, checked well. Everything validated will be published, will be much more Foloaim this. Important to note that I get a lot of encouragement to the religious community that encourage and congratulate me on the affair, the phone just did not stop ringing."


איומים על חייה של הדס שטייף: "אחשוף סיפורים נוספים"

הדס שטייף, כתבת המשטרה של גלי צה"ל, חשפה ביום שלישי האחרון את החשד כי ילדה בת חמש נפלה קורבן לאונס בישוב החרדי מודיעין עילית. בעקבות החשיפה הפכה שטייף בעצמה מטרה לאיומים ונאצות. "אני בסך הכל הקורבן לרגשות האשמה שלהם", היא טוענת, "אני לא מפחדת. מגיע אלי מידע חדש כל הזמן ואם הוא יאומת אפרסם אותו"

אילן קפרוב | mako | פורסם 07/02/13 16:47:00
הדס שטייף
לא חוששת. הדס שטייף
סערת פרשת האונס במודיעין עילית מסרבת לרדת מהכותרות. כעת מסתבר שהתגובות הזועמות במגזר החרדי לפרסום המקרה הפכו למתקפה אישית כנגד כתבת המשטרה של גלי צה"ל, הדס שטייף, שחשפה אותה לראשונה. מאז יום שלישי הפך דף הפייסבוק של שטייף מטרה לעשרות תגובות נאצה והאשמות. "אני הקרבן לרגשות האשמה שלהם", מספרת שטייף בראיון ל-mako תרבות.
כזכור, שטייף פרסמה לראשונה בגלי צה"ל כי חקירת משטרה נפתחה בעניין חשד לאונס ילדה בת חמש ביישוב החרדי. החקירה נפתחה לאחר שמידע אנונימי הגיע לידי חוקרי מחוז שומרון ויהודה, על אף העובדה שתלונה רשמית בנושא מעולם לא הוגשה והמשטרה טרם הצליחה לאתר את הילדה, שהועברה לטיפול בבית חולים פרטי בבני ברק. לטענתה של שטייף הרבנים הבכירים והקהילה המקומית ניסתה להשתיק בכל דרך את הפרשה, עד שפנתה ביוזמתה למשטרה ומסרה לה את גרסתה של המפקחת על הגנים בעיר, שהסכימה לדבר עימה.
"הדבר העצוב הוא שהסיפור הגיע אלי מפיה של הסמכות הגדולה ביותר בנושא בעיר", מסבירה שטייף, "המפקחת על הגנים היא אדם שחי את התופעה הזאת ומכיר את הנפשות הפועלות והילדים. היא זאת שדיווחה למשרד הרווחה, כשכל חבריה מנהליה הגנים לצידה, על המקרה. היא זאת שהסבירה מה שראתה וביקשה לטפל. עכשיו המשרד מכחיש שקיבל את הפנייה. החקירה נפתחה בכלל בגלל טיפ אנונימי שהגיע מכתב חרדי, אז מה רוצים ממני? בסך הכל הפניתי מקור מידע נוסף אחרי שהמקרה כבר נבדק".
בחברה החרדית טוענים שמדובר בהאשמות חסרות בסיס
צילום׃  חדשות 2
העיתונים ואתרי האינטרנט הגדולים בעדה החרדית פתחו במתקפה אישית כנגד שטייף. באתר "בחדרי חרדים" נטען ביקרו את עבודתה העיתונאית של שטייף וקבעו שמדובר בהאשמות חסרות בסיס. שטייף עצמה לא מרגישה מאויימת: "אני לא מפחדת. עשיתי את העבודה לפי הספר ואני גאה. הסיפור הזה נמצא כבר שלושה ימים על סדר היום הציבורי, ואנשי העדה החרדית בעצמם אינם מכחישים את דבר המקרים האלה. הם פשוט רוצים לטפל בזה בעצמם, בשקט".
בעקבות פרסום הפרשה וההדים שיצרה בקרב הקהילה החרדית, טוענת שטייף כי היא מוצפת באינספור פניות חדשות ומידע שנוגע למקרים ניצול מיני נוספים. "כל סיפור שמגיע אלי, ומגיעים המון, ייבדק היטב. כל מה שיאומת ייצא לאור, יהיו עוד הרבה פולואים לעניין הזה. חשוב לציין שאני מקבלת המון חיזוקים מהציבור החרדי שמעודדים ומברכים אותי על חשיפת הפרשה, הטלפון פשוט לא מפסיק לצלצל".


Death Threats on Reporter over Sexual Harassment Story
Israel National News - February 8, 2013

Crime reporter Hadas Shtaif of Israel Defense Forces Radio has received dozens of abusive messages and threats on her life in the last few days, following her uncovering of a story about a five-year-old girl who has been harassed in Modi'in Ilit, where city leaders are protecting the suspect and preventing the police from investigating. Steif said she has also received messages of support from residents of Modi'in Ilit, Bnei Brak and El'ad.

Steif posted a message on her Facebook page, Thursday, calling on readers to send her criminal items. She said she would pass them on to police without naming names.


Exposes alleged rape case, Hadas Taipei: "They call me a Nazi. Received threats"
By David Abraham
Walla - February 7, 2013(Translated to English Using Google - Original Hebrew article below)

 Army Radio's police reporter, "ultra-Orthodox say I Hmalilo of 2013." The "orthodox rooms": "What we have is a pile of rumors authentication illustrate well the situation of the press in Israel"

Police reporter Hadas Army Radio Taipei made headlines the alleged suspicion of rape a girl of five Modi'in Illit is under a torrent of vituperation since yesterday when Channel 2 warrants issued Moshe Nussbaum and Guy Peleg interview with the source of the tape, the hub genes in the city, claiming that lied to the media and the police. treat with skepticism police interview and suspect that he got advice or under threat of haredi community officials and attorneys, but Taipei's advertising encouraged the ire of many who blame her since the publication of the entire public slander.Tape released two days ago, Army Radio that the police investigating suspected rape of a five year old girl was brought to hospital in Bnei Brak, where he refused to cooperate with investigators. Suspicion is that the girl was brought to a private hospital in Bnei Brak, where he refused to give the police information about the family. Taipei told of a conspiracy of silence around the case teaching senior rabbis in cooperation with the local education system. affair caused a storm and a public debate about sexual assaults in Haredi society."Although my job is not bothered to verify that the case really happened"Walla! Brnz'h Taipei says that the hate messages on Facebook and Info received threatening phone calls she receives - it maintains, and the complainants is turning to complain against the police. "This campaign crossed the ultra-Orthodox sector in two: those who ring me to support me and tell me that at last we took things to the light and on the other those who really do not like it," she says. "They call me a Nazi, liar, ultra-Orthodox say I 'Hmalilo of 2013.Site "in the anxious" sharply attacked the publication Taipei. "Although my job is not bothered to verify that the incident had happened, or to find data on the percentage of non-reporting to the police for sexual crimes in the Haredi sector, all we got is a pile of rumors, authentication, probably Sbootsaf it sounds a lot better," wrote Meyer Lebanon. "So even though it is certainly possible that the rabbis hide or protect or even eat matzos with the blood of Christian children journalistic work is not, and has given stage media are professional bankruptcy illustrates the state of journalism in Israel."Taipei is not ruffled by the criticism. "I have had in my life hostility large, even by members of the media, in other sectors such as the Arab sector. I say I sleep well at night and me nothing to try to intimidate.'m Proud of it I was able to go on the public agenda appalling stories were secret and dark, and came to me similar stories More ".


חושפת פרשת האונס לכאורה, הדס שטייף: "קוראים לי נאצית. קיבלתי איומים"
מאת: דוד אברהם, מערכת וואלה!

כתבת המשטרה של גל"צ: ”במגזר החרדי אומרים שאני המעלילה של שנת 2013". אתר ”חדרי חרדים”: ”מה שקיבלנו זה ערמת שמועות חסרות אימות שממחישות טוב את מצב העיתונות בישראל"

שומרת את הודעות הנאצה. שטייף (צילום: בוצ'צ'ו)
שומרת את הודעות הנאצה. שטייף (צילום: בוצ'צ'ו)
כתבת המשטרה של גלי צה"ל הדס שטייף שהעלתה לכותרות את החשד לכאורה של אונס ילדה בת חמש במודיעין עילית נמצאת תחת מבול של נאצות מאז אתמול, כאשר פרסמו כתבי ערוץ 2 משה נוסבאום וגיא פלג ראיון עם המקור של שטייף, רכזת הגנים בעיר, שטענה כי שיקרה לתקשורת ולמשטרה. במשטרה מתייחסים בספקנות לראיון וחושדים כי הוא נעשה בעצת או תחת איומים של בכירים בקהילה החרדית ועורכי דינה, אולם הפרסום של שטייף עודד את זעמם של רבים שמאשימים אותה מאז בהוצאת דיבתו של ציבור שלם.
לפני יומיים פרסמה שטייף בגלי צה"ל כי המשטרה חוקרת חשד לאונס של ילדה בת חמש שהובאה לבית חולים בבני ברק, שם סרבו לשתף פעולה עם החוקרים. החשד הוא כי הילדה הובאה לבית חולים פרטי בבני ברק, ושם סירבו לתת למשטרה פרטים על המשפחה. שטייף סיפרה על קשר של שתיקה סביב המקרה בהוראת הרבנים הבכירים ובשיתוף מערכת החינוך המקומית. הפרשה עוררה סערה ודיון ציבורי בנושא תקיפות מיניות בתוך החברה החרדית.

"למרות תפקידה העיתונאי היא לא טרחה לאמת כי המקרה אכן אירע"

בשיחה עם וואלה! ברנז'ה אומרת שטייף כי את הודעות הנאצה שקיבלה בפייסבוק ופרטי שיחות טלפון מאיימות שהיא מקבלת – היא שומרת, ואת המתלוננים היא מפנה להתלונן נגדה במשטרה. "הפרסום הזה חצה את המגזר החרדי לשניים: כאלה שמצלצלים אלי כדי לתמוך בי ואומרים לי שסוף סוף הוצאנו דברים אל האור ומצד שני כאלה שמאוד לא אוהבים את זה", היא אומרת. "הם קוראים לי נאצית, שקרנית, במגזר החרדי אומרים שאני 'המעלילה של שנת 2013'.
באתר "בחדרי חרדים" תקפו את שטייף בחריפות על הפרסום. "למרות תפקידה העיתונאי היא לא טרחה לאמת כי המקרה אכן אירע, או למצוא נתונים על אחוזי אי הדיווח למשטרה על פשעי מין במגזר החרדי, כל מה שקיבלנו זה ערמת שמועות חסרות אימות, כנראה שבווטסאפ זה נשמע הרבה יותר טוב", כתב שם מאיר לבנון. "אז למרות שיתכן בהחלט כי הרבנים מסתירים או מגוננים או אפילו אוכלים מצות עם דם ילדים נוצרים, עבודה עיתונאית זו לא, והבמה שנותנים לה כלי התקשורת הם פשיטת רגל מקצועית שממחישה את מצב העיתונאות בישראל".
שטייף לא מתרגשת מהביקורת. "כבר נתקלתי בימי חיי בעוינות גדולה, גם מצד חברי לתקשורת, גם במגזרים אחרים כמו במגזר הערבי. אני אומרת שאני ישנה טוב בלילה ושאותי אין מה לנסות להפחיד. אני גאה בזה שהצלחתי לעלות לסדר היום הציבורי סיפורים קשים שהיו במסתרים ובמחשכים, והגיעו אלי סיפורים דומים נוספים".


Police close child rape probe in Modi’in Illit
The Jerusalem Post - February 28, 2013
By Ben Hartman

Judea and Samaria district police announce case closed after reaching conclusion that original complainant gave false testimony.

Police closed a child rape investigation in Modi’in Illit that ignited a media storm, after reaching the conclusion that the original complainant gave false testimony, Judea and Samaria district police announced on Sunday.

The complainant, a kindergarten supervisor in the haredi city, had already recanted her testimony on at least one occasion, casting doubt on whether or not the alleged rape of a 5-year-old local girl took place.

District spokesman Dudi Ashraf said police are weighing the possibility of pursuing criminal charges against the complainant.

A week and a half ago, the supervisor told Channel 2 that she made the story up, saying she did so because she doesn’t feel that police take sexual abuse complaints in the community seriously enough.

Until Sunday, police had questioned a large number of local residents and communal leaders, and the story had ignited a public debate about allegations that sexual abuse complaints are hushed up in the haredi community.


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