Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's more important? Protecting innocent children and adults, or the images of our community leaders?

© (2011) by Vicki Polin

This is one my all time favorite songs.  I hate to tell you how many time it plays in my head, especially when working with the establishment in the orthodox world when trying to help Jewish survivors of sexual abuse/assault. 

The game playing sickens me so much. Why is it that so many rabbis connected to bet dins (Jewish religious courts), believe that orthodox children do not deserve the same rights and protections as non-orthodox children?

The only way things will change is when the vast number orthodox rabbis care more about child and adult survivors then they do about their own images and assets.  I hate to say it, yet as long as communities give away their own personal power various rabbis will continue to play havoc on so many peoples lives.

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