Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Case of Itai Snapir

Case of Itai Snapir
Jerusalem, Israel
Arrested on charges of distribution of child pornography over the internet.  The film included the sexual assault of three-year-old children.

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  1. Rape of toddlers shown on porn site (11/27/2002)
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Rape of toddlers shown on porn site
By Baruch Kra
Ha'aretz - November 27, 2002

The child pornography distributed over the Internet, allegedly by four Israelis arrested for this crime on Monday, included films of three-year-old children being raped, according to the police. 
  The police added that one of the four suspects, Yoav Biran, 25, of Jerusalem, is suspected of performing indecent acts on children himself in order to make the videos that he then sold over the Internet. Biran is also under investigation for drug dealing. 

According to police, the suspects - the first ever to be arrested for "online pedophilia" in Israel - earned hefty profits by posting pedophile footage they either purchased or made themselves in an Internet archive that required users to pay to have access. 

All four suspects will be brought for a remand hearing today. In addition to Biran, they include Itai Snapir, 25, of Tel Aviv and Rafael Kaplanovksy, 23, of Jerusalem. A gag order has been imposed on the fourth man's name.
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