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Case of Adam Theodore Rubin

Case of Adam Theodore Rubin
(AKA: Adam Rubin, Adam T. Rubin)
Teacher, Coach and Girl Scout Coordinator - Baltimore, MD
South River High School - Edgewater, MD
Arnold, MD 

Adam Rubin, of Arnold, MD was a coach at Beth Tfiloh School in Pikesville and a Girl Scout Coordinator.  Rubin is accused of writing sexually explicit e-mails to a 13-year-old girl who goes there. Baltimore County police posed as the teen on-line and arranged to meet Rubin Wednesday night at Greenspring Shopping Center. That's where he was arrested. Rubin is charged with several sex offenses, including soliciting sex from a minor.

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  1. Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services - Sex Offender Registry
  2. Coach Arrested For Allegedly Soliciting Sex Over Net  (11/21/2002)
  3. Former Teacher Arrested for Sexual Misconduct (11/21/2002)
  4. Track coach charged with soliciting sex on Internet (11/22/2002)
  5. Second Arnold man faces Internet sex charges  (11/23/2002)
  6. Soliciting sex?  (11/24/2002)
  7. Baltimore County coach and Girl Scouts counselor is being charged with soliciting sex from a minor (11/24/2002)
  8. Schools Try To Prep For Sexual Abuse  (12/06/2002)

  1. Department of Justice: National Sex Offender Registry  (07/22/2005)

  1.  Department of Justice: National Sex Offender Registry  (01/07/2013)


Convicted Sex Offender- Adam Rubin (2002)
Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
Sex Offender Registry


Coach Arrested For Allegedly Soliciting Sex Over Net Suspect Was Also Girl Scouts Counselor
Larry Frum, Jr., Staff Writer
The WBal Channel - November 21, 2002
PIKESVILLE, Md. -- Baltimore County police say a coach and Girl Scouts counselor has been arrested and charged with solicitation for sex after allegedly conducting sexual online conversations with a 13-year-old girl.
Greenspring Shopping Center
Police spokesman Bill Toohey says Adam Rubin, 30, of Arnold, Md., was arrested Wednesday night at the Greenspring Shopping Center after police established a meeting with the suspect with the help of the victim. Toohey says Rubin was a coach at Beth Tfiloh School in Pikesville.

Rubin was released on bond and still faces three charges of trying to solicit sex from a minor.

Toohey says Rubin allegedly had a sexually oriented conversation with a 13-year-old student from the school and the girl told school officials. School administrators alerted police and a meeting was arranged where authorities could make an arrest.

"Several girls came to the school administrators and they said that, for some time, Mr. Rubin had been chatting with them online in ways they thought were inappropriate, so they went to the school officials and the school officials came to the police," Toohey said.

Rubin allegedly wrote the following messages to the girl over the Internet.

"Because u are an attractive 13-year-old girl and I'm a 30-year-old guy ... with the amount of sexual info we know about each other and the amount we talk about it, well it, it just is not right that u turn me on."

Police told WBAL-TV 11NEWS the conversation then turned to solicitation.

"Well maybe some night when it is dark we should meet up if you want."

The girl responded: "What are we going to do then?"

That's when police detectives took over the conversation and arranged to meet at the Greenspring Shopping Center.

"It was agreed that they would meet ... at 5:30. Mr. Rubin arrived at 5:30 [and] he was not greeted by a 13-year-old girl [as] he expected -- he was greeted by detectives," Toohey said.

Rubin has been charged with attempted third-degree sex offense and attempted fourth-degree sex offense.

According to the school Web site, Rubin was returning as the girl's cross country team for his second year and also served as the Middle School softball team coach in 2002. The site said he previously coached the girl's and boy's varsity cross country teams at South River High School in Anne Arundel County for four years.

The Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Web site lists Adam Rubin as a program specialist -- responsible for planning and promotion of outdoor programs, summer resident camp and administration of the Property Department functions.

Former Teacher Arrested for Sexual Misconduct

The Associated Press - November 21, 2002

A former Pikesville private school teacher is arrested for sexual misconduct with a female student. 30-year-old Adam Rubin of Arnold was a coach at the Beth Tfiloh School. He is accused of writing sexually explicit e-mails to a 13-year-old girl who goes there. Baltimore County police posed as the teen on-line and arranged to meet Rubin Wednesday night at Greenspring Shopping Center. That's where he was arrested. Rubin is charged with several sex offenses, including soliciting sex from a minor.


Track coach charged with soliciting sex on Internet - He is accused of arranging to meet female pupil, 13
By Laura Barnhardt and Linda Linley - November 22, 2002

Beth Tfiloh Community School
A 30-year-old man who coached the cross country team at a Baltimore County private school and worked full time for the Girl Scouts has been charged with soliciting sex on the Internet from a 13-year-old female pupil at the school, police said yesterday.

Adam Theodore Rubin of Arnold, a coach and former teacher at Beth Tfiloh Community School who also worked as an outdoor program coordinator for the Baltimore office of the Girl Scouts of America, was charged with several sexual offenses, including engaging in child pornography on a computer. He posted a $10,000 bond and was released from the Garrison precinct yesterday.

He is accused of arranging to meet the girl, whom he once taught at Beth Tfiloh, at Greenspring Shopping Center on Wednesday night. Instead, he was confronted by county vice detectives who had been following him all day and had posed as the girl in conversations on the Internet.

Rubin has been suspended from his job with the Girl Scouts and has been fired from his position as a coach for the Pikesville school, which also has a campus in Glyndon.

A woman who answered the phone at Rubin's home in Arnold yesterday said they had no comment about the allegations.

A spokeswoman for Beth Tfiloh Community School, Joan Feldman, said, "We are concerned for our students."

In a prepared statement, school officials said, "Beth Tfiloh has taken an aggressive and proactive stance in this matter to avoid repeat offenses. Beth Tfiloh continues to provide support for teachers, parents and students who have been affected by their involvement."

Girl Scout officials declined to say how long Rubin has worked for the organization. However, Cassandra Champion, a spokeswoman, said he passed a comprehensive background check before being hired. She said he would remain suspended from his job until the investigation was completed.

"Our primary concern is the health and safety of the girls we serve," Champion said. "Authorities have assured us that none of our members have been involved in any way."

Several female Beth Tfiloh pupils, ages 12 and 13, told a staff member at the school last week that they had been exchanging e-mails with Rubin and that his messages had become sexual in nature, police said.

The school contacted Baltimore County police who subpoenaed the coach's America Online account information, according to charging documents.

Police interviewed one of the girls who had been corresponding with Rubin since he left Beth Tfiloh as a teacher about a year ago, the court records show. The girl told police that their conversations had turned more sexual at the beginning of this school year, police said.

With the permission of the girl's parents, detectives began Monday having conversations with Rubin on the Internet using the girl's account, according to the charging documents. The e-mail messages quickly turned sexual, with Rubin explicitly describing how he wanted to sexually interact with the girl, police said. The next night, he expressed concern about what would happen to him if he was caught having sex with a minor, according to the charging documents.

A meeting to consummate the online relationship was scheduled, the documents said. Rubin told the girl to wear something "comfy" but that he liked "tight miniskirts" and "midriff tops," the documents said.

Police arrested Rubin in a sport utility vehicle near the atrium of the Pikesville shopping center. According to the charging documents, Rubin told police he had received as many as 30 pictures on the Internet from underage girls either nude or in a state of arousal and that he thought he had a "problem -- an addiction to the Internet, talking to young girls on it."
Second Arnold man faces Internet sex charges

By Mike Unger, Staff Writer
Hometown Annapolis - November 23, 2003

A second Arnold man in two days has been arrested after allegedly using the Internet to arrange a sexual tryst with a minor.

Michael A. Kelly, of the 900 block of Rock Dove Court, was arrested Thursday after police said he arrived at the prearranged site to meet the minor, but was met by officers instead.

He was charged with using a computer to solicit sex with a minor, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Adam T. Rubin, a former South River High School cross-country coach, was charged Wednesday with attempted third- and fourth-degree sex offenses and engaging in child pornography on a computer.

The two cases are not related.

Mr. Kelly was arrested after he drove to Westminster to engage in sex with a person he met on the Internet who he believed was a minor, state police said.

The investigation began Wednesday when a Carroll County sheriff's deputy, a member of the Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, posed as a minor on an Internet chat room.

Mr. Kelly then allegedly contacted the undercover officer and made an unsolicited offer to engage in sexual activity.

Mr. Kelly was arrested the next day near the meeting site, they said.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers searched his house and found suspected cocaine and related paraphernalia. Mr. Kelly was being held yesterday at the Jennifer Road Detention Center on $25,000 bail.
Soliciting sex?
Fox News - Baltimore - November 24, 2002

A coach at a Baltimore County school faces serious charges after being accused of soliciting sex from a 13-year-old girl. Adam Rubin is a popular cross-country coach at Beth T'filoh School and he also works as a girl scout's counselor in Baltimore, but it's what police say he did with a student here that has him in trouble.

Investigators say Adam Rubin, a popular coach at Beth T'filoh, first made contact with the girl at the school, then used the Internet for conversations. According to charging documents, Rubin, whose screen name was Rubesx2, expressed his desire for the girl in one message stating, "u are an attractive 13 yr old girl and I am a 30 yr old guy! u turn me on." Police say there were more conversations like this before the girl alerted police.

Bill Toohey / Baltimore Co. Police Dept.: "We were actually called by school officials. Some girls had come to them saying that Mr. Rubin had been talking to them on-line and the conversations got more and more inappropriate more and more sexual in content. The girls then went to the school and the school called the police."

Police say Rubin wanted to meet the girl at the Greenspring Shopping Center. He arranged it by e-mail, not knowing the girl was working with investigators. They asked: "What will u be drivin so I can look 4 U?" A "silver SUV," he said. The meeting was set for Wednesday. Investigators say they started watching Rubin at his home earlier that day. Detectives followed him to work. When he got off, he led police to the Greenspring Shopping Center. When Rubin pulled up, police grabbed him.

Bill Toohey / Baltimore Co. Police Dept.: "He got there expecting to meet a 13-year-old girl and instead was greeted by a group of detectives."

Police arrested Rubin for one charge, but investigators say the investigation continues.

Bill Toohey / Baltimore Co. Police Dept.: "We'd like to know if there's anyone else out there with whom he's had contact on line who would contact the Baltimore County Police Department, because there may be others out there that he has spoken to and maybe even met."

Rubin was arrested, but he posted a $10,000 bond. He's at home waiting for his day in court.

Schools Try To Prep For Sexual Abuse
by Deborah Walike Special to the Jewish Times
Baltimore Jewish Times - December 6, 2002

Victoria Polin says she wishes there was some kind of award she could bestow upon Beth Tfiloh Community School.

An alleged sexual predator was stopped Nov. 21 when the Jewish day school in Pikesville alerted authorities about Adam Theodore Rubin, a former teacher and coach who was arrested and charged with soliciting sex on the Internet from a 13-year-old female Beth Tfiloh student.

Ms. Polin says she wants local Jews to study and discuss the case over and over again.

"Right now, because Beth Tfiloh had an incident, it's an ideal time to get in," said Ms. Polin, who is developing an international Jewish organization to combat childhood sexual abuse and support survivors. "It is the time to teach kids about 'good touch, bad touch,' and we should honor those girls who came forward to tell the authorities. Now, what you should do is grow with it. It happened and the community should say, 'We won't let it happen ever again.'"

An Upper Park Heights resident, Ms. Polin has professional experiences with such cases as rape, incest, sexual abuse and domestic violence. Besides being an art therapist, she is a licensed clinical professional counselor recognized by the state of Illinois who is working on her Maryland licensure. Ms. Polin said that attention to reports of possible sexual improprieties is a rare occurrence. In the alleged sex abuse by Mr. Rubin, Ms. Polin said Beth Tfiloh's staff did all of the right things. They believed the child's story, listened to her parents and called the police.

But normally, Ms. Polin said, possible child sexual abuse goes unnoticed for a variety of reasons.

Schools, agencies and child care facilities are reluctant to report their suspicions because of liability in possibly falsely accusing an innocent individual. Many administrators, she said, are more concerned with the reputation of their facility and will "hush-up" a problem. Most importantly, Ms. Polin feels that almost all organizations suffer from a lack of basic education on the signs of sexual abuse and how to deal with it.

Since Ms. Polin has only been in Baltimore for a year, she said she does not know if any local Jewish facilities have training for recognizing, reporting and providing therapy for sexual abuse survivors. For this article, the Baltimore Jewish Times interviewed administrators from Beth Tfiloh Community School, the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore, Hillel of Greater Baltimore, the Beth El Pauline Mash Early Childhood Education Center and Bais Yaakov School for Girls.

Among them, only Beth Tfiloh had a "crisis team" prepared in what Ms. Polin said is a very specialized sort of training for sexual abuse.

"[Child care providers, educators and facilitators] need ongoing training, and it has to be by someone with training in sexual abuse," said Ms. Polin. "It can't be just any therapist because most are not trained in this area and most, without knowing it, could put blame on the victim, the parent, or the teacher. Once [teachers] recognize all these symptoms, the school has to make a system for reporting to someone who is highly trained in sexual abuse, beyond the administration, who may want to keep it hush-hush for the school's reputation."

Rabbi Mitchell Wolberg and Ziporah Schorr
Zipora Schorr, director of education at Beth Tfiloh, said her school has "a network of support" and the crisis team, and they openly discuss and train staff in sexual abuse awareness.

"Five years ago, I would say there was a huge amount of denial," said Mrs. Schorr. "But with all we've learned and all that has happened in the Jewish and non-Jewish communities, we have a heightened degree of acceptance and awareness. These are the ills of society, and the Jewish community is not immune."

Buddy Sapolsky, executive director of the JCC of Greater Baltimore, said the center checks all references and conducts a criminal background check for every employee. He said the preschool and Camp Milldale work closely with Jewish Family Services' social workers, who train the staff to recognize physical and sexual abuse and are regular consultants.

Buddy Sapolsky
"Our preschool staff talks to the kids about 'good touch, bad touch,' and the camp people talk to the kids," said Mr. Sapolsky. "But those discussions happen based on the relationship with the kids by the staff. They are not required, but they are encouraged."

But Ms. Polin warns that criminal background checks and references are also not enough. Although she admits there is no foolproof way to catch a potential sex abuser, Ms. Polin maintains that specific training and aggressive reference-checking practices — including utilizing the disclosure of information available since the recent passage of Megan's law opening up access to names and addresses of convicted sex offenders — could minimize the number of predators hired.

Psychological testing, she said, would probably not work since "sociopaths usually pass a lie detector test." And criminal background checks are not a tell-all, since Ms. Polin cites the statistic that pedophiles will act out an average of 118 times before ever being reported.

"Pedophiles often go into service — Girl Scout leaders, rabbis, teachers," said Ms. Polin. "So people who hire need to be trained. They have to listen to words that aren't being said when they're interviewing, and when they check references they have to push for the truth."

Rabbi Naftoli Hexter, middle school principal at Bais Yaakov School for Girls in Owings Mills, admitted that his school does "not often" conduct criminal background checks on staff members. In particular, he said that when a teacher comes from within the local Jewish community, he feels it is "not necessary."

Rabbi Hexter said every potential staff member goes through a series of interviews, and the candidate's references are checked.

"Nowadays, we have to listen because of this new phenomenon," he said. "We don't in any way teach 'good touch, bad touch,' but we constantly meet to discuss, 'Are we preparing the girls properly for whatever they need to be ready for?'"

While sexual abuse is widely unreported and ignored in the general society, Ms. Polin feels the Jewish community is especially inadequately prepared to handle the problem. She said the idea for her organization, the Awareness Center, stemmed from counseling survivors of sexual abuse and the realization that there were no Jewish outlets for victims.

Although there has been little research done within any Jewish community to determine how prevalent this issue is, Ms. Polin said that the number of e-mails she is receiving since opening her Jewish survivors of sexual abuse Web site makes her believe there is "a serious problem."

"[In previous counseling work] people called looking for a rabbi they could go to," said Ms. Polin. "When they called a rabbi, they were told their stories were loshon horah [gossip forbidden by Jewish law] and no one would believe them. They were angry. They were abused, and they were abused again trying to find help. One of the main things they want to know is where was God during this time, and they could only find some missionary who was loving and kind to them."

Even before last month's Beth Tfiloh case, Ellen Marks, director of both Beth El Pauline Mash Early Childhood Education Centers, said she felt that sexual abuse was not "indigenous to any one community." But Mr. Rubin's arrest, she said, still shocked her.

"It's just unconscionable that anybody could violate a child," Ms. Marks said.

Deborah Walike is a former Baltimore Jewish Times staff writer who now lives in Cooperstown, N.Y.


Department of Justice: National Sex Offender RegistryNational Sex Offender's Registry - July 22, 2005

According to the National sex offender registry Adam Rubin's status is:


Under Investigation - An investigation has been initiated to determine if the registrant continues to reside at the last reported address.


National Sex Offender's Registry
December 7, 2013


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