Thursday, October 30, 2003

Case of Ramon Gantz

Case of Ramon Gantz
Gym Boss - Tel Aviv, Israel

Ramon Gantz, 30, was convicted and sentanced after slipped two tablets of the dance drug into the victim's orange juice after she rebuffed his romantic advances on a Monarch flight from Tel Aviv to Gatwick.  

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  1. Gym Boss Jailed (10/30/2003)

Gym Boss Jailed
By Justin Cohen - Oct 30, 2003

An Israeli gym boss who spiked a fellow passenger's drink with ecstasy on an airplane was this week jailed for three years.

Ramon Gantz, 30, slipped two tablets of the dance drug into the victim's orange juice after she rebuffed his romantic advances on a Monarch flight from Tel Aviv to Gatwick in April.

Twenty four-year-old (Victims Name Removed), also from Israel, needed hospital treatment after suffering a racing heartbeat and distorted vision.

The businesswoman told the court she became suspicious when he handed her the drink. She said: "I started panicking and started feeling very, very bad.

"My vision became dark. I started seeing everything a bit black."

Gantz was arrested on board the plane. A number of ecstasy tablets were found under seats near where he had been sitting.

Walton Hornsby, prosecuting, told the court he had tried to get friendly (Victims Name Removed) with earlier in the flight. He said: "Gantz asked her if she wanted to go to London with him to go to a party. She said she was married and was fairly non-committal."

However, he continued to chat her up. After falling asleep, she awoke to find the defendant rubbing her foot. He then told her he was getting her some orange juice.
Gantz, who denied the charge, said: "The only man who had any pills was my friend, I didn't have any pills with me. Maybe he made a mix-up and she got the wrong one."
Sentencing Gantz, Judge Nicholas Ainsley said: "You would not take no for an answer.
"You were determined to get her to go to the party, but it would have been nothing more than boorish behavious were it not for what you did."

Gantz could be deported from Britain after serving his prison term.

(Victims Name Removed) said: "Considering everything that happened I think the sentence is fair." Her husband (Victims' Husband's Name Removed) added: "His behaviour should not be taken as an example of Israeli behaviour."



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