Friday, July 26, 2013

Case of Cyberbullying By Lisa Liel

Case of Lisa Liel - Cyberbully
(AKA: LIsa Beth Liel, Lisa B. Liel, Lisa Aaronson, Lisa B. Aaronson)

Chicago, IL
Highland Park, IL
Scotts Valley, CA
Boulder Creek, CA
New York, NY
As policy The Awareness Center makes all attempts at cyberbullying, harassment and stalking against our staff and volunteers public.  The following message was posted on Tablet Magazine by Lisa Liel
Over the past several years, Lisa Liel has posted numerous comments on Facebook, various web pages and blogs regarding Vicki Polin.  It appears that Ms. Liel's statements are made with malice and are attempts to cyberbully Ms. Polin

Upon investigation the claims made against Ms. Polin, Lisa Liel stated she obtained her information regarding Ms. Polin's mental health status from one of her cousins who married one of Ms. Polin's relatives.   According to information obtained, neither Lisa Liel nor her relative have never met Ms. Polin.  Neither are licensed mental health professionals or qualified to make psychological assessments.

According to the Jewish Press, Lisa Liel lives in Chicago and works in California thanks to the magic of the Internet. She spends her off time with her family and researching biblical archaeology and chronology.

Lisa Liel graduated from Ida Crown Jewish Academy (Chicago, IL) and Washington University (St. Louis, MO), with a degree in Jewish and Near East Studies and Economics.

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