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Case of Mendel Goldenberg

Case of Mendel Goldenberg

This page is dedicated to the memory  of Feige Aufscher


Lemberg, Poland
Constantinople, Turkey


In 1892, twenty-seven Jewish traffickers were convicted during a two week trial in Lemberg, Poland.  

The traffickers had organized the sale of mostly Jewish girls in brothels in Constantinople, Turkey   

at the age of fourteen, Feige Aufscher was an orphan and was one of the star witnesses in the case of Mendel Goldenberg.  During her testimony she shared that she had been kidnapped and pimped out by Goldenberg.  He had originally promised to marry her and obtain work for her as a housekeeper.  Instead, she and other young girls ended up in a series of brothels in Constantinople. 

Aufscher found a way to get a message to the authorities, who were able to liberate her and the other women who were being held captive.  The trial was front page news in all the Polish newspapers.  



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