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Case of Lieutenant Colonel Eli Bunbut

Case of Lieutenant Colonel Eli Bunbut
Israel Defense Force (IDF) - Israel

Accused of sexually assaulting another officer.

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  1. Officer petitions court for arrest of Lieut. Col indicted for rape  (03/08/2004)

Officer petitions court for arrest of Lieut. Col indicted for rape
By Yuval Yoaz, Haaretz Correspondent
Haaretz - March 8, 2004

Captain S., an Israel Defense Forces career officer, petitioned the High Court of Justice on Monday, demanding that the court instruct the IDF judge advocate general to order the arrest of Lieutenant Colonel Eli Buhbut, who was indicted for raping

According to the petition, Buhbut was continuing his role in the army, and the plea was submitted "in order to prevent a situation in which a man accused of rape offences walks freely in the military unit."

Buhbut was indicted last week and is charged with rape and indecent behavior, after "a long and arduous struggle S. waged in light of the indifference of the IDF chief attorney to the emotional damage caused to her, due to Bubut's deeds and to the slow and negligent process of the investigation," according to the petition.

According to the petition, Buhbut allegedly pushed S. to a table in his office, took her pants and underwear off and forced his penis into her. "S., who was weak due to an illness, tried to push the defendant away and asked him to leave her alone, but despite her recurrent requests Buhbut did not stop."

The IDF chief attorney refused to open an investigation into the allegations after S. first complained, and said that there was no evidence against Buhbut. The chief attorney even threatened to take legal action against S. for her "false complaint."

The petition says that S. had to carry out an investigation herself. She sent the pants she wore during the rape to be tested by the Abu Kabir forensic institute, where a DNA sample was taken from sperm found on the trousers.

S. has served in army for 16 years in different logistics roles, and has even been awarded the IDF chief excellence award. Ever since she was allegedly raped 18 months ago, she has suffered from emotional trauma, and is planning to quit the army.


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