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Case of Gadi Saban

Case of Gadi Saban

Actor - Israeli Soap Opera Star, Tel Aviv, Israel
Ashdod, Israel

Convicted sex offender.  Arrested and charged with the rape, attempted rape and indecent assault on a woman in the bathroom of a Tel Aviv night club. He was sentenced to two years in an Israeli prison.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Actor Gadi Saban indicted for rape  (03/29/2004)
  2. Court overturns decision to release actor to house arrest (04/02/2004)
  3. Television actor Gadi Saban convicted of sexual assault (10/15/2004)
  1. Gadi Saban in court (Hebrew) (08/05/2007)


News in Brief
Actor Gadi Saban indicted for rape
By Assaf Bergerfreund
Haaretz - March 29, 2004 Nisan 7, 5764

Actor Gadi Saban was indicted yesterday in the Tel Aviv District Court on charges of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault. The charges relate to an incident involving a young woman at the TLV nightclub in Tel Aviv last week. According to the indictment, Saban first spoke to the woman and then began dancing with her and kissing her. At a later stage, while the girl was dancing alone, Saban allegedly dragged her to the womens toilets and assaulted her.


Court overturns decision to release actor to house arrest

By Yuval Yoaz, Haaretz Correspondent
Haaretz - April 02, 2004 (Nisan 11, 5764)

The High Court decided Friday to revoke the conditional bail awarded to soap opera star Gadi Saban, who is facing charges of rape, attempted rape and indecent assault on a woman in the bathroom of a Tel Aviv night club two weeks ago.

On Thursday, the Tel Aviv District Court released Saban into house arrest – a decision that was immediately appealed by the State Prosecutor's Office. Justice Miriam Naor, in an emergency session of the High Court, overturned the decision.

"Everyone agrees that Saban's celebrity status should not influence the decision regarding his detention," wrote Justice Naor. "The state claims that the Tel Aviv District Court did not adequately explain why if felt that the fact Saban is a known figure reduces the danger he poses."

In addition to releasing Saban from jail and placing him under house arrest at his mother's home in Ashdod, the Tel Aviv District Court ruled that he will be allowed to leave the house, accompanied by his mother, if the state is given 24 hours notice. In addition, the court issued orders barring Saban from leaving the country and from contacting the complainant.

Justice Naor refused to accept the Tel Aviv District Court's arguments for releasing Saban: firstly, that he would be unlikely to repeat his alleged action, since he was apparently drunk at the time of the attack; and, secondly, that the charges that he is facing are not severe enough to warrant his continued detention.

As a result of the High Court ruling, Saban was remanded until the end of proceedings against him, although Justice Naor said that he would be able to appeal the decision once the complainant had given her testimony. While he was being led away to the holding cells, Saban said that he was surprised by the decision.


Television actor Gadi Saban convicted of sexual assault
By Zvi Harel
Haaretz - October 15, 2004

Television actor Gadi Saban was convicted yesterday after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a 22-year-old woman in the restroom of a Tel Aviv club last March.

The conviction was part of a plea bargain in which the prosecution and defense agreed to ask the court to sentence Saban, 29, of Tel Aviv, to two years in prison and a payment of NIS 15,000 in compensation to the victim.

Tel Aviv District Court judges Saviona Rotlevy, Avraham Tal, and Ofra Solomon-Cherniak will publish their verdict on October 21.

At the hearing, the judges questioned whether Saban was being shown too much lenience, expressing dismay at the message the plea bargain might send. The initial indictment had charged Saban with rape.

Saban met the woman at an "after party" held at the TLV club in the Tel Aviv port, struck up a conversation and danced with her. At close to 9 A.M., he dragged her into the club's restrooms and forced himself on her in one of the stalls.

Prosecutor Hannah Gilboa noted that Saban has prior convictions on charges involving violence, the last from 1999. She said the claimant agreed to the plea bargain, asking not to testify to avoid additional trauma.

Saban expressed remorse yesterday, reading out a written statement to that effect. He said he had got carried away because he was drunk that morning after having attended several parties. Saban's lawyer, Sassi Gez, argued for leniency on the grounds that no television program will offer his client a role in the future. Rotlevy replied that from her knowledge of television talk shows, they will all be inviting Saban to appear.


Gadi Saban in court 
Mouse Online - August 5, 2007
(Translated from Hebrew to English using Google)

יום ראשון 05 באוגוסט 2007 21:00 מאת: מערכת עכבר און-ליין
השחקן גדי סבן הטריד מינית וישב בכלא. בקרוב הוא יספר על חוויות מהמאסר ועל יחסיו עם נשים במופע סטנד-אפ חדש. מצחיק? נחכה ונראה

שתפו וזכו בפרסים

אופרת סבן. גדי סבן בבית המשפט
(צילום: מוטי קמחי)

אחרי שהשתחרר לאחרונה משנתיים בכלא, עומד השחקן גדי סבן לעלות מופע סטנד אפ המבוסס על חוויותיו מתקופת המאסר וגם על הנושא הכי חם שעומד בזמן האחרון על סדר היום: הטרדות מיניות.

סבן, ששיחק בסדרת הטלוויזיה "חלומות נעורים" בתפקיד הערס והגיש את תוכנית הלילה "ביפ שואו" בערוץ ביפ על תקן מארח ערס, הורשע לפני שלוש שנים בביצוע מעשה מגונה בכוח בצעירה שפגש במועדון ה-TLV. בתחילה הואשם בביצוע אונס, אך מאחר שהמתלוננת לא נבדקה על ידי רופא בסמוך לאירוע ניצבה התביעה בפני קושי ראייתי להוכיח את העבירה. בנוסף, חששה המתלוננת ממתן עדות בבית המשפט ומנימוקים אלה הגיעה המדינה להסדר טיעון עם סבן, שהסכים להודות בביצוע מעשה מגונה בכוח.

בימים אלה, כאמור, החל לעבוד על מופע סטנד-אפ חדש, שיעלה בקרוב במועדון "זו-קומדי" בבית-ציוני אמריקה בתל-אביב. המופע מספר את סיפורו באופן הומוריסטי ויתמקד בדעתו על הטרדות מיניות, בחורות ואיך מתחילים איתן והחוויות שעבר בכלא.

האמת, לא נושאים שנראה שיצליחו לסחוט צחוקים מהקהל, אבל לכו תדעו? חוץ מזה, למה להסתפק בסטנד-אפ אם אפשר להרים טלנובלה? ולמה טלנובלה? כי לסבן, נולד לפני שבוע בן, כאשר האם המאושרת היא לא אחרת מאשר עו"ד גלי סגל, שייצגה אותו בבית המשפט בגין אותו מקרה.

Sunday 05 August 2007 21:00 From: System Mouse On - Line
The player Gadi Saban molesting and was in jail . Soon he will talk about the experiences of jail and his relationship with women in the show stand - up new. Funny? Wait and see

Saban opera . Gadi Saban in court
After his last two years in prison, standing player Gadi Saban up Stand up show based on his experiences of his sentence and the hottest topic going lately on the agenda : sexual harassment .

Saban , who played in the TV series "Dreams of Youth" role thug and presented the program of the night " Beep Show" Beep channel on the standard host ars , was convicted three years ago of force in carrying out an indecent act with a young woman he met at the club the TLV . Initially charged with rape , but because the plaintiff had not been examined by a doctor next event a claim to the evidential problem to prove the offense. In addition, the complainant feared giving evidence in court and on those grounds the state reached a plea bargain with Saban , who agreed to admit committing indecent acts by force.

These days , as noted, began working on a show stand - up a new , soon to be featured at the " This - Comedy " at home - ZOA Tel - Aviv . The show tells the story in a humorous and focus his mind on the sexual harassment of girls and how to begin with and experience of the prison.

Actually, do not carry it appeared they could get a laugh from the audience , but who knows ? Besides, why settle Stand - Up if you can pick up a soap opera ? Why telenovela ? That lathering , Ben was born a week ago , when the happy mother is none other than Mr. waves of Staff , who represented him in court for the same case .



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