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How to know when someone is trying to convert you

How to know when someone is trying to convert you
By Author Unknown

If someone asks you any or all of these questions, it is wise to assume that they are trying to convert you.
  1. "Now that there are no more sacrifices, how do you have your sins forgiven?" One of the first lines of a attack by some missionaries is to scare you into converting by trying to show that your sins cannot me removed (HV) by yourself and you need j.c to save you from Hell.
  2. "Do you read the Bible?" "Have you ever read the prophets?" These are set up questions, firstly for them to show you their "knowledge" of scripture and secondly to begin discussing messianic prophecy.
  3. "Who do you think the prophets(esp. Isaiah) were talking about?" This is question will lead directly into quoting Tanach and showing how J.c(HV) fulfilled them.
  4. "Do you have a personal relationship with G-d?" Christians believe that sins separate us from G-d and that there is no way for us to return accept through faith in J.c(HV)
  5. "Do you believe in Yeshua Ha Mashiach?" This is the Hebrew version of Jesus Christ. This switch to make it more comfortable for Jews and to make it sound more authentic.
  6. "Are you happy with your life?" Christians missionaries seek out those in trouble or who are at a week moment in order to catch you will your defenses down.
  7. "Do you feel separated from G-d?" Christians believe that we are all separated from G-d and that only through faith in J.c can we come close.
  8. "Have you found the L-rd"

A few hints on how to debate with a Missionary
1) The first trick the missionary will use is redirection. If a missionary senses that he will be refuted, he will immediately change the subject and switch to another verse.

Do not allow him to change the subject or to go to another verse. Hold your ground and finish explaining the verse in question. Only when the verse has been completely explained, should you continue in the debate.

2) The missionary will use speed, quickly quoting and making his point quickly. This is an attempt to show you his knowledge and to keep you from thinking. You don't have to race! Slow done the pace and take your time. The last thing a missionary wants is for you to think .

3) The Missionary will almost always start in the middle or end of a chapter.
Check the beginning of the chapter and verse which follow the one in question. Nine times out of ten it will be enough to refute him.

4) Missionaries will try to make connections between unrelated things using logic. Think!Think!Think! Then respond, for if you listen closely to what he has said you will see the trick and be able to us it against him.

5) Do try to debate someone, unless you are knowledgeable in the proper responses. This applies more to public debates than to personal. If you do debate and the missionaries brings a point that you can not answer tell him that you don't have all the answers and just because I can't answer does mean that there isn't an answer.

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