Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chicago Orthodox High Schools - Looking for more information

The Awareness Center is currently looking for information regarding two different alleged sex offenders; both have been employed as teachers in two different Chicago area yeshiva high schools.
  • Allegations made against a male teacher in a Chabad affiliated girl's high school in Chicago.
  • Allegations made against a male teacher in a boy's yeshiva high school in Chicago.

If you or anyone you know has information or was abused in either of these cases, please contact Vicki Polin at The Awareness Center.

Chicago's Jewish Religious Court
I've been told that the Beth Din Zedek Ecclesiastical Judicature of the Chicago Rabbinical Council is aware of these cases, yet never forwarded the information to DCFS.

Chicago Rabbinical Council
2701 W. Howard St., Chicago, IL 60645

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Unknown said...

Hello Ms. Polin. First, I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for all that you do for so many people going through an such an unspeakable, evil injustice. The trauma of this particular type of victimization is unimaginable, and yet as a society, we compound their nightmare exponentially. I am completely confused and astounded as to why so many in our society (various churches, synagogues, etc) have decided to handle this whole topic In such a ghastly manner. We should coddle and protect the victims as if they were stabbed 15 times in front of our eyes, because I would bet such a stabbing would have a much quicker, less painful recovery than what many of these completely innocent victims go through. The purpose for my message is to ask you to kindly forward my thoughts of admiration and gratefulness to that young man who just recently spoke up against Dudovitz. Please let him know that I, among thousands, believe he is wonderful, brave and a true, true, true , HERO!!!! I hope he understand the magnitude of his actions. He is trulynsaving so many boys and their families by coming forward. All his wonderful character traits ensures that he will have an amazing future ahead of him !! All of Gods Blessings!