Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jewish Survivors of Sexual Abuse/Assault are NEVER ALONE!

© (2010) Photographs by Vicki Polin

Yesterday while going on my daily walk I took the following photographs that I put up on YouTube. As I was taking them I kept hearing the song "Castle of the King" in my head and started thinking about the hundreds or maybe thousands of Jewish Survivors I've spoken to over the years. So many of those who have been sexually abuse/assaulted shared with me how they felt as if they didn't fit within any Jewish community. Many stating that they felt that because they were sexually violated that their communities saw them as damaged goods, not worthy of being apart of a place they once felt was home. Others felt as if they were just outcasts or misfits.

As we all know, so many Jewish survivors of sex crimes have walked away from observing in the way they once did, stopped practicing altogether or have converted to other faiths. Every time I hear the song "Castle of the King" I'm reminded of this plight; for that reason I am dedicating this film clip to them, to let them know that they do belong, that they are loved and are not ALONE!

I hope you find this film clip healing!

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