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Questions Regarding G-d, Mind Control and "Truth"

Questions Regarding G-d, Mind Control and "Truth"
© (2010) by Vicki Polin
(From survivors of incest, childhood sexual abuse, clergy sexual abuse, sexual assault, professional sexual misconduct, sexual harassment)

Many survivors of sexual abuse/assault from more observant families and also those from secular backgrounds often go through a period of their healing process that they question what is G-d.  These same survivors often ask themselves where was G-d during my abuse?  

What purpose does G-d have in allowing me to be sexually victimized?  To this date, I have never come upon any answers in which survivors feel their questions were answered. I personally believe it is up to our rabbonim to study and learn and find answers to these questions.   It just seems that our rabbis care more about how to keep kosher than individuals (adults and children) being sexually victimized.   I personally feel we all need to encourage our rabbonim to find ways to explain why so many of G-d's people are sexually victimized.  The common answer always seems to be "that G-d works in mysterious ways".  I personally believe that there are better answers then that.
More recently several survivors have been calling The Awareness Center, asking if "all religions were just a form of mind control".  These are difficult questions to answer, yet important to those who are asking them.  

We all are aware that there are some fringe, extremist groups even within the Jewish world that qualify as being called cults.  Explaining the difference between a cult like group and mainstream Judaism at times can appear to have blurred boundaries, especially when one does not come from a religious background, or for those who did and are just walking away.  

I recently found the following video clips on youtube, which I think are important, because what the vlogger is saying even though she is not Jewish, is pretty similar to the answers those who are walking away have concluded.  Please watch them and give me your feedback. 

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