Monday, January 18, 2010

Abusive clergy destroy children

This isn't the title I would have chosen for the story. I would have said childhood sexual abuse alters the life of children.  I do believe that even though a child was molested, that with the right help they can heal and become healthy productive adults.  The abuse will always be with them, yet they can learn coping skills to deal with the effects if they receive good counseling, by those who really understand trauma.  -- Vicki Polin


Letter to the Editor

Abusive clergy destroy children
Times Union - January 17, 2010

Rabbi Yaakov Weiss

It saddens me a great deal each time I read about another member of the clergy who is sexually inappropriate with a minor ("Rabbi takes a plea deal," Jan. 12).

What enrages me is that these offenders just get a slap on the hand for assaulting our children, especially after they attempted to manipulate the child into silence.

These sorts of actions will change the child's life forever. As we know, many of those who have been molested as children grow up with low self-esteem, have issues with addictions and make suicide attempts.

What will it take for our court systems to take these sorts of criminal behaviors seriously? Why is it that those who are caught embezzling funds or are involved with income tax fraud get harsher sentences than some of those who molest our children?

The message that is sent is that money is more important than the lives of our kids.


Founder and CEO

The Awareness Center, Inc. (the international Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault)

Baltimore, Md.

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