Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Joel Engelman and Tamir Weisberg Share their stories with ABC News

Joel Engelman and Tamir Weissberg
Joel  Engelman, pictured as a child, and Tamir Weissberg said they were victims of sexual abuse by members of the Orthodox Jewish community.  They said they were told not to discuss the alleged abuse.
(Courtesy Joel Engelman and Tamir Weissberg).

The Awareness Center want sto thank both Joel and Tamir for the courage it took to tell their stories. It's been an honor getting to know both of them. In the following article, what Joel and Tamir are sharing is what has been happening not only in Jewish orthodox communities around the world, but in all religious communities of all faiths, and also in groups such as those who are anti-semitic and are white supremacist. According to statistics one out of every four children will be sexually abused by the time they reach the age of 18, this includes children of those connected to hate groups.

Orthodox Jewish Community Struggles With Abuse Allegations

Alleged Victims and Advocates Say Sex Abuse Common, Rarely Discussed


ABC News - May 5, 2009


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