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The Case of the Unnamed Rapist of Har Nof (Jerusalem, Israel)

The Case of the Unnamed Rapist of Har Nof 
Jerusalem, Israel

NOTE FROM A RELIABLE SOURCE:  The rapist in Har Nof is allegedly being sheltered by Rabbi Sternbuch. Rabbi Sternbuch apparently told his wife she has to divorce him. He is from a prominent chareidi family. This is the avreich who was raping young girls in the basement of buildings and who would rape young girls as they walked home from beit knesset on erev Shabbat. So now the young girls are still in danger.

No one is allowed to release the rapists name. Who is more important? To Rabbi Sternbuch the rapist and his family. Mothers warn your daughters and mothers in chul who send you daughters to Jerusalem or anywhere else where there is a chareidi community. Tell the to be on guard against this rapist who is at large and roaming free in Israel.

If you have more information about this case, please forward it to
Table of Contents:

  1. Should Haredim Call Police When A Child Is Abused? (06/08/2008)
  2. Regarding Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch's Guidelines in Call The Police (06/16/2008)
  1. Two suspected pedophiles arrested in ultra-Orthodox J'lem neighborhood
  1. Rav Moshe Sternbuch threatened for his support of certain rabbinic organization (06/02/2011)
  2. Har Nof Pedophile Alert  (12/23/2011)
  3. Har Nof Pedophile: Rav Sternbuch's Psak  (12/25/2011)
  1. Har Nof Pedophile  (01/12/2012)
  2. Warning to parents - Pedophile in RBS similar to pedophile in Har Nof (02/24/2012)
  3. Former Har Nof Pedophile alive and well  (04/12/2012)

Should Haredim Call Police When A Child Is Abused?
Failed Messiah Blog - June 8, 2008 
If you are haredi and hold by Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch of Jerusalem's Edah HaHaredit (Badatz Yerushalyim), the answer is…
…probably not, as Daniel Eidensohn of Da'asTorah reports:
Rav Moshe Sternbuch, shlita - Guidelines for calling the Police
There is a widespread impression that the police and the chareidi world have an inherently antagonistic relationship. There is also a widespread perception that the chareidi world is more concerned with covering up crimes such as child or wife abuse and that pedophiles are given free run. In other words there is a perception that the chareidi community is more worried by adverse publicity then it is about the welfare of the individual.

This Shabbos I had an intensive discussion with Rav Moshe Sternbuch, shlita about these issues.

1) Child Molesters

He stated without hesitation and said that I can quote him - that if one knows that children are being molested that one should call the police.
He noted that there is an important distinction to keep in mind. One calls the police when it is clear that someone is still in danger. Thus one does not automatically call the police concerning an event that took place once and is not going to be repeated. In such a case one should first consult with a rav. When I mentioned that many rabbis apparently felt differently – he dismissed such a view as being wrong. He noted also that it is important for the community rabbis to have a good working relationship with the police. That means that the police need to be sensitive to the needs and nature of the chareidi community and the community needs to be understanding of the police. He said that there is such a relationship with many police forces.

The rule is summarized simply –
if one knows that someone is being physically abused or will be abused than it is required to call the police after consulting a rabbi who agrees he is a future danger as is common in such cases.

2) Vigilante actions

I mentioned the issue of vigilante actions in the chareidi community and whether they are to be praised or condemned. He noted that there are unfortunately disturbed and misguided individuals in the chareidi community – as there are in other communities. The general rule is not to make a public protest when the problem is rare and insignificant. He said that it only encourages these individuals when their activities are publicized. However if they progress beyond this stage then it is important to take action. He mentioned the Bedatz dealt last year with vigilantes who burned down a clothing store in Geula. I mentioned the
recent incident in Beitar. He said he condemned such behavior. If it is clearly not a rare act of a disturbed person then it needs to be dealt with.

[This is also related to the recent outbreak of burglaries in Har Nof where Rav Sternbuch lives. The unanimous ruling of the rabbonim of Har Nof is that one can call the police on Shabbos if one witnesses a break-in as there is also life danger involved. As is explained in Shmiras Shabbos K’hilchosa (41:25-29) – this is because the possible danger associated with these break-ins. See also Aruch HaShulchan (C.M. 388:7). Tzitz Eliezer (19:52) also permitted calling the police in the case of teacher molesting his students. He based his psak on the Aruch HaShulchan.]
Realize this well. Rabbi Sternbuch is saying that rabbis should decide whether crimes should be reported to the police. He is also saying that anything – even child rape – that can be classified as a "one time" occurrence should not be reported. 

And how do rabbis determine if this child rape is a one time occurrence or not? Obviously, if they know of a previous "one time" occurrence with this rapist, then calling the police might be in order. 

What this rabbinic 'genius' has just done is allow child rapists and molesters – the crimes with the highest recidivism rate known to man – to walk free to rape and abuse some more, until they are caught for a second – or third, or fourth – time. 

Who is to say Rabbi A will know that Rabbi B already ruled Child Rapist Rabbi X to be a "one time" rapist? And who says Rabbi C will know this 9 months later or Rabbi D 13 months later? 

In other words, with no mandated reporting, there can be no effective tracking. Even if one were to buy into Rabbi Sternbuch's fantasy, there is no way to make that fantasy work.
Rabbi Sternbuch has just guaranteed that many more haredi women and children will be raped and molested, and their haredi abusers will walk free – under the protection of rabbis. 


Regarding Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch's Guidelines in Call The Police
The Awareness Center's Daily Newsletter - June 16, 2008

Following Vicki Polin's original public statement regarding Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch's Guidelines for calling the police is a statement written by Rabbi Dr. Daniel Eidensohn on his blog called Daas Torah's blog.  Rabbi Sternbuch is the Chief Rabbi of the Orthodox Rabbinical Courts in Har Nof, Jerusalem, Israel and is telling his community members that they MUST get permission from a rabbi prior to contacting child protective services or any form of law enforcement ins suspected cases of child abuse or neglect. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Two suspected pedophiles arrested in ultra-Orthodox J'lem neighborhood
Case came to light thanks to head of yeshiva where alleged victim studied.
By Jonathan Lis
Haaretz - June 04, 2009

Police remanded two men Wednesday suspected of more than 20 sexual attacks on young boys in an ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem neighborhood. One of the two, a 17-year-old, is suspected of attacking an 11-year-old boy who lives in the neighborhood. 

The case came to light after the head of the yeshiva where the alleged victim studies told the boy's father six months ago that boy had told him an older boy had accosted him on the bus. The boy said the 17-year-old persuaded him the get off the bus with him, took him to the yeshiva where the older boy studies and molested him in the bathroom. 

On the basis of the principal's allegations, the father filed a complaint with the police. On Tuesday, after the boy told his father he saw his alleged attacker on the street, the father called the police, who arrested the suspect. He confessed to nine other attacks on neighborhood boys. 

Meanwhile, in the same neighborhood, a 43-year-old man was arrested and remanded Wednesday for molesting boys in recent years. Two teenage boys who complained that the man had molested them said he had attacked at least 10 boys, some of them allegedly friends of his children. 

The suspect's attorney, Kobi Segal, said his client denied the allegations. Durng his remand hearing, the man said the complaints against him came from neighborhood people who were persecuting him because he led a more liberal lifestyle than others in the quarter. 

During the hearing, the suspect presented polygraph results which he said he had taken of his own accord, and that he said he passed. 

Police said Wednesday, in contrast to the statements of the suspect's lawyer, suspicions about the man had grown stronger over the past few days, and additional complainants have come forward since his arrest.


Rav Moshe Sternbuch threatened for his support of certain rabbinic organization
Daas Torah  - Thursday, June 2, 2011

האיום: "נגיע אליך ואל אביך הראב"ד - ושם זה יסתיים"
המאבק המלוכלך בין הארגונים המתיימרים לפעול למניעת חילול קברים - עולה מדרגה • בן הגר"מ שטרנבוך זכה לאיום טלפוני מ'אתרא קדישא' עקב תמיכתו במתחרה


הבוקר (חמישי) נחצו כל הקווים האדומים: קבוצה מכת ה"סיקריקים" התקשרה לרב חיים-עוזר שטרנבוך, בנו של ראב"ד העדה החרדית הרה"ג רבי משה שטרנבוך ואיימה עליו כי "תטפל בו, תחנך אותו ותעמיד אותו במקום" - כך נודע ל"כיכר השבת". מה הסיבה ולפיה יצא הקצף של ה"סיקריקים" על בנו של הראב"ד


Har Nof Pedophile Alert
Failed Messiah Blog - December 23, 2011

A pedophile has allegedly been preying on children in Har Nof Jerusalem.

There's an email circulating about a pedophile who has been preying on kids in Har Nof, Jerusalem. A neighborhood activist asked Rabbi Moshe Shternbuch if police could be called to report the pedophile if he trued to grab a child on Shabbos – which apparently happened last week.

Rabbi Shternbuch said police should be called, even on Shabbos, and that pictures can be taken of the pedophile even on Shabbos, but added that when possible, the call and the photography should be done with a shinui, meaning that a person should, but only if possible without delaying, make a change in how s/he would regularly dial the phone or take the picture. (Halakhicly, a shinui should not be used if it would delay reaching police or if it would reduce the quality or quantity of the pictures taken.)

A prent asked Rabbi Shterbuch about publicizing the existence of the pedophile,and Rabbi Shternbuch said it should be publicized.

Har Nof Pedophile: Rav Sternbuch's Psak 
Daas Torah - December 25, 2011
Rav Sternbuch's gabbai sent me the following clarification:

The Rav told me to publicise in his name that he has not allowed any chillul Shabbos midaorayso, the Rav feels that if there is no issur Torah it is allowed what is absolutely necessary as this is a tzorah drabim, this does not include taking photos . The rav has never allowed going around with a telephone and camera on Shabbos, in special situations a rav must be consulted. 

Rafoel Rechnitzer
I also confirmed with Rav Treibitz that he gave a heter [for those who had seem him] to call the police on Shabbos and to carry a camera on Shabbos to take his picture because the police said that if they knew what he looked like they would surely catch him. He told me that unfortunately there have been a number of victims already.

Har Nof Pedophile
Safe Children - January 12, 2012
By Leah Amdur

During November and December a pedophile attacked children in Brand street and on the 28th December 2 girls avoided being attacked on HaKablan Street, due to the brave act of one girl whose father warned her about the pedophile.  She screamed “Kidnapper!” and he fled.  Unfortunately he molested another girl two buildings away 15 minutes later.  Unfortunately, 10 minutes before the HaKablan incident, the pedophile accosted two girls (ages 9-10) on Katznelbogen at the corner of Agassi.

One girl was molested.

the person’s description is 30 years old, around 5’10 full black beard,
kova “knaitch” (Borsalino style), regular suit length jacket. The best
this will do is eliminate men who do not meet this description.

The incident was reported to the police.

It has been rumored that a pedophile struck 3 times within the last month at Katznelbogen 2/4/6

I haven’t heard that the pedophile or maybe pedophiles have been caught

May Hashem protect our children and may the pedophiles be caught and jailed soon


Warning to parents – Pedophile in RBS similar to pedophle in Har Nof
Safe Children - February 24, 2012
By Leah Amdur

Subject: Re; Warning to parents – pedophile operating in Ramat Beit Shemesh – similar to the pedophile in Har Nof
Warning  It has come to our attention that there is a man operating in Ramat Bet Shemesh who has reportedly lured and attacked young girls.His modus operandi is reportedly that he approaches a young girl and invites her to “help him” in darkened or secluded areas (machsanim, car parks, etc) and then he attacks the girl. (This method may change – so it is better not to be too specific when discussing this with your children – see below).

Anyone who notices anything strange of this nature should immediately call the police and if possible take photos.

If one sees a child being lured or led into such a dark/secluded area, or into a vehicle, one should certainly intervene, without placing oneself in danger, such as by asking the child if the man is her/his father. Please note any identifying information, such as location of incident, description of the person and what he is wearing, ethnicity, age, unusual facial characteristics, smells and any other details, even if they seem inconsequential at the time.
For victims, it’s essential that the police are informed and they can interview any children involved (which is done solely by highly trained experts), so that they can investigate and arrest this person, and also so the child can receive professional assistance if required. Please contact the Police and Magen if you have any information or you need assistance in coping with this problem.

It’s essential to know where our children are at all times and specifically they should be calmly instructed NOT to speak to adults they don’t know, and NEVER to go with an adult they don’t know, even if the adult asks them to do a mitzva, offers them candy or says he’s lost, and even if he looks frum (as this man reportedly does). It is a good idea to role-play these situations with your children, telling them to quickly walk away if someone they don’t know tries to talk to them, and scream loudly if anyone (including people they do know) tries to touch them on areas of the body which are normally covered – and they should immediately tell their parents and/or other trusted adult.


Former Har Nof Pedophile alive and well
Katamon Message Board - April 1, 2012

Dear Friends,

This past erev Shabbos the Har Nof Weekly "Shechunaton" ran a large advertisement from the pedophile, Mr. Daniel Sunray, for his jewlrey business which is now located in Bayit Vegan. It is highly offensive and inappropriate that an individual who was driven out of the neighborhood after escaping conviction for abuse of numerous local children should be given space in a local newspaper as if he were a normal member of the community. True, every Jew has the right to support his family, but such an offender should a sense of shame and have the decency to refrain from advertising himself openly in the neighborhood he was compelled to leave.

If you feel as I do, please register your protest with the Har Nof Weekly, e-mail HarNofWeekly@... or phone number 02 579 7641. It is important they hear from many people. Please forward this email to others on your list.

In addition, I would also recommend that anyone who has friends in Bayit Vegan inform them about this new resident of their neighborhood. There is no issue of lashon hora. To the contrary, it is essential that people be aware who Mr. Sunray is in order to protect their children. Clinical studies demonstrate that pedophiles do not reform on their own, and the offender will almost certainly look for future opportunities to practice his sick behavior.

Avraham Nadler


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