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Case of Rabbi Avraham M. Leizerowitz

Case of Rabbi Avraham M. Leizerowitz
(AKA: Avraham Mordecai Lazerewitz, Avraham Leiverowitz, Avraham Mordecai Leiverowitz)

Gerrer Yeshiva and Mesivta Bais Yisroel School - Borough Park (Brooklyn), NY


CALL TO ACTION:  If you or your child was sexually abused by Rabbi Avraham Lezerowitz please make a police report immediately!  It may be easier for you to contact your local rape crisis center to help you make a police report.  They have experience and will walk you though the process along along with providing free legal advocacy and short term rape counseling.

FYI: By making a police report you become eligible for crime victim/witness compensation to help pay for long term counseling. If need help locating a rape crisis center.

The Awareness Center wants to remind everyone that harassing an alleged victim (or family member) of a sex crime is against the law.  It is called witness tampering. If you are a survivor and this happens call your local police immediately.

A civil suit was filed against Rabbi Avraham Mordecai Leizerowitz of the Gerrer Mesivta High School in Borough Park Brooklyn. The charges include improperly touching a boy during a one-on-one help session in the rabbi's office in the Borough Park secondary school.  Three other older boys have also come forward making similar allegations.

Avraham Mordecai Leizerowitz, described as man in his early fifties. He was originally hand picked by the Grand Rebbe of Ger for the position of spiritual advisor at the Gerre Mesivta Bais Yisroel school.  Leiverowitz has been affiliated with the institution for around thirty years.  He is originally from Bnei Brak (or spelled Bnei Braq), Israel.

Prior to escaping to Israel, Leizerowitz resided at: 1742 58th St, Brooklyn, NY. 11204

Gerrer Yeshiva and Mesivta Bais Yisroel School
5407 16th Ave., Brooklyn, NY


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Table of Contents: 

  1. Going Away Party Poster  (07/2006)
  2. Perv Charge VS. 2nd Rabbi (12/14/2006)
  3. Kernen LMaan Arad (12/14/2006)
  1. Rabbi Avraham M. Leizerowitz is now counseling troubled boys.  (12/06/2009)


Going Away Party Poster
July, 2006

The following is poster of a "Going Away Party" that was organized for Rabbi Leizerowitz. It appears that Leizerowitz decided to move to Israel when the allegations against him were first made public in the Borough Park community. Due to the number of complainst the party was canceled.


Perv Charge VS. 2nd Rabbi
By Patrick Gallahue and Alex Ginsberg
New York Post - December 14, 2006

December 14, 2006 -- For the second time in a week, a respected Brooklyn rabbi has been accused of sexually abusing a boy student at a religious school.

A suit filed Tuesday in Brooklyn Supreme Court accuses Avraham Mordecai Lazerewitz, described as the spiritual supervisor at the Geres Misivta Bais Yisroel school, of touching a student in April.

Lazerewitz groped and improperly touched the victim during a one-on-one help session in the rabbi's office in the Borough Park secondary school, says the unidentified boy's lawyer, Eric Green.

School officials did not return a telephone message. Last week, authorities accused Brooklyn Rabbi Joel Kolko of fondling a student, 6, and a 31-year-old former pupil.

Kernen LMaan Arad
Tax Exempt OrganizationsUnder The Leadership of Rabbi Avraham Leizerowitz

December 14, 2006

Organization Name: KEREN LMAAN ARAD,

Address: 5014 16TH AVE STE 266, BROOKLYN, NY, 11204-1404

Asset Amount n/r

Income Amount n/r

Form 990 Revenue Amount n/r

Employer Identification Number (nine digit number assigned by the IRS to identify a company)

In Care Of Name (the officer, director, etc. to whose attention any correspondence should be directed) ABRAHAM LEIZEROWITZ

Classification (category under which an organization may be tax exempt)  Charitable Organization

Filing Requirement the primary return(s) the organization is required to file)  Form 990 - Not required to file (church)

Taxonomy (classifies an exempt Internal Revenue Code 501 (c)(3) organization)

Jewish Secondary Name (another name under which KEREN LMAAN ARAD does business. Also used for trade names, chapter names, or local numbers for subordinate organizations of group rulings) n/r

Affiliation (defines the organizational grouping) This organization is an independent organization or an independent auxiliary (i.e., not affiliated with a National, Regional, or Geographic grouping of organizations).

Ruling Date (the month and year of a ruling or determination letter recognizing the organization's tax exempt status) 09/1999

Deductibility Status Contributions are deductible

Foundation Type Church

Principal Activity 1 n/r

Principal Activity 2 n/r

Principal Activity 3 n/r Organization Type n/r

Universal Location Code (the Internal Revenue Service District Office which has jurisdiction over the organization) 11

Advance Ruling Expiration Date (A charitable organization exempt under IRC 501(c)(3) whose status as a public charity (rather than a private foundation) has not been determined generally will be allowed to operate as a public charity for a specified period of time. At the end of this time frame (expiration date), a final determination will be made as to the proper classification of the organization. This shows the month and year when an advance ruling is to expire.) n/r

Tax Period (the date of the latest return filed) n/r

Accounting Period (accounting month end date of organization)


Rabbi Avraham M. Leizerowitz is now counseling troubled boysAccused Haredi Pedophile Has A Brand New Job 
Failed Messiah Blog - December 6, 2009 

Word from Israel on accused pedophile Rabbi Avraham M. Leizerowitz:
2 new pictures of Leizerowitz. They were taken this week in Israel at a party for a newly married couple. He was honored with reciting a blessing at the event: 

Avraham M. Leizerowitz has started working at a new job. He is the mashgiach ruchani (religious counselor) in a Jerusalem yeshiva for teen boys who have trouble in mainstream yeshivot. He is now working with disadvantaged boys. The yeshiva is endorsed and affiliated with Rabbi Avrohom Schorr of Flatbush, Brooklyn. Rabbi Schorr is also a Gerrer ChaLeizerowitz fled Brooklyn after a lawsuit alleging he molested a student in his yeshiva was filed against him in late 2006.
Leizerowitz was the mashgiach ruchani (spiritual advisor) of the Gerrer hasidic Mesivta Bais Yisroel in Borough Park.

Word in 2007 was that Leizerowitz was welcomed by Gerrer hasidim in Israel with open arms.

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