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Case of David Graetz

Case of David Graetz
Kiryat Ata, Israel

David Graetz was accused of attempted sexual assault of a neighbor.  The alleged victim stated that she beat her alleged assailant to death in self-defense.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Remand of murder suspect, 19, extended by eight days (12/29/2003)
  2. Four die in weekend spate of murders around the country  (12/29/2003)

Remand of murder suspect, 19, extended by eight days
By Haaretz Staff
Ha Aretz - December 29, 2003 (Tevet 4, 5764)

The Krayot Magistrate's Court yesterday extended the remand for eight days of Katy Putidi, the 19-year-old Kiryat Ata woman suspected of murdering her physically disabled neighbor on Saturday.

According to police, the detained woman has confessed to beating David Graetz to death with his own walking stick, but has told her court-appointed defense team that she was defending herself from an attempted rape. During the coming days, Putidi will undergo a series of evaluations to ascertain her mental condition.

Police hope that the results of the autopsy on Graetz's body, expected within the next two or three days, will help to establish whether the killing was indeed self-defense.

The suspect's mother, Rina Putidi, said yesterday that "when I see the bruises on my daughter's face, I am sure someone was violent toward her." She added that "that neighbor, David Graetz, was completely alone. Every day, Katy used to take him a meal from the food I cooked. A few days ago, she told me that she owed him NIS 50, and that he had said he had offered to forget the debt in exchange for a massage. She told him he wasn't sure.

He was always spying on me and my daughters. I had asked him to stop several times."

A police officer involved in the investigation told Haaretz that Putidi claimed that Graetz tried to force her to drink alcohol and subsequently tried to rape her. She maintains that the murder was in self-defence.

Graetz was one of four people killed in a spate of murders over the weekend.


Four die in weekend spate of murders around the country
By Haaretz Staff
Haaretz - December 28, 2003 (Tevet 3, 5764)

There were four separate murders over the weekend, in Jerusalem, Ashkelon and Kiryat Ata.

A physically disabled Kiryat Ata man, 50, was stabbed to death in his apartment yesterday. Police detained a 19-year-old neighbor who reported the killing and confessed, but said she had stabbed the man in self-defense.

Police Commander Roni Atiya told Haaretz the woman said she had regularly treated the man, who lived by himself. Yesterday morning when she went to his apartment with food, he tried to force alcohol on her and then tried to rape her, she told police. When she resisted, he tried to stab her and she then stabbed him in self defense. Afterward, she fled the apartment and called police.

Also in Kiryat Ata yesterday, Haim Elnakaweh, 40, died after being shot near his home on Friday. A group of men had come to his mother's house and asked him to come downstairs. As he approached him, they opened fire and fled.

Elnakaweh, who had a police record, owned a casino that was shut down last month. Police suspect he was killed because of unpaid debts.

A 27-year-old Bat Yam man, Victor Lipkin, was stabbed to death on Friday in a park in Ashkelon. He had arrived at the park with his wife, two daughters, and friends, and wandered away from them for a walk.

After Lipkin disappeared, the family and friends called the police, and his stabbed body was found near the beach. Lachish region police were questioning those who went with the victim to the park.

Police are investigating the murder of Oleg Antiskovitz, 31, whose body was found with stab wounds at 7:00 A.M. on Friday on Jerusalem's Ben Yehuda Street pedestrian mall. Investigators suspect the stabbing was the result of a drunken altercation between the victim and his assailant.

In another violent incident, five Chinese workers were injured on Friday night when two thieves broke into their apartment in Givat Shmuel. The thieves attacked the men with iron bars and an ax, seriously injuring two, and stole several hundred shekels and passports. Police say the thieves were Hebrew speaking Israelis.


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