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Case of Boris Bardichevsky

Case of Boris Bardichevsky
(AKA: Boris Berdichevsky)

Prostitution Ring - Republic of Uzbekistan
Prostitution Ring - Tel Aviv, Israel
Prostitution Ring -  Petah Tikva, Israel

There are several people with the name of Boris Bardichevsky.  This alleged sex offender was born in 1951. 

January 1, 2004 –– Boris Bardichevsky was one of five individuals who were arrested by the Israel Police's Etgar unit on suspicion of trading in women. Police allege that the five kidnapped, raped and beaten the women who were kept under lock and key.    The women were then forced to work as prostitutes at an escort agency in Tel Aviv.

There are rumors floating around that Bardichevsky is now living in the United States, yet the rumors have not been substantiated.  

If anyone has a photograph of Bardichevsky or any more information about this case, please forward it to the The Awareness Center. 

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  1. Five held for trading in women (01/21/2004)


Five held for trading in women
By Itim
Haaretz - January 21, 2004

Five people from the south and center of the country were arrested this week by the Israel Police's Etgar unit on suspicion of trading in women.

Police allege that the five emotionally physically abused four women brought to Israel from Uzbekistan and forced to work as prostitutes at an escort agency in Tel Aviv.

Initially, police arrested three suspects - Boris Bardichevsky, 53, of Petah Tikva; Michael Broman, 43, of Givatayim; and Arkadi Nissanov, 25, of Jerusalem - who are alleged to have also raped, beaten and kept the women under lock and key. Yesterday, police arrested Laizer Nabochov, 30, of Tel Aviv, and Yaakov Shneiderman, 23, of Be'er Sheva, in connection with the same affair.

During searches carried out at the home of one of the suspects arrested yesterday, police found more than NIS 500,000 in cash and half a kilogram of marijuana.



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