Thursday, June 01, 1995

Eating disorders among Jewish female adolescents in Israel: a 5-year study

Eating disorders among Jewish female adolescents in Israel: a 5-year study.
E. Mitrany,  F. Lubin, A Chetri and B Modan
Journal of  Adolescent Health - June 1995; 16(6): 454-7 

Department of Child and Adolescent Psychosomatic Medicine, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Aviv University School of Medicine, Tel Hashomer, Israel.
PURPOSE: The current study examines the nationwide incidence of eating disorders (ED) among Jewish adolescents over a 5-year period (1989-93). METHODS: Data were obtained from 80% of all community and hospital adolescent and mental health institutions in Israel. Case identification was based on screening records according to DSM-III-R criteria for ED. RESULTS: Six hundred and thirty two new cases were identified with the following diagnostic distribution: anorexia 60%, bulimia 17%, anorexia and bulimia 4%, and ED not otherwise specified 20%. The present analysis is limited to females only (N = 602 or 95%). Median age for anorexia is 15 years and for bulimia 16 years. CONCLUSION: On the basis of this initial survey, the mean annual incidence of all eating disorders in Jewish Israeli females 12-18 years of age is 48.8 per 100,000. For anorexia the mean incidence is 29.0 and for bulimia 8.6. These figures represent an underestimation of the actual incidence due to incomplete data accrual.

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