Friday, April 13, 2012

Carole King talks about being in an abusive relationship

Carole King talks about being in an abusive relationship
Piers Morgan Tonight - April 13, 2012
Carole King on life in an abusive relationship: "The more shocking point...I stayed...and I married him"

The artist behind such classic #1 hits as "I Feel the Earth Move" and "It's Too Late," King is also the survivor of an abusive relationship, and tonight shares details of her third marriage, to Rick Evers:
"That is the point, that the line is or I would never be with someone like that, until I was," says the 70-year-old King. "But here’s the more shocking point, I suppose, it - to me it was shocking after the fact. I stayed. And I married him after I knew about this."
In 1971, King released her second solo album, entitled "Tapestry," which topped the U.S. chart for 15 straight weeks, selling 25 million copies worldwide. More than 40 years later, King has written her autobiography, "A Natural Woman: A Memoir," in which she opens up about the abuse, in hopes of inspiring others."

"The important thing to me was to write it, to be honest and to communicate to people out there that it’s - if you are someone who is in that situation, get help," she tells Piers Morgan. "Help is available."

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