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Case of Rabbi Yakov Kramer

Case of Rabbi Yakov Kramer
(AKA: Yakov Yoses Kramer, Yakov Y. Kramer, Jeremy Kramer)
Torah Scholar - Spring Valley, NY
(Williamsburg) Brooklyn, NY

Arrested on charges of sneaking into a hospital room and molesting a 72-year-old patient.

The Rockland County Times reported that there are two men with the same name, one who abused a child and who died September 1, and the other who was accused of molesting the elderly hospitalized man. The Yakov Kramer listed on this page is still alive.  The status of his case is unknown at this time.

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  1. New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia visitor is accused of molesting elderly patient (11/12/2008)
  2. Man Accused Of Assaulting Elderly Patient  (11/13/2008)
  3. Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting Hospital Patient (11/13/2008)
  4. Accused molester asked senior his religion before assault (11/14/2008)
  5. New Square man charged with sexual abuse in New York City (11/14/2008)


New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia visitor is accused of molesting elderly patient 
By Erica Pearson, Kerry Burke and Alison Gendar 
New York Daily News - November 13, 2008

A 27-year-old man was busted Wednesday night on charges of sneaking into a Manhattan hospital room and molesting a 72-year-old patient, police sources said.

A nurse came into the victim's room to find Yakov Kramer allegedly standing over the elderly man's bed at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia yesterday, sources said.

Kramer had allegedly pulled up the victim's hospital gown and was fondling him, sources said.
The elderly victim, though frail, was able to describe the alleged assault, sources said. The horrified nurse called hospital security, who grabbed Kramer about 12:15 p.m., sources said.

"The whole story is wrong and stupid," said a woman who answered the phone at the Williamsburg, Brooklyn, home of Kramer's father, Jeremias Kramer.

"He is a student, a studious person," the woman said. "He was in the hospital with his wife. She had an appointment. Something is very wrong if someone could be arrested at a hospital. This is a stupid, stupid mistake."

Kramer, a Hasidic Jew from Spring Valley, Rockland County, was arrested about 9 p.m. and taken out of the hospital in handcuffs for processing at the 33rd Precinct stationhouse in Washington Heights.

Charges were pending Wednesday night.

Though the alleged assault was discovered about noon, hospital staff waited more than three hours to notify police, hospital security sources said.

"The allegations are disgusting, preying on an elderly person, a sick patient who couldn't fight back," a police source said.

The cloth Kramer allegedly used to clean up the evidence was seized by the NYPD for testing, sources said.

"He didn't know the victim - it looks like he just wandered into a room and took advantage," another police source said.

Kramer's father and relatives declined to comment as they waited at the station house.


Man Accused Of Assaulting Elderly Patient 
ABC News-New York - November 13, 2008

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS (WABC) -- New York police have arrested a man accused of molesting an elderly hospital patient.

It happened at New York Presbyterian Hospital in Washington Heights.

Investigators say Yakov Kramer was visiting at the hospital - when he went into the room of a 72-year-old man he did not know - and sexually assaulted him.

He was discovered by a nurse, who called police. 

Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting Hospital Patient

NY1 News - November 13, 2008

A man was charged with sexual assault Thursday after police say he victimized a Manhattan hospital patient.
Yakov Kramer, 27, was arrested early Thursday morning.
Officials at New York Presbyterian Hospital called police after a 72-year-old man said he had been sexually abused Wednesday afternoon.
Kramer was detained by hospital officials and later arrested.

Accused molester asked senior his religion before assault 
By Rich Schapiro and Simone Weichselbaum
New York Daily News - November 14, 2008

A Torah scholar accused of fondling an elderly man lying in a Manhattan hospital bed first asked his frail victim whether he was Jewish before grabbing his genitals, prosecutors said Thursday.

When the 72-year-old senior replied that he was an atheist, Yakov Kramer allegedly lifted the man's gown and molested him Wednesday afternoon at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia, prosecutors said.

The 27-year-old was arraigned Thursday at Manhattan Criminal Court on charges of sexual abuse and burglary as a sexually motivated felony. He posted a $50,000 bond, and is due back in court Tuesday.

After the hearing, Kramer's lawyer Israel Fried told The Daily News that the biblical expert was merely trying to help the old man after hearing his pleas for help.

"There was a person in pain. He saw him. Assisted him. And when his assistance was done. He left," Fried said.

Although Kramer is from Spring Valley in Rockland County, his family, part of the Skver Hasidic sect, still lives in Williamsburg.

Neighbors on quiet Morton Street, home to Kramer's father, Jeremias, were tight-lipped about the family's whereabouts. But the news of the outrageous crime was the talk of the insular community Thursday afternoon.

Religious leaders defended Kramer, calling him a brainiac with a passion for writing about God.

"He is an author of religious books," said Rabbi Leib Glanz, executive vice president of United Jewish Care in Williamsburg. "He is a Torah scholar."

"His wife is expecting a baby. That is why he was in the hospital," said Glanz.

Kramer's lawyer said his client took his pregnant wife to the hospital for a routine check-up Wednesday.

He left his spouse to head to the hospitality room intended for Jewish patients and their guests, and picked up a book.
But the cries of the old man stopped Kramer, his lawyer said.

The senior "lifted his gown to indicate where he was in pain," Fried said in court.

After checking on the man, Kramer returned to his wife, Fried said.

A nurse later caught Kramer in the old man's room, during Kamer's second visit, and alerted authorities.

"Abuse is a real problem," said Assemblyman Dov Hikind, (D-Brooklyn).

Hikind called the Kramer case "depressing."

"It is horrible," he said.


New Square man charged with sexual abuse in New York City

By Steven Lieberman

LoHud - November 14, 2008

  • A 27-year-old New Square man has been accused of sexually fondling an elderly man lying in a Manhattan hospital bed, New York City police said yesterday.

Yakov Kramer was charged with felony sexual abuse after being arrested at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia on Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Kramer is accused of putting his hand up a 72-year-old patient's hospital gown.

Police said they were called to the hospital at 2:15 p.m. Wednesday, about two hours after hospital security detained Kramer.

"Further investigation revealed that the suspect sexually abused the patient at the location," police said yesterday in a statement.

Kramer, of 65 Reagan Road, New Square, could not be reached for comment yesterday. No one answered his telephone or the door at his home yesterday afternoon.

Police didn't release any information on whether Kramer was being held on bail or had been released.
His father, Jeremias Kramer, lives in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

The New York Daily News quoted a woman answering the telephone at the father's house as saying the story was wrong and Kramer didn't do anything improper.

Kramer apparently went to the hospital with his wife, who had an appointment.

A hospital spokesman, Wade Bryan Dotson, said the suspect was not an employee of the hospital or a medical staff member.

Dotson said the hospital has various security methods to ensure the safety of patients, their families, visitors and staff.

"We take this matter very seriously, and our primary concern is for our patient and his family," Dotson said. "We are cooperating fully with law enforcement officials."

Dotson said that for privacy reasons, the hospital could not discuss the patient victimized in the incident.


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