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Case of Daniel Joubert

Case of Daniel Joubert
South Africa
Petah Tikva, Israel

Convicted and sentanced to 25 years on two counts of violent rape and one count of grave sexual abuse.The first assult involved an attack on a 75-year-old woman who Joubert followed into an elevator and then forced his way into her apartment.

NOTE: There are several people who go by the name of Daniel Joubert.  The one on this page was born around 1979 in South Africa.

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  1. S. African man gets 25 years for violent rapes  (07/22/2004)


S. African man gets 25 years for violent rapes
By Assaf Bergerfreund
Haaretz - Thu., July 22, 2004 Av 4, 5764

The Tel Aviv District Court jailed a man yesterday for 25 years after convicting him on two counts of violent rape and one count of grave sexual abuse. On handing down their sentence against Daniel Joubert, 34, a South African residing in Israel illegally, Judges Bracha Ophir-Tom, Miriam Sokolov and Tehiya Shapira ruled that the man's deeds warranted removing him from society for a long time.

"The extraordinary cruelty of the abuse placed Joubert's actions on the highest rung of acts of rape that must shock any human being," the judges wrote, adding that the victims were prey to all of the man's wildest perversions.

"The association arising from the descriptions in the indictment, to which the accused admitted, is a picture of a predator who has caught a newborn animal and is mercilessly biting at its flesh."

Joubert was convicted of cruelly raping a young woman he gave a ride to on his motorbike, picking her up on the Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv. At some stage, in the area of Mishmar Hashiva, Joubert pulled over and dragged the young woman into a ditch, where he raped and sodomized her for two hours.

He was apprehended in connection with the rape and then, while in the patrol car, confessed to two acts of sexual abuse committed some two months earlier.

The first involved an attack on a 75-year-old woman who Joubert followed into an elevator and then forced his way into her apartment. He covered the victim's nose and mouth and raped her, leaving her with internal injuries.

Some two hours after the assault, Joubert attempted to rape a 15-year-old girl walking down the street in Petah Tikva. He stopped his motorbike alongside the teen and attacked her, proceeding to sexually abuse her as she lay on the ground. The girl managed to free herself from his grasp and escape.



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